Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Farce of Make My Trip APPY Hours

In the evening I got notification from Make My Trip APP about some Happy Hours where they were giving Cashback of 800 Rs for any Domestic Flight booking ,only condition was booking should be on 21st May between 6 PM-10 PM and by MMT APP only. 

As I was looking to book flight anyway , I tried to take advantage of this but just to get fooled by them and here was the catch. When I searched flight from Bangalore to Allahabad for 10th November, I got flight with least price as 6683 INR, then i searched same thing on MMT APP and surprisingly lowest price for same day and same location was 7013 INR. 

So if you book from Website , you will pay 6683-200 (MMT200 Coupon always gives discount of 200) = 6483+250 (booking Charge ) , so total will be 6733 . 

If you book from APP, you will pay 7013+250 (Booking Charge ) ,so total will be 7263, and then they will give 800 Rs as cash-back in your MMT wallet which will expire just in 6 months, so you will have to book another flight in 6 months if you want to use this money.

So this MMTAPPYHOURS is just farce. 

Same Flight Search on MMT Website 

Same Flight Search on MMT APP during Appy Hours


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