Thursday 17 March 2016

Fitastik launches medical record keeping application for smart phones

Fitastik, a complete health management solution company has launched its mobile application (app) to provide medical record keeping services to its users on their smart phones. Available for download free of cost, both on android phones and Apple’s iPhone, Fitastik is a cloud-based secure platform that takes charge of entire health management by storage of medical records and other important health data in a digitized format. The user has to scan and upload the medical records, doctor consultations, and other health data which can be shared with health care providers, family or friends. Fitastik also provides a detailed analysis of the user’s health conditions based on various parameters.

Sanjay Lakhotia, Founder Director, Fitastik, said, “With increased usage of mobile phones and internet on mobile phones in India, users prefer to access and transfer data on the go and the mobile app of Fitastik aims to make it easier for the users to access and share their health records online.” Data care and security aspects have been our prime focus while building the app as Fitastik does not intend to misuse the user’s personal or medical information in any manner, assures Sanjay.

According to a study conducted in the United States by, in 2011, 17 million consumers used e-health tools and mobile devices to access health information. The paid healthcare apps market is believed to be growing at close to 33.8 % CAGR. In Asia, Japan and India are believed to be the emerging, and most promising, countries for healthcare apps. In 2014, approximately USD 6.5 billion was invested in the healthcare apps sector, a rise of nearly 125% registered in 2013. The joint report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) on the Indian m-Health market in 2014 placed India second among developing countries on maturity for m-Health adoption. The market size of mobile healthcare in India is projected to reach Rs. 3000 crore by 2017. Considered as one of the largest sectors in India, in terms of both revenue and employment, the entire healthcare sector is expected to reach USD 160 billion by 2017, and grow to USD 280 billion by 2020.

Sanjay believes that there is huge potential to develop mobile technology to serve the healthcare sector in India as very soon such applications would be seen as a lifestyle necessity. Mobile apps are tools of information to empower the user so there is special emphasis on making the Fitastik app a user friendly interface with non-cluttered design, thereby making it viable for users among any age group.The handy and streamlined Fitastik app allows the user to securely store, access and share electronic health records, including lab results, doctor consultations, discharge summaries and other health data with doctors on the go, thus eliminating the need to carry one’s medical records while visiting a doctor. Similarly, one can share important reports with friends and family anytime and from anywhere. One can also keep a list of immunizations, medical conditions, allergies, etc. There are provisions to chart one’s blood pressure, blood sugar level and other medical conditions that need to be tracked on a regular basis.

Fitastik app is a perfect replacement for paper records and helps manage the medical information in one single place. It also digitizes the medical information and presents them in easy to understand health charts. The data is hosted in secure cloud servers with 256-bit transfer encryption.There is also a website that can be used to access information from the desktop and other computer devices: Some of the distinguishing features of the mobile app include option for adding and monitoring health reports of family members and friends. The user can also create a personalized emergency profile for crucial medical needs to be shared with the heath care provider. Though there is option for unlimited storage for medical records and 24X7service, the paid membership of the app provides option for unlimited digitization of medical records, pick up of medical records for scanning, storage and drop of medical records to the pick-up point, and health analytics of medical records.

Monday 14 March 2016

The Mess of one-sided sponsored Political posts on Facebook

At time of ongoing JNU conflict and with tempers running really high i have been seeing many sponsored posts related to news articles and editorials on my FB timeline. All these posts were supporting similar sort of opinion which is against view of government of India. I would just like to make sure that I am not much aware about how these sponsored posts work and whether these posts were occurring on my Timeline only or of many others too, moreover i didn't find a single sponsored post supporting government views. let me know if you had find any on your FB timeline. Out of these many posts were from Scroll which looks like replacement of notorious Tehelka and to put facts straight I don't follow any of these pages on FB. 

Some of those posts were clearly on JNU controversy, some mocking Modi, some mocking whoever looked like supporting Modi. Why would you have to boost your post if you are so sure about your ideology and way of thinking? 
Talk about austerity and then spend money to promote your thinking to masses ?