Tuesday 23 August 2016

Going down the Memory lane - The Trip It was

Writing about past holiday or vacation trips is so nostalgic, no?  Especially when you have had some of the best moments of your life in that trip and for me it was no different. Now Before i start sharing about that one trip and get into nostalgia let me point out that there are many aspects one has to keep in mind and one of the most important is “less budget” when it comes to going on a trip in college time. I had one such trip during last days of my college life and just before our final exams ( yes you read it right :) )

Let me share it from beginning on how it was planned to how it panned out. It was in April of 2009, our last year in college in Lucknow when we 9 friends planned for a trip before exam and before we get separated. We planned for short 2 days trip to Uttrakhand which was about 400 KMs from Lucknow. We had planned to view Purnagiri temple and some other hill areas nearby and while returning to Lucknow we had planned to see nearby places if time permitted. We hired an Inova car that was good enough for 9 of us and started the journey from Lucknow taking all friends on-board one by one. As few of us were not staying with family, rest of the friends brought some food that would be used if needed and with playing some religious songs in car we started the journey in dark summer night of April.

We started the journey from within the city at around 10 PM and after 1 hour we were on highway but just to meet some massive traffic jam because of heavy trucks. In hot summer it was getting intolerable to sit in car just to see it crawling but as it was our first and may be last trip we didn’t feel much bothered. As few of our friends were smokers, very soon we halted for some tea and smoke to relieve ourselves. After few kilometers the highway was clear and the cool wind kissing our face made us immensely comfortable. Travelling in dark in night with moon on top and cool wind blowing was one hell of a bliss feeling.

We reached to base of Purnagiri Hill next day morning and fell in aww of the scenes around that was full of greenery, clean fountain water and sky without sunshine. The April season was not the best season to go there as it does rain many times because of it being hill area and it was no surprise for us.  We decided to go to other side of base of hill with Car and driving slowly over slops and overflowing water we reached that side. It was around 10 AM and after breakfast we decided to go up for temple visit, the main place for our trip. It was about 10 KMs round ways full of stones and full of water over flowing from small fountains. We made it to top with more than 10 stoppages and got spent good time there as crowd was less. We spent around 6-7 hours there relaxing and viewing the scenery and trust be it was nothing less than feeling of bliss.

We decided to leave from there in night time only so that we can beat morning traffic and see some other places. As we were still on top of hill we started to come down in evening around 7 PM in dark with help of torch lights and sticks.I can still not forget the horror and feeling adrenaline rush of those 4-5 hrs. We managed to come down safely and after some rest and food left from the place.We were on highway back again but just to see our trouble time getting started with Car. Tyre got flat more than 6 times and with no service around we had to mange it somehow which consumed all of our time. Each time tyre got flat, one person had to go with Driver to make it repair while rest of us lied on roads or went into near by farm land and villages.It made the trip bit awkward but as friends were around it turned out to be more fun. In night time we reached our home full tired and busted into bed within no time. 

I am planning one more trip to same place with new/old friends just to relive memory of those days, this time probably with Domestic Airlines  as I am staying in Bangalore and distance is too much to travel by train.  

Monday 22 August 2016

SuperNova Gaming Carnival - Bengaluru Edition

NovaPlay, one of the leading Indian brand when it comes to computer gaming recently had “SuperNova Gaming Carnival” in Bengaluru. The carnival that attracted hundreds of gaming fans took place at Loft 38 Indira Nagar on 3rd July. The event had not only pro gaming fans but also casual game lovers like me and fans were not let down by NovaPlay team as the event was not contained to just gaming, it had music, comedy and some seriously cool sports entertainment where few of the game enthusiasts got chance to dress like their favorite gaming character and showcase their love for these characters to fans.


This gaming carnival is multicity and will be happening in other cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. The carnival recognizes best gaming talent in India and the best of those talents will be getting awarded with cash prizes worth 5 lacs per city. To make event of high standard and fair to everyone, all the competitions are being judged by FIESTA, official eSports governing body of India. In Bengaluru edition of event, 150+ teams each of 5 members took part in preliminary rounds and finally 8 teams made it to finals.  

Amitesh Rao, CEO of NovaPlay who himself was taking charge of event said “We are delighted to launch first of its kind multicity gaming carnival intended to create a larger gaming community in India. Such events will give a platform to professional gamers to showcase their talent and get recognized to a bigger audience and I am sure it will help in taking Indian gaming industry to a new level soon”.

The main goal of hosting such events is bring game lovers who are scattered all over to a common platform and give them a sense of pride of being the best in country in gaming aspect. As per NovaPlay this is just one of the event and they are going to take many more such initiatives to cater the need of game lovers all across India. The event had Abish Mathew, member of team AIB performing some amazing comedy gigs to make game enthusiasts laugh. This was followed by DJ night with DJ Blot and Vachan Chinnappa.

More details about NovaPlay and all such events can be accessed at and also on its Twitter account and Facebook Page.

- All Pictures credit to NovaPlay Facebook Page.

Zebronics launches its 21.5inch LED Monitor ZEB-A22HD – Pure Pixel

This is press release for LED Monitor launch by Zebronics.

Zebronics, a brand known for its diversified technological innovations to create enriching experiences, makes another addition to its ergonomic range of LED Monitors with ‘Pure Pixel’ designed with crisp full HD resolution & 500000:1 contrast ratio that delivers deeper blacks, more brilliant whites and richer colours for clearer & vibrant images, truly the “pure pixel” experience!

Featuring ultra slim, and sleek profile Zeb Pure pixel sports a glossy front panel and stand, adding modern look to your space. With 1920x1080 resolution and 5ms response time, it produces clear images with accurate color tones and rich tonal balance. Designed to bring minimal stress to your eyes, watch full HD movies or play graphic-intensive games with brilliant picture quality, its time to go big & bold with its 16:9 Wide angle display.

Key Features
·         Super Slim Design
·         Built –in power supply
·         Built –in HDMI
·         Built –in speaker
·         Wall  mountable

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director-Zebronics says, “We are thrilled to bring our latest LED Monitor Pure Pixel, as the name suggests it shall bring the purest viewing experience at pocket friendly prices. It’s been designed as per the needs of the growing generation – low on power consumption & high on viewing comfort.”

Enjoy smooth images even during the fast moving gaming scenes. Pure Pixel features high response time to minimize input latency and dramatically reduces image tearing during gaming. With its 5ms response time one shall witness the fastest on screen motion, clearly and smoothly with less judder and ghosting. Balancing the good looks, & elevating the level of enjoyment are the several inbuilt options namely speaker for sound, HDMI port which saves you lot of hassle and the inbuilt power supply.

Offering you unmatched flexibility and freedom, Pure pixel could be easily tilted and adjusted as per your viewing angle. It could also be Wall mounted as per your comfort. Powered with Full HD resolution, fast response time and 500000:1 contrast ratio, the product is available with leading retail and etail stores in India.

About Zebronics:

Established in 1997 and headquartered at Chennai, Zebronics has one of the industry’s widest line-up of products Computers peripherals and Consumer Electronics Totalling to 25 product categories and more than 350 SKUs. Zebronics range of products encompasses Chassis/Cabinets, Speakers, Tablet pc, PC power supply, Portable media players, Headphone, Keyboard & Mouse, LED Monitors, UPS, Gaming Accessories, TV Tuners, Add-on Cards, Computer accessories, Laptop accessories, LED Televisions and  Surveillance products. Zebronics has received more than 52 industry awards.