Thursday 26 December 2019

Mindtree Launches an Immersive Technologies Experience Center in Collaboration with PTC

Warren (NJ), Bangalore (India) – December 17, 2019Mindtree, a global technology services and digital transformation company, today announced that it has established a new India-based center of excellence, called Immersive Aurora, as a site to develop immersive technology experiences. The company is collaborating with global software company PTC to unleash new possibilities and transform interactions throughout the customer experience and Industry 4.0 touchpoints. 

Investments in augmented, virtual and mixed reality are reshaping experiences across consumer interactions, sales and marketing, design, training, service and data visualization. Mindtree and PTC will explore opportunities for global clients to implement immersive technology experiences more broadly across their businesses through the combination of Mindtree’s Immersive Aurora and PTC’s market-leading Vuforia® industrial augmented reality (AR) solution. 

“Mindtree, with its deep digital expertise, has been at the forefront of helping enterprises deliver enhanced and contextual experiences to their end clients,” said Debashis Chatterjee, CEO of Mindtree. “By launching Immersive Aurora and partnering with PTC, Mindtree is well-positioned to help our clients rapidly unlock value from their technology investments just as the convergence of the physical and virtual worlds is accelerating.”

“Immersive technologies can drive tangible business value, but many clients don’t know which applications will have the most meaningful return on investment and, candidly, they often don’t know where to start on their digital transformation journeys,” said Jim Heppelmann, president and CEO, PTC. “Through this strategic collaboration with Mindtree, we’ll be better positioned to help customers quickly identify those AR use-cases that can deliver the most value and then help them scale those solutions across their respective businesses.”

About Mindtree:

Mindtree [NSE: MINDTREE] is a global technology consulting and services company, helping enterprises marry scale with agility to achieve competitive advantage. “Born digital,” in 1999 and now a Larsen & Toubro Group Company, Mindtree applies its deep domain knowledge to 350+ enterprise client engagements to break down silos, make sense of digital complexity and bring new initiatives to market faster. We enable IT to move at the speed of business, leveraging emerging technologies and the efficiencies of Continuous Delivery to spur business innovation. Operating in 18 countries and over 40 offices across the world, we’re consistently regarded as one of the best places to work, embodied every day by our winning culture made up of over 21,000 entrepreneurial, collaborative and dedicated “Mindtree Minds.”

PTC and Vuforia are trademarks or registered trademarks of PTC Inc. and/or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

Sunday 6 October 2019

To All Who......

To all hurling the hurtful accusations,

To all provoking the conspired situation,

To all passing judgments without consultation,

To all having fun on someone’s grim state of affairs,

To all keeping silent even knowing this is not fair,

To all following the herd by just being a naysayer,

To all who turned away without listening a thing,

To all who could have done much but did nothing,

To all who just had myopic view of everything,

I am here, still standing, with a temporarily broken but strong spirit.
I am here, still wandering, with a temporarily clueless but positive intuition.
I am here, still running, with a temporarily shortened but meaningful strides.

Sunday 15 September 2019

Fight until you perish

There are moments you realize that things are not going to get any better no matter how much you try.  The inner volcano that you are pretending to be momentary is going to stay there forever, hurting and burning you every single moment. The courage and bold face have its own limitations when you are fighting it alone. No matter how much you try to divert your mind, some way or the other you will go back in to same black hole where there seems to be no light at the end of tunnel.

There will be times you will think you have got the hold of all the troubling things and you are going to get over all those one by one, and the next moment you are hit with shit reality of your life and you are back to square one. It is a scary feeling to have every day, it is scarier than getting lost in Amazon Jungle.

No one is trained to handle this internalized annihilation of oneself. It looks so smooth from outside that not even your closed ones can realize it. The unanswered questions inside you force you to think how clueless you are about everything. The fight seems to be never ending, the hope seems to be fading and yet you try to hang on, for few people who want to see you around, who want to see you happy.

Every morning you get up with hopes of making things better and at the end you disappoint no one but yourself. This fight has no strategy, no villain, no hero, no script, all it has is you and your troubling thoughts, of present, of future.

Fight till the end, fight until you perish.

Saturday 31 August 2019

Forty Six Ounce - A Perfect combination of Delicious food and Amazing Ambiance

There are some places one would want to visit many times, not just for food but also for the soothing ambience and now this place is one such for me, located in Electronic City, it was worth traveling 15 KMS to have lunch here. Ambience is of a garden having ponds, small fall and lots of greenery with spacious seating arrangements.

As it is a brewery, tried the home brewed beers and absolutely loved the KOLSCH beer which was really smooth in taste. It didn’t have sourness of a typical beer but had same effect. The other beer was HEFEWEIZEN which again was very good, bit more intense than KOLSCH and having bit more alcohol quotient. 

In starter, the nachos with Salsa was amazing to go with Beer, as always 😊 It had Crunchy chips, super tasty salsa and cheese dip. The Dahi Ke Kebab is a must try starter here which had such a fulfilling stuffing. Every ingredient was mashed up so perfectly that every bite was a treat to my palate. Mushroom & cheese duplex did not only look great but was also tasted delicious which was really juicy and bit sweeter side in taste. Veg platter was also decent, especially the Broccoli. 


In main course, Veg Pizza was ok in taste. It was thin crust with decent simple stuffing. I really loved the Dal Makhai which was at par with any of the best Punjabi style food restaurants. It tasted even better with assorted Rotis which were baked almost perfectly. Mix veg curry with subz pulao was super yum to make a perfect end to main course treat at this place. 

In dessert we tried uniquely name Pizookies which had baked chocolate cookies with Icecream, mixed in chocolate sauce. T whole combination was really decent with flavor of each ingredient being really palpable and enriching for my taste bud, a perfect way to end this amazing lunch experience at this uber cool place. 

Thursday 16 May 2019

It’s only words that all I have

Words can’t do justice to high octane impulses running inside me, it seems like even words are hell-bent to betray me. I am still not able to come in terms with “enough is enough”. Where did it all go wrong or maybe it was never right at first place, everything was just an illusion, a web of fantastic imaginations inside my mind.

I have tried everything under the sun to mend this unluckily broken piece of “Knowing each other well”, from being apologetic every time something went wrong even if solely not because of me, to making myself available when I could have made things easier. I have been submissive, taken all insults like it was meant to be good for me in hindsight and no it is not called self-pity, it is called valuing the comradery over personal feelings. I have backed out when I thought that was the best way possible, forced myself to silence when I didn’t want to deteriorate things any further.    

I am running out of excuses to make myself believe that things can still be done to make everything better, even if just not as good as earlier. I never expected too much, never had any hidden motto. Everything was just as casual as it should have been, wonder what made it to be perceived so differently.

It’s not what happened that puzzles me, it’s why it happened that makes me anxious. I wish I knew when it all started to go wrong, I would have done everything to bring it on track but maybe it is too late now. I have mere words to try to put forward things going inside me, I wish I could project everything going inside me on a paper, all the guilt, the deceptions, the helplessness, the affection and honest respect that can never be erased.

The worst distance between 2 people is misunderstanding and there is no unit to measure it than just to realize it. Still hopeful, still mindful!! 

Thursday 2 May 2019

An intentional visit to "By Chance" : Brigade Road

Bangalore has no dearth of options when it comes to restaurants and pubs in various parts of city, but some areas are hub of restaurants and pubs and Brigade Road in one such place. I visited “By Chance” pub over the weekend for some food and alcohol and this place has really cool ambience to make it stand out of other places around.

The outdoor ambience is full of greenery which makes sitting outside a surreal experience in evening. When it comes to variety of food and drinks options, it has something for everyone. This place serves Continental, Chinese, Indian food/starters along with fast-food like Burgers and Pizzas. In alcohol they serve various cocktails and Beers along with hard liquor.

In starters I tried Veg Cheese Nachos, Paneer Chilly, Veg Hara Bhara Kawab and French fries. Nachos was decent in taste with proper and limited use of cheese and nicely made salsa. Paneer Chilly was totally as per expectation with use of fresh crispy paneer balanced rightly in spiciness. It didn’t have much of extra veggies like Capsicum making it good experience to have. Hara Bhara Kawab was prepared nicely and tasted bit different with mint chutney, it had scrumptious filling making it a hunger satiating dish. French-fries was really good and had less salt and spiciness unlike in many other places.    

I also laid my hands on Spinach & Mushroom Sandwich and Veg Farmhouse Pizza. I really liked the sandwich and it was one of the best I have had in recent times in Bangalore. Cheese, Veggies, Onion, everything mixed perfectly and bread was soft enough making it a great combination. Pizza was good in taste, big enough in size but bit disappointing for me as I’m not big lover of Jalapeno 😊  In sweet they serve some amazing north Indian style Gajar Ka halwa and it is must have dessert here.

In Alcohol, I tried Watermelon Martini Cocktail which was prepared decently with Vodka and fresh watermelon. I could feel proper flavor of watermelon along with sourness of Vodka. I also tried Cucumber cooler cocktail which was made with Vodka and cucumber juice. It was ok in taste but use of pepper or some ingredient like that made it bit uneasy to drink.

Overall this place has great ambience when one sits outside in evening. When it comes to cost of food and alcohol it is very reasonable as compare to pubs in same area. Service staff here is mostly decent and “Always happy to serve” type. They also have Web-App when using the inhouse wifi, which can be used to see live menu and order food without waiting to be attended by service person.  

By Chance Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friday 29 March 2019

It wasn’t to be

I would have done wonders, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have made both of us better, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have made life larger than ever, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have celebrated every event smaller or bigger, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have made life of people around us better, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have ridden over all my worries, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have traversed treacherous rewarding path with ease, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have done justice to my soul, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would not have smiled fake at people, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

Hope one day there will be in instant glitter in your eyes seeing me, till that day I have to be ok with

it wasn’t to be.

Monday 25 February 2019

Skoolroom - A nostalgic place for food

The nostalgic feeling of childhood is guaranteed when you visit this place for dining. The interiors and table setup everything will make you feel like classroom :) Then you get served Ice Lolly on the table before your food just to take you back to your childhood. 

Started the dinner with trying some fully loaded Veg Nachos which was really good in taste decorated nicely with salsa and cheese. I have been eating nachos at many places and i can put it in top 3 place so far:). Tasted RCP Veg which had mix of veggies like Paneer, Baby-corn, Mushroom prepared in Manchurian style and each veggie tasted so authentic. They serve some really juicy Veg burger prepared with really soft buns and lots of cheese, good enough to satiate anyone's hunger :). 

Veg Basket is one good dish to try here which is mix of different veggies like corn, tomato salsa filled in a PaniPuri like basket and tastes awesomely when eating in one go. Pizza here is thin crust with 4-5 different varieties in Veg and Non-Veg and tastes decent. Accompanied the dinner with Watermelon Mojito which was just too good in taste, smell and serving. 

In desert we had Monster Freak Shake which does live up to its name. It had mix of Milkshake. Ice-cream, Donuts, Gems, Snickers and Cake in enough quantity to satisfy group of 3-4 people. The Milkshake was the yummiest and mix of cake and ice-cream gave perfect finish to an amazing dinner. 

The staff there is really courteous and ambiance is peaceful to have some good food :)

Monday 4 February 2019

Just Be your Damn self

Look at that guy, what a showoff… Look at her, so much ego.. Look at that guy, what a dull face always, look at her, what over excitement. Comments like these have become so generic these days that we have assimilated it as routine but the more we think about it with open mind, the clearer we get in our thoughts that these are so bad. Judging someone from your own perspective and calling all names can be brutal to the person in context sometimes, leading to hazardous reactions.

Looking at this there can be two things one can do, either take these jibes seriously and crib and fight or just be yourself, the way you are. Later seems so legit, no? You very well know what is good for you, what will make you grow, make you happy in life and what will hinder your happiness. So why to depend on someone’s frivolous comment to traverse your path.

JUST BE YOUR DAMN SELF! Cry, Laugh, Smile, Be Dull, Be Joyous, Be Quiet, Be Loud, Be Alone, Be in Group. Wear the fanciest looking dress you want or be in the rough look you are comfortable with. Buy the stuffs you can afford with stretch or buy local stuffs. Dance like no one is watching, eat as if there is going to be starvation from tomorrow. Travel to lovely places you want to as if Aliens are going to destroy those sooner than later. Don’t go behind people who don’t understand you, go with your own self who knows you better than anyone else. Go out or be in home, without being afraid for being judged as boring.

Remember only one thing that “You are not answerable to anyone’s perception about you”, you are only answerable to yourself. So, if you fail or feel bad it is you who is responsible for it and no one else. If you attain success and happiness, it is you who should get credit.


Tuesday 15 January 2019

Lunch at Zamindars Biryani Durbar

Visited this place for Weekend lunch with group and tried various starters and then the Biryani in main course. 

Starters had Paneer Chilly which was really tasty and properly balanced in spiciness. Paneer was authentically soft making it a treat to start the lunch with. Then had Gobi Manchurian and despite being Andhra cuisine restaurant, it was prepared in typical Chinese style with fresh crispy Gobhi with tinge of sweetness. Last thing in starter was Crispy Chilli veg which was like mixed of various veggies mixed with Besan, fried and served hot. I really liked the Crispiness of this dish giving feel of local Indian food. Starters was accompanied by Lime Soda which was prepared decently with proper mix of sweet & Salt. 

In Main course Biryani is specialty here (of-course, as the name goes by), so we tried Veg Biryani and Ulavacharu Biryani . Veg Biryani was like authentic desi Biryani prepared with lots of Veggies and long soft grain rice. Ulavacharu Biryani was something that i had for first time and it had more chilliness with bit more use of spices, like a typical Andhra food. If you love eating spicy stuff then do try it otherwise go for normal Veg Biryani. 

Tried Pot lassi aka Matka Lassi at the end and it had the authentic North Indian feeling of Lassi mixed with dry fruits. Gulab Jamun is desert of all season across India, so ended the feast with it making it a nice foodie experience.  

Ambiance was really good with really hospitable service staff making it a good place to dine in.

Monday 7 January 2019


It sucks to behave normal when you are not.

It sucks to look happy when you are not.

It sucks to smile seeing people when deep inside you are dull and dejected.

It sucks not being able to talk to someone you are desperate to.

It sucks not liking that food anymore that you would have sacrificed anything for.

It sucks to be called fake when you just had goodwill’s in mind.

It sucks to be called names when you hardly behaved indecently.

It sucks to be lied to when you had open up completely.

It sucks to be called clingy when you just wanted to try everything to compromise.

It sucks to lose something you had assumed as everlasting.

It sucks to be alone in a herd.

It sucks to be perceived as someone you are totally not.

It sucks to feel like quitting when you have just started.

It sucks to betray your own self with something that is contrary to the reality.