Wednesday 26 November 2014

Meet Cricketer's Chef GoGo

Being a cricket fanatic we Indians know so much about Cricket ,players, Stats and all stuffs related with Cricket. We even watch Test Cricket ball by ball when we are free . We follow all cricketers on twitter, retweet / favorite their tweets, but I am sure many of us still don’t know about this Gentleman called Gogo. He has no relationship with Cricket but with Cricketers and that is “Relationship of food “.

Gogo  Govardhan  is Originally a Chennian ,walked out of Engineering college to join Hotel Management , moved to Japan and now based in Australia and runs a restaurant called Madras Curry House. He is one of the most favorite cook of Sachin Tendulkar and many Indian players, not only Indian team even Australian team comes to his restaurant for Eat out quite often. In last 10 years He has served almost all teams that have visited Australia for Cricket. Sometimes he use to travel with Indian team in their tour matches to different cities. Govardhan famously air-freighted 200 of his Indian spiced chops to Mumbai in 2004 for a private party for Sachin Tendulkar.

During a highly controversial Indian tour to Australia when the Monkey Gate incident happened, both teams unknowingly landed up in Gogo’s restaurant, then Justin Langer was the person to help Gogo in how to manage the situation and temporary partition was created in restaurant to make separate space for both teams. Even after the so much hype of issue both team were having same liking, at least for Food.

He has got memorable gifts from so many cricketers who have visited Madras Curry House in last more than 10 years. Gogo has been personally rewarded by almost all world Class cricketers who had food there. Gloves from Sachin Tendulkar, Match ball from Anil Kumble when he took 600th Wicket, last match captain cap from Wasim Akram, Signature book from Steve Waugh saying "Thanks Gogo for the best lamb shanks.".

Ending on Foodie thought as George Bernard Shaw has said "There is no sincerer love than the love of food".

Friday 21 November 2014

Bangalore Veg Food Joints

I have been in Bangalore for almost 3+ years and have been to many restaurants and hotels thanks to different Social Media events, but when it comes to pure food I have liked very few and as I am pure veggie, options gets reduced by big margin. So here are some of my regular visit places for Veg Food in Bangalore.  

Mast Kalandar Mast Kalandar is chain of North Indian Veg restaurants in Bangalore and in some other cities. It offers only Veg North Indian food and snacks. It ranges from Punjabi Foods like Pindi Chole- bature to foods from other Northern parts of India, Must try are Curry like Kadhai Paneer , Naan and Different type of Parathas.In beverage you will find Lassi and Masala Chaach (probably best in Bangalore) and Juice items. In Snacks you can try nice variety of Chaat items.  

Grameen : Grameen is located in Raheja Arcade near Forum Mall in Koramangala. Grameen is a Hindi word and it means Villager. The ambience when you sit here is exactly like you get to feel in your villages. Again it's Veg restaurant and North Indian food here is really nice. The way they serve food , utensils they use and decoration inside restaurant is just so peaceful and I am sure you are not going to miss your village once you go inside . You can try with a special Thali first if you are not sure about what to eat.

Ghar Ka Khana :  Ghar ka Khana is one of my favorite as it is one of the cheapest Veg food hub for North Indians. It has 2 branches in Bangalore. The food here totally justifies the name and that is why even without advertisement they are doing pretty good. Here you will find Basic North Indian food that you get in your homes and probably with same flavor. The Chapati, the Daal, The Curry all tastes likes made in home. They have unique Buffet options at as less as 100 Rs. They also provide different Parathas. If you want to eat simple and yet Tasty food at a reasonable price, try it once for sure. 

PS : I havn't been paid to mention any of these :) 

Thursday 6 November 2014

Mixradio announces next generation of music personalization

On 5th November in Mumbai, MixRadio, the world’s simplest music streaming service, has launched a new natively built recommendation engine, developed specifically to best deliver it’s one touch ‘Play Me’ personalized radio experience for a global audience.

The new engine curates a greater breadth of music in a more highly personalized way than ever before. It uses billions of data points from millions of consumers around the world, and uses them to deliver a completely relevant and unique listening experience. Listeners are delivered tracks from deeper into the catalogs of the artists they love, facilitating rediscovery of forgotten favorites alongside discovery of new artists. The new engine evolves the ‘Play Me’ feature of MixRadio to be an even more personal, even more effortless experience.

Jyrki Rosenberg, Head of MixRadio, comments “The challenge our development team have faced is curating overwhelming large catalog of music, 34 million tracks, for a single listener in a way which is completely relevant and personal. Our promise to listeners is to provide their own personal radio station at the touch of a single button, and the new engine lets us truly deliver on that promise”.

The new engine has been in development and evolution since 2010, MixRadio has been moving listeners to the new recommendation engine over the past months, completing the shift today. Initial reports show the new engine is improving retention and engagement with the service.

Melissa Price, Senior Product Manager from MixRadio adds “As a global music streaming company, it is important that this improved experience shared by everyone across the 31 countries where we operate. Our new recommendation engine has been developed to make the Play Me experience work perfectly on an international stage, spanning a truly global catalog of music. We have been collecting metadata for over a decade for the millions of tracks in our catalog, giving every track an in depth local relevance and context. We have years of experience in interpreting the data this provides, we have deep understanding of our markets and can make data driven decisions and improvements quickly, constantly improving the experience for the listener”.