Friday, 27 March 2015

Times Now - The Shit Nation Doesn't Want to Listen

Before starting to write the post, let me thank millions of Indian cricket fans who stood behind team India after the loss when some attention and TRP mongers started to defame and question the integrity and commitment of each one our players. Yes as expected it was the “So Called “ No. 1 English news Channel, the savior of humanity, The Truth digger, the Messiah of Common man, the Times Now which is run, directed and yes scripted by Arnab Goswami. Arnab, the Yug Purush, the great screamer with the enough decibel levels that his voice can be heard even on the moon.

It all started after India’s 95 runs loss in the World Cup Semi Final yesterday, within 5 mins of end of the match, TimesNow started their debate with Anand and Tina as hosts ( yes go and fuking find out who they are) with panelists Zaheer Khan, Atul Vasan, Charu Sharma and 2 others. The tone, the questions and the comments hosts were putting seemed like they owned team India. As usual they started promoting their twitter trend #ShamedInSydney expecting that hurt fans will come and abuse Team India,but it went totally opposite.  Fans started to question the way Timesnow was asking questions, they raised objections to host’s doubting the integrity and commitment of Dhoni and other players. Hosts even tried to drag CSK IPL match fixing issue and attaching that with Dhoni, questioning Anushka Sharma’s presence in Sydney.

Hosts started to compare Teary AB Devilieres with smiling Dhoni after the loss, calling him shameless, forgetting the fact that South Africans came so close to win the match and anyone will behave in same way when they lose that type of a close match. As per them, Dhoni and Company should apologize to fans, which by their ignorance Dhoni did in fact in the post-match talk but may be they wanted Dhoni to kneel down and ask for forgiveness for just losing a match. Kudos to Zaheer, Atul, and Charu who stood behind team India fighting point on point with loser Hosts and making some sense in anyway one directional debate. The Crickets fans didn’t like such comments and within 10-15 mins , instead of #ShamedInSydney, #ShameOnTimesNow started trending in India and World Wide. Fans started using curse words and facts questioning timesnow’s show. 

Facts like Dhoni has won almost all ODI championship any team can ,from World Cup to Asia Cup to Champions trophy and the T-20 World Cup, he is the highest match winning captain of India in ODIs. For ardent Indian cricket fans it was emotional to read such supportive tweets and messages even after such a loss. Yes we bunked office for it, yes we are really hurt, Yes team made some mistakes , but real fans are not going to get personal and abuse players and question their integrity. This is the same team that won 7/7 matches in this World Cup dominating the opposition, and it was just 1 bad day in office for them. Here are some of tweets and pics posted over social media that made #ShameonTimesNow phenomena within hours.

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