Sunday 27 September 2015

Record TV shows and Watch Anywhere Anytime with Tata Sky+ Transfer

TV has become essential part of life for almost everyone all over the world, go to any house hold no matter how less money they earn everyone has TV with cable connection. There are different Cable service providers in India including Tata Sky which is a major player in this field. With so much evolution in technology this field also has changed massively in recent times and Tata Sky being a front runner also has been coming with new value added features and the newly launched Tata Sky+ Transfer is the latest value added service from them.

Tata Sky has the option for the viewers to record the shows to watch it later based on their free time but one can watch those recorded shows on TV only, now with Tata Sky + Transfer one can watch the recorded shows on their smartphones too. All one need to do is record the show on TV, transfer it to Mobile and watch it anytime. I think this is major game changer seeing the busy life everyone is having and the time we spend outside of our homes. This new feature is beneficial for everyone doesn’t matter what type of shows they watch.

Now as far as I am concerned, I am not a TV junkie and I am more interested in stock market. I do watch some of the Comedy shows but mostly I like watching Business News channels and different interviews of market experts. As I am a full time IT professional, I don’t get much time to track these interviews and shows live on TV. Sometimes even if I get time, there will be 2 or 3 different good interviews running on different business channels, for me this is the best case scenario to record the shows. Now after recording these programs I would love to watch those immediately as soon as I get free. With Tata Sky I would have to be in home during that free time to watch recorded shows, but with Tata Sky+ Transfer I can watch the recorded shows on mobile just the next day when I am travelling to office or coming from office or even in office when work is less. I think this will make my life easier and will save a lot of time that I usually waste while travelling.

Who must get Tata Sky+ Transfer?
  • Those who want to watch recorded shows immediately as soon as they are free, doesn’t matter that free time they get in home or outside of home.
  • Those who value their time and don’t want their free time to get wasted.
  • Those who want to see their family members Happy, imagine you giving remote to your wife or kids in family because you can watch the recorded shows on your smart phone.
  • Those like me who don’t want to miss any shows related to a particular field like stock market, Business news shows and interviews of market experts.
  • Those who like to keep themselves upgraded with upcoming technologies.

So Tata Sky+ Transfer has given us one option whether we want to save our time by watching recorded shows anywhere any time after transferring those to our smart phones or keep waiting to reach home and then watch. Just keep in mind that giving remote to your wife or kid can make your family life happier as you can watch the recorded shows on your phone now and your wife and kids can watch their favorite shows on TV.

For complete information on Tata Sky+ Transfer visit .

Thursday 17 September 2015

Comedy Hunt - The Next big step towards Stand Up Comedy

Comedy, the word that makes us feel energized and relaxed has been into existence since eternity and has helped many people to live life in relaxed mood despite having lots of difficulties in life. Like many other continuous changing things Comedy also has evolved with times from Slapstick comedy of Charlie Chaplin to group comedy like Circus shows to now very popular Stand-Up Comedy. All other forms of comedy still exists but Stand-up Comedy has made base very rapidly in last few years in India. Acceptance of crowd for Stand-Up comic shows has given birth to so many talented Stand-Up comedians in India who are now having fame and money both because of their humorous talent.

In last few years many new comedians have made way for themselves through social platforms like Youtube,Twitter and Facebook as the reach of these mediums is very vast and wide spread across world. Liveinstyle one of the most popular life style Website has taken the decision to promote Stand-Up Comedy in really big way. LiveInStyle in association with some of the best comedy stars in India has come up with Comedy Hunt to help new Stand-Up comedians grow and get recognized by public. Comedy hunt is for young aspiring comic talents to promote themselves by putting their Youtube Videos on Comedy Hunt's Youtube page and getting recognized  and judged by some of the best names in Indian comedy industry.There has never been such big step towards promoting Stand-Up comedy and new talents in this comedy industry. 

Stand-Up Comedy section of Liveinstyle contains all information that a new aspiring comedian or anyone who loves comedy need to know about this form of comedy. It has a lot of details about some of the most famous Stand-up comedians in India like Tanmay Bhat, Virdas, Aditi Mittal, Kanan Gill, Praveen Kumar and many more. The details ranges from their struggle to success, their genre of comedy with some of their most famous one-liners. The place also contains videos of some of their  popular comic shows..

There is also a section in Stand-Up comedy page of Liveinstyle where many knowledge full videos have been put to help new aspiring Stand-up comedians to get some tips from highly recognized comedians of India, tips related to how to make your Youtube video optimized for better views by public and many others that can help a newbie comedian grow up in Stand-Up Comedy field. 

Apart from promoting Stand-Up comedy, Liveinstyle as a lifestyle brand living fullest to its name also has a very interesting section about Cocktails. In this section one can find all details relared with different category of cocktails like Rum Cocktail,Whiskly Coctail, Vodka Cocktails and Wine Coctails.It even has details related to many other Cocktails that fall under basic Cocktail category mentioned before.For people who want to learn about Cocktails, Liveinstyle has differnt videos and useful articles and these are worth watching/reading for everyone who loves to explore more about different type of Cocktails.

So all you aspiring comic talents just record video of your performance and send it to Comedy Hunt. One good video and you are in for a big ride in Stand Up comedy industry. 

Saturday 12 September 2015

Free group calling feature launched on hike messenger

Hike messenger, one of India's fastest growing internet companies recently announced the launch of free group calling on hike messenger that can connect up to 100 people in a call. The introduction of this feature which by the way is 1st in this industry will allow hikers to make free group calls with press of a single button once inside a group chat. All one need to do to get this feature is just upgrade to the latest version of hike 4.0.4, which is available free on the Google Play store. 

How to use Group Calling :

To use this feature, hikers need to simply tap on the Hike Call button inside the group chat and that is it. Once initiated, hike calls out to every member in the group automatically and the call starts as soon as one person gets connected keeping the process really simple and smooth.

Group Calling on hike has been launched keeping in mind the needs students and families who love to chat in groups as well as small executives teams whose job demands being in sync with their large teams while on the move.

•  Free group calls to work over 4G & Wi-Fi to begin with
•  Connects up to a 100 people in a call with the press of a single button
•  Available on Android first. iOS, Windows to follow by end of this year

During the event, Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder and CEO, hike messenger, said “Many of us at hike were quite frustrated by how hard it is to make a Group Call today. Adding someone to an already existing call is extremely tedious and even starting a conference call is quite a painful process. Today we’re going to change that with the introduction of Group Calls on Hike. Now with the tap of a single button, you can connect up to 100 people in one call. It’s that simple. One tap and hike does the rest. No more pins, no more dial in numbers and no more putting people on hold. Making a Group Call has never been this easy.”

By introducing this feature, hike messenger has also dropped the beta tag on VoIP officially rolling out the feature. Group Calling is expected to roll out on iOS, Windows later this year. The launch of this feature is part of a big marketing campaign that will reach over 200 million users across the country. The TV campaign for this feature shows three young girls who are starting up a new business, of selling their granny’s cupcakes using this hike group calls to connect with each other.

Hike with its new upgrade is now offering differentiated, first in the market features, which are data efficient, give users greater access, superior value and are easy to use. It also has a strong pipeline of new features planned for release every month & users can expect atleast one new feature every month.