Thursday 21 May 2015

The Farce of Make My Trip APPY Hours

In the evening I got notification from Make My Trip APP about some Happy Hours where they were giving Cashback of 800 Rs for any Domestic Flight booking ,only condition was booking should be on 21st May between 6 PM-10 PM and by MMT APP only. 

As I was looking to book flight anyway , I tried to take advantage of this but just to get fooled by them and here was the catch. When I searched flight from Bangalore to Allahabad for 10th November, I got flight with least price as 6683 INR, then i searched same thing on MMT APP and surprisingly lowest price for same day and same location was 7013 INR. 

So if you book from Website , you will pay 6683-200 (MMT200 Coupon always gives discount of 200) = 6483+250 (booking Charge ) , so total will be 6733 . 

If you book from APP, you will pay 7013+250 (Booking Charge ) ,so total will be 7263, and then they will give 800 Rs as cash-back in your MMT wallet which will expire just in 6 months, so you will have to book another flight in 6 months if you want to use this money.

So this MMTAPPYHOURS is just farce. 

Same Flight Search on MMT Website 

Same Flight Search on MMT APP during Appy Hours

Wednesday 13 May 2015

My Airtel App

Before starting to write this post for Airtel’s new mobile app and how it aligns with my daily requirements, I must say Airtel’s new ad related to this app launch is one of the nicest ad I have seen for any app launch. Airtel, the number one service provider in India in terms of user base and also in quality of service has come with a new app for smart phones through which one can do anything related with his/her account that includes recharging prepaid mobiles, paying postpaid bills, paying DTH bills getting internet data packs, raising queries, contacting support team and many more. This My Airtel app is available for all platforms.

The first most important feature for me is “I want to“ feature of it. We all use our smartphones almost all the time when we are not sleeping. We don’t know when and how many time we need to recharge our prepaid phones, many times we need to check our data usage status and balance and based on that we might need to buy additional value added packs. For all these things My Airtel app has come with wonderful “I want to” feature where we can add all these options at one home screen and select any of these based on our needs pretty quickly rather than searching for these often used options every time. Not only this we can favorite our last action and can repeat it simply at one go rather than following the entire process again and again. This is one of the most user friendly feature any user can ask for and My Airtel App has nailed it to make it must have app on smart phones.

The second feature of this app that I liked is to have a common place to manage all value added services and awesome notification services pertaining to different settings and needs set by user. You will get notified for low talk time balance, low data balance, for your bill due dates and notifications related to other value added services and all these can be customized by the user. We are so busy with our personal and professional lives that it is guaranteed to miss bill payment due dates and to keep checking data usage and all, so this app is going to help us in big way to take control over all these things.

The third and most liked feature of this new app as per me is daily “Airtel surprises “that we get in morning just by shaking phone. We all love surprise and we all love gifts or some free stuffs and how good it is that we can get all this just by shaking the phones once. These coupons vary from different zones like food, shopping, entertainment, lifestyle and many others. Once we get the coupon, it can be redeemed anytime and can be enjoyed with so many available options.

To summarize my post, I really loved this new My Airtel app and being a loyal Airtel user for years it is really refreshing to have such an app that can manage all my requirements related to Airtel services.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Mothers - The Experts on everything

Mother, the word that makes you feel confident, makes you feel special and the most importantly makes you feel proud. Not only human beings, even every species in this word has the highest place for mother in their society. A Mother will do anything for her kid no matter what is the situation and how much effort it require. She will have sleepless nights so that her kids can sleep peacefully, she will have least food so that her kids can have good food. She will be always available when kid is scared, worried, hungry, ill or in any even minor problem.

My mother was no different from an ideal mother and I had wonderful days of my life when I was with her for 20 years. I have learned every manner of a civilized society from her and how to deal with different emotions without letting yourself down. She was never ready to let me cry for something that was in her control. She suffered insults many time because of my mistakes and foolishness but she did never let me feel guilty, even she never allowed anyone else to make me feel guilty.

She was my first diet expert. What I needed to eat and what I should not eat, she had every expert advice with valid reasons. She would never let me have something which might cause something bad to my health. She would prepare the healthiest and tastiest food for me whenever I felt hungry. She would advise me on what to eat in any party or gathering.  

She was my first health expert. What is best time to wake up, what is best time to sleep, when to do what that would make me healthy, all expert tips she had and was following just to make sure I remain healthy in every season. Even a small sneeze or cold would make her worried and she will do everything to make me feel comfortable again. I still remember how I was hit by tennis ball once on my forehead and she asked me to visit doctor for that small thing. Mothers are never easy when it come to their kid’s health.

She was my first education expert. What I need to learn and from whom I need to learn, all she was having expert opinion on. If I was getting some wrong knowledge from someone, she was first person to correct me and provide me the right information. Whenever teachers try to force me to learn something, she was first to request them to go smooth on me and make me feel comfortable in learning even tough things.

She was my first money expert. She would be making sure that I knew importance of money and how to deal with it with the little sense I had in my young days. She would buy me stuffs that were not costly but that were of some good use for me and my brother. Someday she would give me enough money to make me happier but only for small time before she would ask me on how to save money.

Mothers are always the first source of information and help for their kids. They are ready to sacrifice anything just to make sure that her kids are happy and prospering. A mother is only person who with all little knowledge and resources she has will become the biggest support for her kid.

No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.” – Edwin H. Chapin

Note : This blog post is part of Godrej Expert contest for mothers day and I would like to thank Godrej expert for inspiring us to write something for our mothers as our first experts.

Thursday 7 May 2015

The Mystery of Ek Nayi League

This is probably the 1st time I am writing about something that I am not sure about, yes it is all about Ek Nayi league having the great Kapil Dev as its face. We are provided with some videos as clues to guess what new league Kapil Dev is talking about and based on that I can surely guess that it is not about Cricket. Based on Gesture by Kapil Dev in all the promos I guess it has to do something with Mind and knowledge. I have been following Ek Nayi League and Kapil Dev on twitter to guess more and more but to be honest I am still not convinced about my guess, yes it is that much puzzling.

In all the videos Kapil Dev is emphasizing on how one should play in this league with mind and not heart, if you play with heart you are going to lose for sure. He invokes Dhoni and his retirement , Sania Mirza and how girl power is making Country proud , challenging comedian Kapil Sharma to face his Googly, talks about how feels proud of Yuvraj Singh and his 16 Crores contract in IPL after his come back from Cancer. He many times talks about why other people don’t make much money like many players. Based on all these comments, I guess this league is going to involve common people from different cities as a team to make good money may be by doing trading in Indian stock market with the help of expert inputs.

This league looks like a league that will involve people to invest money on stocks based on their expertise and research. It will help many people from other small cities of India to participate and win big. It will involve people starting to put money in stock market and make profit out of it based on their research about companies they want to invest in. This league will have some other activities/competition related to share market. People will be required to start with a small fixed amount to participate in the league and then they can go big based on their zeal and ability. As it will be played as a competition, many people will be eager to beat others in earning money from their invested money.  

To conclude my guess I believe it is going to be league of betting on stocks and also some other activities based on the format and requirements. This league will put everyone be it sports star or entertainment star or a common person at same floor where everyone will have same opportunity to make big money and can dream of good life. All one need is to register with small fixed amount and then get going in investing.

I can’t wait more to know all details about this league, if you are as excited as me, do follow all the information at or follow Hashtag #EkNayiLeague on Twitter.