Sunday 15 August 2010

New Self-confident India

For me , new India means a highly self confident India.The India where people not only can dream big but also get chance to make it reality.The dream varies from big ambitions like " Chandrayaan " and " Right to Education " to relatively small ambition of a common man to live a respectful life.India where large number of countrymen shares each others grief and happiness. "My India is all good and it does not have bad things " is Fool's statement.Corruption is still devouring large chunk of money that should have been used for welfare of poor people.RTI is great tool to fight with It and true Indians are fighting.I think religious harmony has been tremendous in last several years.In politics there are some improvement as what we saw in last Lok Sabha election when most criminals lost elections.India is growing tremendously in sports other than cricket. Badminton , Shooting , Chess , Boxing in all these games we got great success.Now we have indigenous helicopter 'Dhruv' and indigenous ship ' INS Shivalik ';.India is IT super power and it is helping youth to fulfill their highly ambitious dreams.We have got a new Symbol of our currency too.World is looking at India but first we will have too look within ourselves,We should not do any thing that may harm us as well as this world. We will have to live up the expectations of world and our own people
May God bless my " Super- India "
"Jai Jawan , Jai kisan , Jai Vigyan "
Jai Hind