Friday 7 February 2014

Coast browser by Opera

On Thursday 6th Feb we the bloggers in Bangalore were invited for Opera software meetup for Opera’s latest browser “Coast”. It was presented by Coast Team Leader, Huib Kleinhout. Coast is designed keeping Ipads in mind and can be downloaded from Opera’s site or Apple App stores. The first version of this Ipad-Centric browser Coast was launched in September 2013 and then version 2.0 was launched on 17th Dec 2013. Version 2.0 has extra features like wallpaper customization and displaying titles when playing video and audio online.

As it’s only available for Ipads and I don’t own an Ipad, I haven’t got much chance to try hands on it but whatever I could gather during meetup is that it’s touch and feel is really good. It stores Websites as apps on homepage and that really make home page looks cool. Swiping really works very well with browser. There are some really cool features with this browser

  • In Coast home page every website is stored as Apps and is easily customizable and it really makes it look cool. Search is just a drag away on home page.
  • Everything in Coast is accessible with Swipe and no need to press Forward and back button
  • Coast lets you control web pages that are playing media, from the iOS lock screen, as if they were being played in native music players.
  • Coast has next Gen security level, infact it has feature to calculate the Risk related with any site based on website’s certificate and hence user interaction is very less to choose from Yes/No/Continue whenever any security issue comes unlike any other browser.
  • Websites that are playing content will show small animation of a graphic EQ on their icon on Coast's home screen and it really makes it look cool.
  • PDFs can be directly opened in iBooks or your favorite PDF reader and it has good improvement from previous version.

Keeping how apple treats its iOS and doesn’t allow third party browsers to make full use of its resources and hence making those browsers underperform, Coast has really been doing good because of its touch and feel and having some new features that separate it from other Brower’s for Ipads. If you hold an Ipad give it a try

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Make your small house look bigger and comfortable

Wow, first time I got a chance to think and write about something related with how to maintain your own home and make it look spacious, comfortable and gorgeous at same time especially when you don’t have that much great space. As much as I can think and I am neither interior designer nor any expert from Asian Paints home care solutions, there are certain things which can help in making it a reality. It ranges from using multipurpose wardrobe and racks to using well balanced paint on walls.
  1. The first thing can be using multipurpose furniture (and I do have this in my home). Like having a less light bed with space underneath and using that space for keeping less used things rather than keeping those things somewhere in room. Same way using closed multipurpose racks for keeping things that are used daily.
  2. Don’t go for big heavy Sofa or Dinning table if you live in a small house, it will look awkward to you and to everyone else. Use as big as you are comfortable with to sit and eat.
  3. Try to have tables and chairs that are easy to fold and keep those in a corner in room and unfold when required.
  4. Try to use see through Shelves whether it’s vertical or horizontal. Using see through glass shelves will make room look more spacious.
  5. Try to use See through glasses on windows and balcony too. It makes your room look big as space outside of room also looks like a part of your own room only.
  6. Using wall mirrors make your room look great in space. I have applied it in smaller scale in my house and experienced the effect. It really works in a big way.
  7. Have proper lighting in room preferably white lights and so with the natural light.
  8. The last but not the least, Wall paint pays major roles in how a room will look like. If wall paint is extra dark in color, it will absorb the light and room will look small though bit shiny. On other hand if wall paint is extra light in color, the room will look totally dull. So wall paint needs to be balanced to cover both dark and light, it will make room look shiny and spacious both. And as Asian Paints home care solutions provide expert solutions in how to paint your home I think it is the best option to get in touch with those people and get the best out of their experience.
To summarize if you have less space in house, you can apply your mind and mind of people from Asian paints home care solution on how to make it look bigger and comfortable at same time. Its value for money because each one of us come to our home to feel relaxed and get prepared for next challenging day and if you don’t feel comfortable in your house, life gonna be tough for you. So just go and give it a TRY for once.

Here is the link