Saturday 18 July 2015

My tryst with stock market - V 1.0

Stock market or share market, words that give nightmares to many people and at same time lighten eyes and face of many others. Many people who have never been even close to anything related with Stock market have formed such a negative opinion about it that the same negativity has perpetuated among most of the Indians. I can’t question or justify such massive wrong perception but can surely put forward my point of view in coming posts along with this one and can share my fairly long learning experience and also little working experience in stock market.

There is a saying that “one bad fish spoils whole pond” and to be honest we have many such bad fish in stock market. If you discuss share market and its goodness with anyone who is not part of it, they will cite example of Satyam scam and Harshad Mehta. Yes Satyam scandal was massive jolt to Indian stock market in 2009 but we have moved on a long way from that. The regulations, the watch list, the checkpoints we have now are much tougher than those days. We have BSE, NSE, SEBI and Government agencies to monitor that everything is fine and all laws are being followed. There has been no big controversy with stock market since 2009 and we are growing stronger and bigger. India is one of the fastest growing economy and so is Indian stock market. If you believe in India growth story then you must believe in Indian stock market story.

For me simple funda of stock market is “If you can’t buy a company, buy few % of that company through shares”, yes that % will look really minuscule but that % will grow with same speed as the company. Imagine you buying .00000000000005% of a good worthy company with 10,000 Rs and after 15 years company grows 20 times, your percentage will still be same but value of that percentage share will grow by almost 20 times, means your 10,000 will become almost 200,000. These calculation can vary here and there but the basic growth logic will be the same, faster the company grows, faster your share value will grow. It is as simple as that, where is the risk here that might give you nightmare?  Now the question comes how to believe in company and how to identify such companies. Here comes the role of research and understanding the business module of a company. If you believe in a company that it will grow, it might not, but if lakhs of people believe in a company that it will grow, it will never fail.  If you don’t believe in private companies, go for government companies you believe in.

Before I stop here to write remaining in next post, here is an example of how investing in a good company for long time can give more value to your money than any other investment

TCS : Tata Consultancy Services

Share Price in INR  (On average)


Stock split in 2006 2:1



So if you had 10 shares of TCS in 2002, you would have invested 3,000 Rs , now you would own 20 shares of TCS and that money would have become 51,200 in lump sum and it would be totally tax free. This is just a basic detail, apart from this, good companies keep giving dividends to shareholders based on company’s performance every year and TCS has given 150 Rs dividend per share till now.

Share market is not bad, some companies are, So Don’t avoid share market, avoid bad companies.


Thursday 9 July 2015

Honey Diet - Way to live Longer and Stronger

There is a saying that “Eat to live and not live to eat", no one can disagree with this but what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat has been forgotten by many of us when we read this quote. We just want to eat enough so that we can do our daily routine work without health issues but we don’t look for long term health care. These days with so much health awareness initiatives and due to fear of so many young people dying due to diseases, people are willing to sacrifice something for good long term health.

With such fast paced life especially in our cities, many of us have no option but to take crash diet, which might look ok in short term but for long term it is bane. Now a days young people are getting diagnosed with diseases like Sugar, excess Cholesterol, Heart Attacks, though the crash diet may not be only reason for all this but it does play massive role in such diseases. By virtue of having a balanced nutritious diet aka Honey diet we can control these issues in big way. Our body is so much powerful that it just needs good healthy food supply and it takes care of everything itself. By continuing with Crash diet we are putting our life both personal and economical in danger as bad health not only takes toll on body but also on family’s financial balance. Crash diet may be good in taste but it will waste a family and one should avoid

Now as all of us know how much bad crash diet can be for us what is the solution we have? Can we all become health conscious and stop enjoying taste? No, we just need to maintain a balance between these. We have so many options that works in both ways, taste and good for health. We have so many tasty and nutritious fruits, we should make it part of daily diet. We can put real natural taste in our daily foods and enjoy it with the family. A healthy diet will not only makes you feel energetic all day, it will keep you happy from inside too.

The satisfaction of having a balanced diet is really joyous and it encourages you to do things which people with bad food habits feel scared of doing, things like running, doing exercise, playing with kids when they ask you. A healthy diet on daily basis will make you reduce your medical expenses as it will keep your immunity system intact and will protect from so many virus present in environment. A healthy diet on daily basis will make you enjoy 1 of those odd party fatty diets even more as you won’t need to worry about your health just because you are already taking enough nutrition on daily basis. Just try this for 1 month, take nutritious balanced diet for 14 days and then on 15th enjoy the food like Pizza or Burger, it will make you feel amazing, then repeat this at 29 day interval and keep increasing the interval. It is the system thought of by me and I am sure it is going to make our life healthier and wealthier. 

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UC Browser - Surf as fast as Live Cricket Score

Cricket is the game that resides in deep core heart of almost every Indian. We call it a religion and to be honest it is the most accepted religion in India. We don’t fight with each other for cricket rather we fight with outsiders as Indians. We follow Cricket madly, be it in day time or night time, be it on weekday or weekend, be it in India or outside India, be it against a minor team or against a stronger team, be it on someone’s birthday or anniversary .

From school going young kids to working adults to older generations, we all love Cricket madly and want to live every moment of a match. We want to be in touch with ball by ball updates even when we are busy in some serious activities. In modern time thanks to massive internet penetration and telecom revolution in India, we all have facility to be connected to Internet on the go. I still remember how many times I was beaten for bunking school so that I could watch match live on TV which usually happened in day time in 1991-1994 era. Things have changed now thanks to smartphones and Internet, as a working person now I am always connected to live score card through my mobile in office. While travelling or while having lunch, smartphone is my best companion during match days so that I don’t miss any important event of that match. Now I don’t need to make any excuse of attending a friend’s wedding or birthday as I am sure I won’t be missing any important action of match thanks to high speed UC browser on my phone.

I have been user of UC browser since the days slow 2G connection was only option available to us, a faster UC browser worked like a boon for those slow connections and thanks to that we were connected to cricket scores with same pace as the real match. The joy of celebrating a cricket win gets multiplied when you are in a group and it gets even better when win coincides with a good friend’s birthday or marriage. Now we no need to make any excuse to not go to office or travel for any important assignment as we have live TV in our pocket and can be connected to any match on the go as per our free time and as per our wish. This has simply made our life easy and happier as now we don’t need to disappoint or say No to anyone just because it is a match day.

Now a days we don’t need to ask for availability of TV before going for any family party or event on match days thanks to faster UC Cricket on our phones, which keeps us connected to live cricket and which surf much faster than any other browser no matter whether one is on slow internet connection or fast internet connection.

UC Cricket feature of UC browser has clearly made it a win-win situation for all cricket fans as now they can celebrate both, their love for cricket and their personal life.

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