Saturday 20 December 2014

The Bengaluru Football Club Mobile App

Bengaluru Football Club (aka BFC) that caught the imagination of Football loving crowd not only in Bangalore but in India after winning I-League in their 1st appearance has got a new technical partner in SAP Labs India. SAP Labs, the giant in IT space has created a new state of the art mobile application especially for BFC and its fans. This new app will be available both for Android and IPhone user fans from 19th January along with the launch of I-League 2.

SAP Labs members along with BFC members

This new multi-featured app is card based content sharing app and has smooth navigation among different screens. This app is totally dedicated for fans with features such as real-time BFC news updates related with match schedules, score updates and other related information that fans need to know. Through this App Users can create BFC fan events and attend events created by other BFC fans and it will help in enticing new people to join BFC fan club. With a new and unique feature called Swarm, the users will have access to real time visualization of fans coverage during BFC matches and other BFC events including match day hangouts in Arbor Brewing Pub. Apart from these features, users will also have “Share-a Ride” feature that will connect fans in doing carpooling and other ride shares during BFC matches.

BFC App SnapShot

During the event from BFC group present were Coach of BFC Ashley Westwood, Captain of BFC Sunil Chhetri and COO of BFC. Mustafa Ghouse, who said “As a club based in India’s technology capital and aiming to be the best in Asia, we are constantly researching new and emerging ways to provide our fans with opportunities to connect with Bengaluru FC. Partnering with SAP, which provides innovative software solutions, will only deepen the connect and engagement that we wish to have with our growing fan-base.”

Coach Ashley Westwood and Captain Sunil Chhetri 

During the event Dilipkumar Khandelwal, MD, SAP Labs India, EVP & Head of Suite Engineering, Products and Innovation. Shared his thoughts and said  “SAP is transforming the sports and entertainment industry across the world through new technologies and platforms. In this instance, our technology is enabling Bengaluru FC to deliver a consistent and engaging fan experience.”

As SAP has worked with many big giants of sports like the German Football Association, The InternationalCricket Council (ICC), TSG 1899Hoffenheim, the Women’s TennisAssociation, the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) , being a BFC fan I think this is going to be a be a great association not only for Bengaluru football club but also for BFC fans.

Sunday 7 December 2014


Here is the new way to pay when you visit a pub or restaurant or grocery store, yes MOMOE it is. This app has been launched recently and has got very positive response from users.  After using it I can feel the smoothness and user friendliness of this app. Once you have this app, you no need to carry the Cash and cards with you for restaurants and pubs. This app can be downloaded for free from Google Play store and one can register on it with mail id and mobile number. When you install this app for 1st time they are providing you different promotional offers and discounts 

This app uses user’s location to suggest nearby restaurants and pubs and other retail stores and in which place this app can be used as it needs compatibly/partnership with those restaurants and retail stores also. Once you get in to that place, after serving your order, the counter person will use your mobile number to send you bill through this app, the total bill will contain all details along with the applied taxes and keeps getting refreshed as long as you are ordering. Once you are done you can share the bill with people you want to simply by using their phone number, with each new member getting added the bill keep getting divided and refreshed, only prerequisite is that the person need to have the app and need to accept your bill sharing request for this. Now each person can pay their share of bill separately by adding their card details. These card details are required only once and get saved for future use.

The dynamic update and bill sharing through this app makes it different from other apps of same category. You can find more about it on this app’s Facebook page