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Thursday 1 September 2016

Reliance Jio - The First-hand experience

Reliance JIO, the new entrant in Indian telecom sector has created buzz like never before. Even before going live commercially without spending much on advertisement it has got on nerves of other service providers. Rolling out of preview offer of all its services including premium ones and word of mouth publicity has worked for Reliance JIO in perfect way.

I got access to Reliance JIO last Saturday and been on it since then and trying all apps along with its data services. I enabled Jion network as hotspot and connected 2 cellphones and 1 laptop with it and didn't find any data speed slowness issue. The Speed is better than other service provider like Airtel, but that is not only thing that makes JIO different. It has come up with some amazing apps for different purpose under its My JIO app. Jio Cinema for HD Movies, Jio Beats for Music, Jio Play for Online TV, JioXpress for News, Jio Mags for Online Magazine, Jio Drive for Online free storage, Jio Net for accessing its hotspot data, Jio money for Online wallet, Jio Join for Call and Chat. I tried almost all of its apps except Jio Join and Jio Money and must say that I loved few of those.

JioCinema has Movie collection in HD version and with many languages and categorized in different ways. It has movies form old era to 90s to latest released and when I watched few of those movies it played without buffering. It keeps track of movies you play so that you can resume playing it once you get time.

Jio Play has more than 250 TV channels online all of which you can access free for time being except few sports channels that needs Hotstar premium account. It also keeps history of last week shows that you can watch anytime. I played CNBC TV18 for continuous 3 hrs and didn’t see any lag in live streaming. It has channels in various languages to cater need of people from all regions.

Jio Beats is one app that I loved the most purely because of amazing content it possesses. It is online music playing app along with curated Radio. The category of Songs it has is really amazing with songs ranging from 50s and 60s till latest hits in different languages and genre, all categorized in simple way for anyone to access. It also gives you access to a good collection of Indian classical music from almost all world renowned artists like Ustad Bismillah Khan, Pandit Jasraj and Zakir Hussain. It has Sufi music, it has Qawwali, it has music for kids, music for dance, music for travelling and so many, all categorized properly for easy access and navigation. One can create playlist and download songs to play offline.

JioMags gives access to various online Magazines like Femina, FilmFare , Business today. Once you download a Magzine you can read it anytime. JioXpress opens up world of online news for users with access to curated news that can be customized easily by users too. JioNet gives you access to use JIO’s hotspot that are there at various places within cities. JioDrive gives you access to 100 GB of free cloud storage for anytime access. 

With such reasonable pricing and such vast content satisfying needs of different type of users, I think JIO is here to stay for longer run. Reliance Industries has spent almost 1.5 Lakh Crore Rupees for Jio so I hope they won’t leave any stone unturned to make it a grand and sustainable success.

And YES , Enjoy Everything Free…. Only if you get access to a Jio Sim :)

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Dakaar App - The Home of Food Recipes

Food has to be one of the most loved thing in world by Human, for many it is a necessity and for rest it can be necessity and pleasure both. Different food recipes deals with second type of human being for whom eating different type of food is pleasure and not only necessity. There are many popular chefs who have made great name just because of their recipes and there are thousands of online resources available related to food recipes. Dakaar is one of the very few mobile apps available for Food recipes and it has over 2 lakh recipes right now. Dakaar app has been created by 4 college friends Javed Khatri, Mandar Sawant, Uday Naidu and Ojus Sangoi.

As per them “There’s no innovation happening in the cooking and recipe space especially here in India, so Dakaar is here to solve that problem. We want to become everyone’s ultimate cooking destination. Our vision to build a social network for foodies, chefs wherein everyone can share recipes with each other, users can chat with each other, share tips, share recipe images etc.

It has recipes of different categories and cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian etc. also the recipes can be browsed based on different categories like Desserts, Kids Special, Health, Snacks, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch etc. Dakaar as an app is intelligent enough to suggest you recipes based on the time at which you are browsing the app. If its lunch time it will show you recipes for lunch and same goes with breakfast, snacks and dinner. Dakaar aims to provide the best cooking experience in your kitchen.

Just within a week of launch app has got 1000 users with average use of 8 mins and users are finding it easy to browse the recipes of their choice and also to share it. Some of the features that differentiates Dakaar from its competitors are as follows:
  • Nice and easy to use interface.
  • Offline access
  • Option to request any recipe
  • Option to submit your own recipes and get featured on Dakaar (Home Page)
  • Soon to be launched Regional languages

The Dakar App can be downloaded at Play Store.

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Flipkart outdoors - The day of outdoor activities with cool gadgets

Each one of us know that outdoor activities are good not only for physical health but also mental health, but how many of us get to do it and how often. There can be many reason for not doing it like lack of time, free space and accessories to make the activity a complete and fruitful one. With proper accessories one can not only enjoy the outdoor activities but also get the most benefit out of it.

For we bloggers in Bangalore, last Saturday was one such day at Flipkart Outdoors meet organized by Indiblogger and Flipkart in Mango Mist resort. There were many brands showcasing their products that are essential for outdoor activities and we got the chance to use those products while doing many physical activities. There were big MNC brands like Samsung, Garmin, Sony and many others. All of these brands had many products that could add value to our outdoor activities. The product varied from action camera to smart gears to outdoor activity specific shoes and many more.

The Event:

The event was organized by Indiblogger team and around 100 bloggers were part of it. It was happening to see so many bloggers excited for a full day event on lazy Saturday morning. We reached to venue by IndiBus at 9 AM and after awesome breakfast it was time to get ready for the activities. After initial breefing by Indiblogger Team about event, Bloggers were divided in separate teams and every team got chance to get information about the products being showcased by brands one by one and also some members of each time got chance to use those products for whole day doing different set of activities. Hosts made sure that we don’t walk hungry anytime so we were provided with awesome breakfast and lunch to feed energy within ourselves.

Team Indiblogger explaining the agenda 
The Brands:

The brands who showcased there product were Samsung, Sony ,Garmin, Red Chief, Polaraid cube, Altec Lansing and Coleman. All of these brads have different set of products that one can use in outdoor activities and value to the same.

Samsung had smart watches and smart gears that can keep track of essential parameters like heart rate of body and calorie burnt while doing the activities.

Sony had Sony action camera variance for normal photoshoot,wildlife and even under-water photo shoot. Many of these were advanced version of DSLR cameras.

GARMIN showcased its smart intelligence equipment like GPS tracker and bands for fitness tracking while performing physical activities.

Checking the steps count 
Polaroid Cube showcased some of the products that add value to working of your normal cameras like printing snaps instantly during outdoor activities and HD Cameras by Polaroid Cube of 

Red Chief showcased its various range of shoes that were suitable for outdoor physical activities, for a each type of activity there was a different shoe available.

Altec Lansing had Bluetooth speakers ,in-water earphones and various types of headphones that can take care of your boredom while doing any physical activities.

Coleman showcased products that can be really useful in outdoor activities like camping. The products ranged from Tents, sleeping bags, coolers and many more that can make your outdoor life more fun and exciting.

The Activities:

There were number of activities that one could take part in and show their physical strength, activities like rock climbing ( in hot weather with rock facing the scorching Sun) , walking on  Bamboo / Burma Bridge, Russian ladder, water and land zorbing ,archery and the most exciting Paint ball. In Paint ball 8 members team fought against each other and top 3 quickest winner got some awesome goodies as prize. 

All these activities required physical as well as mental toughness and many bloggers faced those challenges and out of them few conquered too. There were different set of prizes for all activities and the best performers were rewarded by Team Indiblogger and Flipkart, awards like winner in rock-climbing, calorie burning. As Twitter has become an essential part of Social media grid, the best tweets done from the event were also rewarded.

Aiming to shoot- Paint-Ball
To conclude the post, the event was one of its kind where we got to know the brands, the fellow likeminded bloggers and got to share weekend among them. We met many bloggers for 1st time and now we are connected to each other like never before. These events are not only fun but also add value to one’s social media circle in big way.     

At the last but not least, 3 cheers for Team Indiblogger for keep rocking with such events time after time and thank you Team Flipkart for being part of such an awesome weekend. Thanks to our #IndiBus driver and thanks to Mango mist resort for hosting us so well. 

All the awesome tweets for this event can be found on Twitter

Saturday 20 February 2016

Talk to your Car with the Honda Connect App

Honda, the name that makes us think about best quality Cars all over the world has embarked into a new dimension of driving and maintaining Cars with the use of technology with the launch of its app called “Honda Connect” .Yes it is the 1st of its kind app launched by a Car manufacturer as a value added service at minimum possible price to make driving and maintaining a Car a better experience.

Katsushi Inoue, President & CEO,Honda Cars India addressing at event
On 16th January Honda invited some of us bloggers in Bangalore for an event named “Hangout with Honda” to showcase its Honda Connect app along with a live experience of usage of the app while driving around Bangalore city. Bloggers were divided into teams and were asked to perform some activities with use of Honda Connect app in Honda Cars. During the event the Head of Honda and PR team of Honda were involved with us bloggers to make this a smooth experience for us. Getting a live Demo of an app was one of its kind of strategical launch of any app in recent times.

Scenes from Honda Connect outdoor activity

The Honda Connect App :

Honda connect is an app that makes you talk with you Honda car day in day out. This comes in 2 part, 1st is Honda Connect app on your smartphone and 2nd a Honda Connect device for your Car. The user needs to add the CAR detail with all authentic information for first time in app and that is it. There are around 20 such features in app and all of those are helpful for users in its own sense. 

Some of the most eye-catching features of Honda Connect App are 

Share my Location:  With the use of this feature your loved one can easily know your location in real time anywhere anytime, doesn’t matter which part of city you are driving in . It is really helpful from security point of view.

Locate My Car : This feature is bit connected with the above feature and helps you locate your car .This really can be useful when you parked your car in any crowded parking area and have forgotten the exact location.

Trip History and Analysis : This feature of App keep history of entire trip made by you. The history contains details like over-speed, sudden hard brake, ideal time and many more parameters. This can really be helpful in analyzing the trip and make better decisions in next trip and also to make some change in your driving pattern if required.

Impact Alert : This feature of app connects Honda Car engine with the Honda Connect app on smart phone and activates emergency call to Honda service  center in case of any hard impact on Car. Impact can be from accident with other vehicles or uncontrolled jump or anything else. As soon as impacts takes place, app calls the Honda service number and then help is on the way within minutes. What more smartness one can expect from any app.

Apart from these really helpful important features there are many other features that add value to the app, like :
  • App keeps history of your car servicing both done and upcoming and reminds the user about upcoming due servicing.  User can book the service appointment with the help of app only.
  • App keeps history of Car insurance, PUC certificates so that you don’t miss renewal of any of these documents. 
The Main Menu 
  • Users can keep track of fuel usage with the use of Fuel Log book option in app.
  • Users can find the nearby petrol pumps while driving with the help of Pit-Stops option in the app. The Pit-Stops option also contains details of nearest Honda dealers and Service centers.
PIT-Stop Feature

PIT-Stop Feature 

  • Users can setup emergency SOS that can share your location to those contacts in case of any emergency.
Along with these features the Honda Connect App has some other regular features like in any other app that makes it a complete app. 

Honda Connect device is priced at 2999 Rs in India with new Honda Cars and to follow all recent updates about Honda  Connect visit .

Tuesday 19 January 2016

Hyperx Cloud Drone headset launched in India

HyperX, a division of Kingston Technology, the world leader in memory products has launched its HyperX Cloud Drone headset in India last week, at an affordable Price of INR 3,999/-. This is now the brand’s lightest offering in its Cloud range of headsets. With its 40 mm directional drivers, comfortable memory foam ear cushions and a stylish design, HyperX Cloud Drone headset offers a passionate audio experience for gamers and music freaks.

Geared towards the discerning music listeners, HyperX Cloud Drone features an over-ear design with 40 mm driver that delivers an excellent audio performance while the leatherette memory foam ear pads offer comfort for an extended use. Featuring a swivel-to-mute noise cancellation microphone, the HyperX Cloud Drone headset reduces background noise and allows a clear voice quality. It comes with braided tangle free cables that ensure durability and a hassle-free listening experience.

It is compatible with PCs, Xbox, PS4, Wii U, Mac and mobile devices. The HyperX Cloud Drone headset is backed by Two years of Warranty. The product is now available in India at select niche retail and E-commerce stores.

Headphone Specifications:
  • Type: Circumaural, Closed back
  • Input power: Rated 20mW, Maximum 100mW
  • Weight w/ mic and cable: 220g
  • Cable length and type: Headset (1m) + PC extension cable (2m)
  • Connection: Headset - 3.5mm plug (4 pole) + PC extension cable - 3.5mm stereo and mic plugs

 Microphone Specifications :
  • Element: Electret condenser microphone
  • Polar Pattern: Uni-directional, Noise-canceling
  • Operation voltage range : 1V-4.5VDC
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz–10,000 Hz

Sunday 6 December 2015

Zerch App - Connecting offline Stores with online Consumers

Mahindra Comviva, a subsidiary of IT giant Tech Mahindra and one of the market leaders in mobile solutions has launched its latest mobile application called “Zerch”. This a deal/offer finding mobile application that works not only with big brands in any city but also with middle level local merchants in that city. It is the first Hyper Local offers/deals discovery mobile platform that is available currently in Bengaluru and NCR only and the company has plans to roll it out soon in other cities in phased manner.

Home page of Zerch App

About Zerch application:

Zerch app connects local merchants in any city with the consumers in that location. This app notifies users about nearest stores based on their location and also shows all the deals currently running in those stores. Merchants with “Zerch app for Merchants” update all the deals in in their app and the same deal information gets pushed onto consumers through Zerch app. So whenever users open Zerch app, they see all the nearby stores along with all the deals currently going on in those stores. 

Categorization of stores
It contains information in different categories based on store, like Food stores, electronic stores, Garment stores and many other categories. The app contains 2 types of offer, one is general offer running in those stores and second is Zerch Exclusive offer in which user can show the Zerch coupons to get additional discount in same store. There are various level of customization options available in app to satisfy needs of different type of users smoothly.

Normal Store deals 

Zerch exclusive deals
In simple terms Zerch connects offline stores in any city with nearby online consumers. It is beneficial for both the merchants and consumers. On one side consumers can easily get all the information of their nearby stores and go to right place without wasting much time in searching the suitable store, on other side Merchants can easily attract consumers just by pushing all the deals to them through Zerch app. Mahindra Comviva did a promotional activity in Bangalore in 15 stores and they found that number of consumers visiting those stores increased by 5-10% on daily basis. With the coming time Company is looking to make app more useful for both the users and merchants and also looking to take it to Micro level merchants and make them smart stores like big retails and brand stores.

During the meet with we bloggers on Thursday, Srinivas Nidugondi , Senior VP and head of Mobile Financial solution Mahindra Comviva said “Today Consumers are digitally empowered and expect to be served at any time and place. Zerch is created to cater this need of finding the best deals anywhere anytime to improve user’s in-house shopping experience.”

More information on Mahindra Comviva can be found at and users can download this free app for android and IOS.  

Sunday 22 November 2015

The New Yahoo Mail App

Last month was Yahoo Mail’s 18th anniversary and the company has decided to celebrate the occasion by introducing a new Yahoo Mail app that is fast, intuitive and smoothly designed. Available on iOS and Android, the new app comes with a number of features, including smarter search, contacts management and enhanced compose option.

To make life easier for people who have more than 1 service providers email account (which of course many of us have), Yahoo Mail users can connect and manage their email accounts from, Hotmail and AOL Mail, right from Yahoo Mail on mobile and desktop. Once connected, users can access Yahoo Mail’s features across all their mailboxes. Now it may not be that useful for users in India as many of us only use Yahoo mail or Gmail and very few of us use AOL or Hotmail in India, but it is clearly going to be good USP for Yahoo Mail app in Europe and USA. The desktop experience is currently available for U.S. English users, and will be coming soon to users outside of the U.S.

In addition to speed, smarts and support for multiple mailboxes, the new app marks the introduction of Yahoo Account Key – a more secure and simple future alternative to the old password. This new feature simplifies the sign-in process with a secure and easy-to-use interface to access a Yahoo account with the tap of a button.

“Passwords are difficult to remember and secondary sign-in verification is inconvenient and confusing,” said Dylan Casey, vice president of product management at Yahoo. “Earlier this year we launched on-demand passwords using an SMS code. We’re now taking a major leap towards a password-free future with the launch of Yahoo Account Key, which uses push notifications to give users simple and secure access using their mobile device.”

Availability of updated App :

The ability to manage multiple mailboxes has been rolled out globally in the Yahoo Mail app. The desktop experience is available for U.S. English users today and will be coming soon to users outside of the U.S. 

The new Yahoo Mail app is available in the Apple App Store and to Android users in Google Play 

For more information visit 

Sunday 4 October 2015

Gladio - The latest Personal Security Mobile App

There has been a "never satisfactorily answered" question running from really long time on whether technology is boon or bane. People who keep asking these question really have no idea how complex today’s technology has become and keeping that in mind it has become even tougher to answer this question in today’s environment. No-one can pass the perfect judgement whether technology is boon or bane but there are some really cool stuffs being developed regularly that are helping us in big way. Such one cool product is Gladio mobile app developed by Tavant Technologies India Ltd.. 

What is Gladio App ? :

Gladio is a personal security mobile app that can be of great use for anyone who is in danger and looking for help. This app sends a customized SMS to the people whose numbers user has configured in app just at click of a “PUSH” Button. There is also an option to post a Facebook status as soon as anyone uses “PUSH” button. Yes it is as simple as that and not only this even the last location of the person who has pressed the “PUSH” button for help also gets send to the configured numbers and in Facebook Status update.

How Gladio App works ? :

This App has very simple user manual that anyone can understand within few seconds. All user need to do is install the app and setup the app for the first time. This setup includes selecting phone numbers for alert message sending, whether to enable Facebook feature or not and some other settings which are clearly mentioned in the app. If a person has android wear watch then he or she can use Gladio on that watch too.

Once you install the app, at least 1 contact number must be selected to use the app. After setting it up for the first time the app is ready to be used and at home screen of app we will see a big Red PUSH button. As soon as we press the button, count down from 5 to 1 will start giving user the time to cancel the alert sending. This timing interval has been provided to avoid any unintentional Press of PUSH button that might trigger in useless request for help and can create panic situation unnecessarily. Even if the phone is lock, pressing Lock button 8 times regularly will enable the PUSH button press and alert will be send.  

Unique Feature in Gladio :

Well, there are many other apps for almost similar purpose but Gladio has one unique feature of being a Volunteer. Once user enables “I am a Volunteer”  option in the app, that user will agree to become a Volunteer to help anyone in need in his locality. So when the next time someone in that locality needs help and uses Gladio app, the sms alert will be send the nearby user too who has agreed to become Volunteer for that locality even if the needy person doesn’t have the contact number of Volunteer users. This Volunteer feature in its concept can be really good USP for this app as this can increase the chances of a needy person getting help quickly without knowing anyone nearby to his location. 

The Gladio app is currently available for Android only and can be downloaded from Google play store 

Saturday 12 September 2015

Free group calling feature launched on hike messenger

Hike messenger, one of India's fastest growing internet companies recently announced the launch of free group calling on hike messenger that can connect up to 100 people in a call. The introduction of this feature which by the way is 1st in this industry will allow hikers to make free group calls with press of a single button once inside a group chat. All one need to do to get this feature is just upgrade to the latest version of hike 4.0.4, which is available free on the Google Play store. 

How to use Group Calling :

To use this feature, hikers need to simply tap on the Hike Call button inside the group chat and that is it. Once initiated, hike calls out to every member in the group automatically and the call starts as soon as one person gets connected keeping the process really simple and smooth.

Group Calling on hike has been launched keeping in mind the needs students and families who love to chat in groups as well as small executives teams whose job demands being in sync with their large teams while on the move.

•  Free group calls to work over 4G & Wi-Fi to begin with
•  Connects up to a 100 people in a call with the press of a single button
•  Available on Android first. iOS, Windows to follow by end of this year

During the event, Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder and CEO, hike messenger, said “Many of us at hike were quite frustrated by how hard it is to make a Group Call today. Adding someone to an already existing call is extremely tedious and even starting a conference call is quite a painful process. Today we’re going to change that with the introduction of Group Calls on Hike. Now with the tap of a single button, you can connect up to 100 people in one call. It’s that simple. One tap and hike does the rest. No more pins, no more dial in numbers and no more putting people on hold. Making a Group Call has never been this easy.”

By introducing this feature, hike messenger has also dropped the beta tag on VoIP officially rolling out the feature. Group Calling is expected to roll out on iOS, Windows later this year. The launch of this feature is part of a big marketing campaign that will reach over 200 million users across the country. The TV campaign for this feature shows three young girls who are starting up a new business, of selling their granny’s cupcakes using this hike group calls to connect with each other.

Hike with its new upgrade is now offering differentiated, first in the market features, which are data efficient, give users greater access, superior value and are easy to use. It also has a strong pipeline of new features planned for release every month & users can expect atleast one new feature every month.

Friday 21 August 2015

Airtel 4G - As fast as it can get

Airtel India, the number 1 cellular service provider in India with over 228 million subscribers has launched its 4G services all over India across all compatible devices. Airtel 4G had already been launched in some cities like Bangalore on dongles and then on smart phones but recently launched 4G services will be available pan India across all mobile devices that are compatible, Airtel is offering free 4G sim cards to people who want to experience marvelous speed of Airtel 4G.  

I have been using Airtel 4G since it was launched in Bangalore and I really loved it from that day onwards, the speed, the connectivity, the smooth transition from 4G to 3G ( where 4G network was not available earlier) is amazing. Now one can take advantage of the fastest internet speed all across India through Airtel 4G and the best internet speed is no more on menu of only few metro cities as Airtel has spread it all over India.

Now let us think what all we can do with such high speed internet. To be honest there so many things that we can do but all will be tough to pen down here. Here are some of the most important things I would love to do with such a high speed internet.

1. Now I can stream Audio songs anytime anywhere I want to listen without delay of even milliseconds.

2. Imagine you are in home and a kid in your family is crying to watch some cartoon or animal videos, earlier we had to search and buffer the video for some minutes and then only we could play it, but now with Airtel 4G it just take few seconds to make that kid happy again.

3. We can download a movie we want to watch in much lesser time than that it takes to prepare noodles (Not Maggie though :)). Earlier we had to wait for hours or sometimes whole night to download few movies, and by the time movies gets downloaded, the excitement and interest to watch that movie is gone.

4. Being in IT field, only an IT professional can know the importance of open source as well as paid software. Some software are as huge as 2-3 GB and now with Airtel 4G it is just matter of minutes to download any big size software anytime.

5. Only a game freak can feel the fun of playing new and different games after completing a game and with Airtel 4G now no need to wait for hours to download new games regularly.

6. With so many interesting, comedy and knowledgeable videos available only on Youtube, now no need to worry about wasting time in buffering these videos, with 4G now we can stream all these videos online just like we play stored videos on our system or mobiles.

7. As I am football and cricket freak, with high speed Airtel 4G connection I would feel relaxed to stream the matches live whenever I get chance in my busy schedule without wasting my time waiting for live stream to start.  

Airtel is offering its 4G services currently at 3G price and also if you want to get free 4G sim all you need to do is to just send a tweet to Airtel with hashtag #GetAirtel4G. Not only this, Airtel is giving open challenge to anyone who can show any other network that is faster than Airtel 4G, if you can show then your Airtel Mobiel bill will be waived off for lifetime.I think this is one of the most innovative way to launch and to do marketing of any service in India.

For more information on Airtel 4G visit

Thursday 6 August 2015

Launch of Airtel 4G services all over India

Airtel India, the number 1 cellular service provider in India with over 228 million subscribers today launched its 4G services all over India across all compatible devices. Airtel 4G had already been launched in some cities like Bangalore on dongles and then on smart phones but now 4G will be available across mobile devices that are compatible pan India, Airtel is offering free 4G sim cards to people who want to experience marvelous speed of Airtel 4G.  

Image Courtesy - Airtel Website 

Airtel launched its pan India 4G service along with a wonderful TV commercial. During the event CEO of Airtel announced what are different options and ways they are following to make Airtel 4G a big success over other competitor service providers who are there or will be coming in future, options like providing 4G experience to new users at cost of 3G with small data plans of 1 to 7 days. By proposing such awesome offers, Airtel is trying to break the myth that 4G services are very costly and not for common person.

I have been using Airtel 4G since it was launched in Bangalore and I really loved it from that day onwards, the speed, the connectivity ,the smooth transition from 4G to 3G ( where 4G network was not available earlier) is amazing. Now one can take advantage of the fastest internet speed all across India through Airtel 4G and the best internet speed is no more on menu of only few metro cities as Airtel has spread it all over India.

Image Courtesy - Airtel Website 

Here are some key points related to this Pan India Airtel 4G service launch:

1. Airtel has plans of giving free 4G sim cards to users who have 4G compatible devices and want to experience the fastest internet speed in India.

2. Airtel has launched 4G plans at almost same price as 3G plans to make more users experience it without feeling worried about cost.

3. Airtel has launched  “Airtel Challenge” Campaign for anyone who can show any other network faster than Airtel 4G, the lifetime Airtel mobile bill will be waived off for that person if Airtel fails in the challenge.

Going by this confidence of Airtel team and also by their reputation, it will be tough to beat this challenge in current time.I have been user of Airtel network for over almost 9 years and of their 4G service for over almost a year and never faced any issues related to service and speed.

For more information on Airtel 4G visit

Thursday 9 July 2015

UC Browser - Surf as fast as Live Cricket Score

Cricket is the game that resides in deep core heart of almost every Indian. We call it a religion and to be honest it is the most accepted religion in India. We don’t fight with each other for cricket rather we fight with outsiders as Indians. We follow Cricket madly, be it in day time or night time, be it on weekday or weekend, be it in India or outside India, be it against a minor team or against a stronger team, be it on someone’s birthday or anniversary .

From school going young kids to working adults to older generations, we all love Cricket madly and want to live every moment of a match. We want to be in touch with ball by ball updates even when we are busy in some serious activities. In modern time thanks to massive internet penetration and telecom revolution in India, we all have facility to be connected to Internet on the go. I still remember how many times I was beaten for bunking school so that I could watch match live on TV which usually happened in day time in 1991-1994 era. Things have changed now thanks to smartphones and Internet, as a working person now I am always connected to live score card through my mobile in office. While travelling or while having lunch, smartphone is my best companion during match days so that I don’t miss any important event of that match. Now I don’t need to make any excuse of attending a friend’s wedding or birthday as I am sure I won’t be missing any important action of match thanks to high speed UC browser on my phone.

I have been user of UC browser since the days slow 2G connection was only option available to us, a faster UC browser worked like a boon for those slow connections and thanks to that we were connected to cricket scores with same pace as the real match. The joy of celebrating a cricket win gets multiplied when you are in a group and it gets even better when win coincides with a good friend’s birthday or marriage. Now we no need to make any excuse to not go to office or travel for any important assignment as we have live TV in our pocket and can be connected to any match on the go as per our free time and as per our wish. This has simply made our life easy and happier as now we don’t need to disappoint or say No to anyone just because it is a match day.

Now a days we don’t need to ask for availability of TV before going for any family party or event on match days thanks to faster UC Cricket on our phones, which keeps us connected to live cricket and which surf much faster than any other browser no matter whether one is on slow internet connection or fast internet connection.

UC Cricket feature of UC browser has clearly made it a win-win situation for all cricket fans as now they can celebrate both, their love for cricket and their personal life.

For more information about features of UC browser visit  .

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Asus Zenfone 2 - The Must in Everyone's Wishlist

Smartphones are need of hour for any person now a days, but a technologically not up to date or non-performing smart phone can lead one to frustration as well as loss of money. For all such people who wish to have an awesome experience with smart phones and want their smart phone to add value in their lives, ASUS Zenfone 2 is here in the market.The tagline for this phone is “A Marvel of craftsmanship and Engineering, in the Palm of Your Hand” and features of this phone make it worth the tag line and make it must in wishlist of every smart phone lover. 

Some of the coolest and new features of this phone are enough to make us fall in love with it and will definitely change our smartphone experience. These features vary from design to processing to core features.

Zenfone2  available in different Colors (Pic Credit : Asus website)

1. Battery backup is one of the biggest complain we all usually have with our smartphones as it keeps going down after just few hours of constant use, but ASUS Zenfone 2 will solve this problem with ASUS-exclusive technology that charges your phone battery in super speed. With this technology battery gets charged by 60% in just more than 39 minutes( approx.) , so now we need to worry about low battery anymore and all we need is just few minutes to change our smartphone.

2. Looks of a smart phone is always one factor we depend on before using it. ASUS Zenfone 2 comes with incredibly-slim 3.9mm design and with 5.5 inch screen. ASUS concentric-circle design makes it really easy to hold and handle unlike many other smart phones. This phone comes in many colors to make it look beautiful from both front and rear side. This look and feel will definitely make us fall in love with the phone.

Slim look of Zenfone2 (Pic Credit : Asus website)

3. Performance is probably the most important feature for any smartphone and ASUS Zenfone 2 beats many contemporary phone in this feature. ZenFone 2 comes with a 64-bit 2.3GHz Super Quad-Core Intel Atom Z3580 processor, and this is the world’s first smartphone that comes with 4GB of dual-channel DDR3 RAM. Such features clearly boosts up the performance of phone in multiples. With  such high quality processing features of Zenfone 2 the worry of performance lagging can be forgotten.

4Camera quality also has become an inseparable feature of all smartphones and ASUS Zenfone 2 has taken a new high in this feature. ZenFone 2 has 13MP PixelMaster camera and with its f/2.0-aperture lens, it captures stunning, high-resolution photos with zero shutter-lag. It captures more than 400% brighter pictures in dark without need of any flash. It also has 5MP front camera for good video calling support .With such camera quality we can capture any moment at any time at any place without getting worried about quality of the pictures.

5. The ease of using the phone’s features can make or break value of any phone and to make user experience better and comfortable; ASUS Zenfone 2 has come with the brand-new ZenUI with exquisite visual design. It has variety of features including ZenMotion, SnapView, and Trend Micro Security. These feature enhance usability, security, privacy, of the phone and makes us more comfortable and relaxed while using phone.  

ASUS Zenfone2 has number of enhanced and unique features which are mentioned above that makes it worth trying and the experience of using it will give new dimension to how one sees a smartphone for daily routine life. This phone must be in your hands before it goes out of stock.

Wednesday 13 May 2015

My Airtel App

Before starting to write this post for Airtel’s new mobile app and how it aligns with my daily requirements, I must say Airtel’s new ad related to this app launch is one of the nicest ad I have seen for any app launch. Airtel, the number one service provider in India in terms of user base and also in quality of service has come with a new app for smart phones through which one can do anything related with his/her account that includes recharging prepaid mobiles, paying postpaid bills, paying DTH bills getting internet data packs, raising queries, contacting support team and many more. This My Airtel app is available for all platforms.

The first most important feature for me is “I want to“ feature of it. We all use our smartphones almost all the time when we are not sleeping. We don’t know when and how many time we need to recharge our prepaid phones, many times we need to check our data usage status and balance and based on that we might need to buy additional value added packs. For all these things My Airtel app has come with wonderful “I want to” feature where we can add all these options at one home screen and select any of these based on our needs pretty quickly rather than searching for these often used options every time. Not only this we can favorite our last action and can repeat it simply at one go rather than following the entire process again and again. This is one of the most user friendly feature any user can ask for and My Airtel App has nailed it to make it must have app on smart phones.

The second feature of this app that I liked is to have a common place to manage all value added services and awesome notification services pertaining to different settings and needs set by user. You will get notified for low talk time balance, low data balance, for your bill due dates and notifications related to other value added services and all these can be customized by the user. We are so busy with our personal and professional lives that it is guaranteed to miss bill payment due dates and to keep checking data usage and all, so this app is going to help us in big way to take control over all these things.

The third and most liked feature of this new app as per me is daily “Airtel surprises “that we get in morning just by shaking phone. We all love surprise and we all love gifts or some free stuffs and how good it is that we can get all this just by shaking the phones once. These coupons vary from different zones like food, shopping, entertainment, lifestyle and many others. Once we get the coupon, it can be redeemed anytime and can be enjoyed with so many available options.

To summarize my post, I really loved this new My Airtel app and being a loyal Airtel user for years it is really refreshing to have such an app that can manage all my requirements related to Airtel services.