Wednesday 15 January 2014

Foodie Afternoon at Mast Kalandar

Last Saturday we were invited for a food experience at Mast Kalandar outlet near NGV Koramangala to celebrate its 50th Store opening in Bangalore .For those who don’t know Mast Kalandar ,it is chain of North Indian Veg restaurants in Bangalore and some other cities . As they have just opened 50th store in Bangalore shows that their food has been widely loved by people of Bangalore, one can compromise with anything but not taste of food especially when you have to pay for it. J

So it was a lunch on card for us at Mast Kalandar. As it was for food review and to celebrate, we were offered almost all famous items Mast Kalandar serves to its customers. It started with beverages like Lassi,Chach and Mango Lassi. I liked chach quite much as it tasted like a Chach with real Masala . Then we got chance to taste Dahi Poori and Chole Samosa. As I am fan of Samosa since birth and I know how to Judge samosa, I will give 5/5 to Chole samosa I had there .In Bangalore it’s tough to find real North Indian taste of Samosa and Northies in Bangalore know it.  After this it was time for Lunch and this Lunch was something different where we got chance to taste almost 7 different Veg Curries and with Fulkas and all. It is the curry that determines how good food is in any restaurants as Breads are almost common everywhere. Curries had Rajma Masala, Daal Makhani, Aalu Dhaniya, Kadhai Paneer, Kadhi, Dal Tadka and Punjabi Paneer. I tasted everything and I tasted in good quantity  J . My Pick for curry will be Rajma Masala, Punjabi Paneer , Dal Tadka and Kadhi . I liked others too but may be it depends on taste you like most..

Ok so let’s go on Priority wise in liking. 1st will be Punjabi Paneer. Its curry was damn tasty and it looked less oily too.2nd will be Kadhi. It is one of my favourite when I am at home and believe me it tasted like home-made kadhi only. Everything from salt to Sourness was so balanced in it.3rd will be Rajma Masala that tasted like how a food loving Punjabi prepares it anywhere in India. And 4th will be Dal Tadka. Dal-Rice is to north Indians is like what Sambhar rice to south Indians i.e attached to soul and it was simple yet yummy in Taste. Then I had Mango Lassi but this is only 1 think I disliked there. Mango flavour was missing too much. I think may be because it’s not the Mango season at all. Finally the desert and as expected it was Gulab Jamun there and it was hot. When you eat food end matters the most and Gulab Jamun did the same thing. It was awesomely tasty. As we were their guest for lunch they had for us a small pack of Imali ka Ladoo and it completed lunch. As a suggestion I think they should give one Imali ladoo piece with every lunch/dinner to everyone who comes to eat there :)

So finally I just want to say it was good hosting by the guys there and its Paisa vasool for Northies in Bangalore or anyone who likes North Indian food to go to Mast Kaladar and try out once.  It was super experience for me. Eating good food is ok but eating good food in company of good people is the best and I had that moment there.