Monday 29 September 2014

How a young boy went back to his hometown and surprised many

Many people who are active on social media are aware about some of most popular cities in India and lifestyle in those cities. Such a city is Bangalore in South of India also called as  IT hub of India. This city also has some unique lifestyle and that makes it worth enjoying. A young Boy Rakesh who passed his Engineering from Kanpur got placed in Bangalore in a MNC also enjoyed the lifestyle. He stayed here for over a year and then went back to his small hometown for 1 week leave and then he surprised many people there.

The first surprise from this boy came to a Traffic Policeman Sunder Yadav at a traffic Signal. According to Sunder “The BOY ACTUALLY STOPPED AT SIGNAL WHEN HE SAW RED LIGHT”. This was one of the rare moments for him as he was not used to see such things in Kanpur. When Rakesh was asked to comment on this, he told “He is used to it, it was not his intention to stop as no one does here but it happened instantly, Each signal reminds me of Silk-Board Junction in Bangalore, Been 1 year crossing that signal but still I need few extra seconds to realize that oh yes now I can cross the Signal. I saw people staring at me after this as if I am an alien “When other people were asked to comment on this in Kanpur , they told “ We don’t follow traffic lights because without power these lights are mostly off and we are used to cross signals by our sense of power of bullying, Mightier you are, earlier you cross signal.

The second surprise from this boy came to a waiter in a small restaurant. When the waiter Raju delivered Chicken Tikka to Rakesh, Rakesh said “THANK YOU”. Raju was shaken to the core by this thank you. As per him “log yaha khana dene ke baad ek hi baat bolte hai , Bencho itni der me kyun la raha? “ . Rakesh again told that this came instantly to him. He follows this practice in Bangalore so he did here also. I didn’t realize I was in Kanpur until I saw person sitting next to me fighting with waiter for extra-large leg piece.  

The third surprise came to an auto driver Prakash .When Rakesh took auto to his home from the city and Paid 30 Rs without bargaining, Prakash was shocked. As per him “ Yaar  itne saal ho gaye, aaj tak bina kam-jyada kiye koi auto se nahi utra mere, ye launda naya hai” . When asked to comment on this, Rakesh told that when the auto guy asked me just 30 Rs for fare ,It sounded to me as if I was dreaming. In Bangalore I used to pay 50 Rs just for 3 kms from Sony world to Domlur and here he just asked 30 Rs for such long distance. I thought I was in profit until my mother told me “ Auto wale ne Thag liya tere ko !!“

The Boy is still in Kanpur and not coming out from home as he is feeling alienated with all this and want to go back to Bangalore ASAP .:) 

Sunday 28 September 2014

Rajdeep Sardesai Slapped

Popular Indian Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai was slapped or had a fight with an ardent and pathetic BJP Supporter. Being a Modi fan I feel ashamed off such fans . Even after going to America such people have not learn tolerance and manner .  

Here is another video link related with this controversy

Sunday 14 September 2014

The Fastest Gaming Mouse - Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

This Wednesday at LXG Bangalore I was part of launch event of the fastest gaming mouse by Logitech called G402 Hyperion Fury.

Just few months after launching Gaming Mouse G502 Proteus Core having 12,000 DPI sensor Logitech is back again with more advanced Gaming mouse G402 Hyperion Fury. It is an ultra-fast FPS (first-person shooter) gaming mouse. The G402 is expected to have track speed of over 500 IPS (inches per second) by using Logitech's Fusion Engine sensor technology, as well as the   Delta Zero sensor technology of company for extreme accuracy.

As Per Logitech it took 3 years for their R&D team to come up with G402 Hyperion Fury.It can sync the mouse movement with the fastest hand movement possible for a human being with the help of it's Fusion Engine technology.With a ultra modern and super gadget like look this mouse makes you feel like controlling a game with more authority.The mouse is light weight that helps in quick movement. By combining state of art optical sensor technology with an accelerometer and gyroscope,,fusion engine provides tremendous speed.

It has 32 bit on-baord ARM Processor that powers fusion engine allowing reliable and and perfect tracking speed exceeding 500 IPS.Apart from this low weight materials low friction allows the high speed moves.G402 comes up with many Customized settings with the 8 programmable button it contains.These buttons can be configured to any particular key strokes or game's requirement. your customized programming for different games can be saved to on-board memory in mouse and can be reused anywhere else too.


The Price for Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury in India is Rs 2495/-

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