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Saturday 19 August 2023

Do Food influecners really Add Value to the Business ?

Food influencers can indeed add value to a business in the food industry. Here are some reasons why:

1. Increased visibility and reach: Food influencers typically have a large following and dedicated fan base. When they promote a particular restaurant, food product, or food service, they can significantly increase its visibility and reach to a wider audience.

2. Authentic and trusted recommendations: Food influencers often build their reputation on sharing authentic experiences and genuine recommendations. Their followers trust their opinions and are more likely to try out a product or visit a restaurant that is endorsed by their favorite influencer.

3. Social proof and credibility: When a well-known food influencer endorses a business, it provides social proof and enhances the credibility of the brand. This can be especially helpful for new or lesser-known establishments trying to establish themselves in the market.

4. Content creation and storytelling: Food influencers are skilled at creating appealing and engaging content, such as mouth-watering photos and videos, recipe ideas, or restaurant reviews. This content can be shared across various platforms, generating user-generated content and attracting potential customers to the business.

5. Collaborations and partnerships: By working with food influencers, businesses can tap into their creativity and collaborate on unique marketing campaigns or events. This can help to create buzz and excitement around a product, leading to increased brand awareness and sales.

However, it is important for businesses to choose the right food influencers who align with their brand values and target audience. Additionally, the impact and value of food influencers can vary depending on the specific circumstances and goals of the business.

Monday 20 February 2023

A Visit to Stories Brewery

One of the coolest ambience places to dine in any day. It is huge, full with Greenery with a lot of private spaces as well. Service is top class and quick.

Absolutely loved the Triple Wit and Mango Cider in-house beer. Mango cider can be a great choice for people who want a little sweet flavour in a beer. Tripel Witbier had everything a Belgian Witbier does, like smoothness but was more on alcohol quotient.

In starters, Banarasi Tomato chaat and Cheese Chestnut momos were an absolute delight. The chaat had every ingredient up to the perfection one can get in North Indian style chaat in Bangalore. Momos were simple in stuffing but really delicious.

Tried mushroom Bao and Paneer chili Bao, both had different tastes and ways of serving. Paneer Chili open Bao has to be pick out of 2, just for more delicious paneer dominating stuffing.

Desserts here are the USP and i loved all of the choices. Gooey brownie,TRESLECHES and Nutella baklava, everything had different & Delicious flavor for all kinds of sweet tooth cravings.

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Saturday 31 August 2019

Forty Six Ounce - A Perfect combination of Delicious food and Amazing Ambiance

There are some places one would want to visit many times, not just for food but also for the soothing ambience and now this place is one such for me, located in Electronic City, it was worth traveling 15 KMS to have lunch here. Ambience is of a garden having ponds, small fall and lots of greenery with spacious seating arrangements.

As it is a brewery, tried the home brewed beers and absolutely loved the KOLSCH beer which was really smooth in taste. It didn’t have sourness of a typical beer but had same effect. The other beer was HEFEWEIZEN which again was very good, bit more intense than KOLSCH and having bit more alcohol quotient. 

In starter, the nachos with Salsa was amazing to go with Beer, as always 😊 It had Crunchy chips, super tasty salsa and cheese dip. The Dahi Ke Kebab is a must try starter here which had such a fulfilling stuffing. Every ingredient was mashed up so perfectly that every bite was a treat to my palate. Mushroom & cheese duplex did not only look great but was also tasted delicious which was really juicy and bit sweeter side in taste. Veg platter was also decent, especially the Broccoli. 


In main course, Veg Pizza was ok in taste. It was thin crust with decent simple stuffing. I really loved the Dal Makhai which was at par with any of the best Punjabi style food restaurants. It tasted even better with assorted Rotis which were baked almost perfectly. Mix veg curry with subz pulao was super yum to make a perfect end to main course treat at this place. 

In dessert we tried uniquely name Pizookies which had baked chocolate cookies with Icecream, mixed in chocolate sauce. T whole combination was really decent with flavor of each ingredient being really palpable and enriching for my taste bud, a perfect way to end this amazing lunch experience at this uber cool place. 

Thursday 2 May 2019

An intentional visit to "By Chance" : Brigade Road

Bangalore has no dearth of options when it comes to restaurants and pubs in various parts of city, but some areas are hub of restaurants and pubs and Brigade Road in one such place. I visited “By Chance” pub over the weekend for some food and alcohol and this place has really cool ambience to make it stand out of other places around.

The outdoor ambience is full of greenery which makes sitting outside a surreal experience in evening. When it comes to variety of food and drinks options, it has something for everyone. This place serves Continental, Chinese, Indian food/starters along with fast-food like Burgers and Pizzas. In alcohol they serve various cocktails and Beers along with hard liquor.

In starters I tried Veg Cheese Nachos, Paneer Chilly, Veg Hara Bhara Kawab and French fries. Nachos was decent in taste with proper and limited use of cheese and nicely made salsa. Paneer Chilly was totally as per expectation with use of fresh crispy paneer balanced rightly in spiciness. It didn’t have much of extra veggies like Capsicum making it good experience to have. Hara Bhara Kawab was prepared nicely and tasted bit different with mint chutney, it had scrumptious filling making it a hunger satiating dish. French-fries was really good and had less salt and spiciness unlike in many other places.    

I also laid my hands on Spinach & Mushroom Sandwich and Veg Farmhouse Pizza. I really liked the sandwich and it was one of the best I have had in recent times in Bangalore. Cheese, Veggies, Onion, everything mixed perfectly and bread was soft enough making it a great combination. Pizza was good in taste, big enough in size but bit disappointing for me as I’m not big lover of Jalapeno 😊  In sweet they serve some amazing north Indian style Gajar Ka halwa and it is must have dessert here.

In Alcohol, I tried Watermelon Martini Cocktail which was prepared decently with Vodka and fresh watermelon. I could feel proper flavor of watermelon along with sourness of Vodka. I also tried Cucumber cooler cocktail which was made with Vodka and cucumber juice. It was ok in taste but use of pepper or some ingredient like that made it bit uneasy to drink.

Overall this place has great ambience when one sits outside in evening. When it comes to cost of food and alcohol it is very reasonable as compare to pubs in same area. Service staff here is mostly decent and “Always happy to serve” type. They also have Web-App when using the inhouse wifi, which can be used to see live menu and order food without waiting to be attended by service person.  

By Chance Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Monday 25 February 2019

Skoolroom - A nostalgic place for food

The nostalgic feeling of childhood is guaranteed when you visit this place for dining. The interiors and table setup everything will make you feel like classroom :) Then you get served Ice Lolly on the table before your food just to take you back to your childhood. 

Started the dinner with trying some fully loaded Veg Nachos which was really good in taste decorated nicely with salsa and cheese. I have been eating nachos at many places and i can put it in top 3 place so far:). Tasted RCP Veg which had mix of veggies like Paneer, Baby-corn, Mushroom prepared in Manchurian style and each veggie tasted so authentic. They serve some really juicy Veg burger prepared with really soft buns and lots of cheese, good enough to satiate anyone's hunger :). 

Veg Basket is one good dish to try here which is mix of different veggies like corn, tomato salsa filled in a PaniPuri like basket and tastes awesomely when eating in one go. Pizza here is thin crust with 4-5 different varieties in Veg and Non-Veg and tastes decent. Accompanied the dinner with Watermelon Mojito which was just too good in taste, smell and serving. 

In desert we had Monster Freak Shake which does live up to its name. It had mix of Milkshake. Ice-cream, Donuts, Gems, Snickers and Cake in enough quantity to satisfy group of 3-4 people. The Milkshake was the yummiest and mix of cake and ice-cream gave perfect finish to an amazing dinner. 

The staff there is really courteous and ambiance is peaceful to have some good food :)

Tuesday 15 January 2019

Lunch at Zamindars Biryani Durbar

Visited this place for Weekend lunch with group and tried various starters and then the Biryani in main course. 

Starters had Paneer Chilly which was really tasty and properly balanced in spiciness. Paneer was authentically soft making it a treat to start the lunch with. Then had Gobi Manchurian and despite being Andhra cuisine restaurant, it was prepared in typical Chinese style with fresh crispy Gobhi with tinge of sweetness. Last thing in starter was Crispy Chilli veg which was like mixed of various veggies mixed with Besan, fried and served hot. I really liked the Crispiness of this dish giving feel of local Indian food. Starters was accompanied by Lime Soda which was prepared decently with proper mix of sweet & Salt. 

In Main course Biryani is specialty here (of-course, as the name goes by), so we tried Veg Biryani and Ulavacharu Biryani . Veg Biryani was like authentic desi Biryani prepared with lots of Veggies and long soft grain rice. Ulavacharu Biryani was something that i had for first time and it had more chilliness with bit more use of spices, like a typical Andhra food. If you love eating spicy stuff then do try it otherwise go for normal Veg Biryani. 

Tried Pot lassi aka Matka Lassi at the end and it had the authentic North Indian feeling of Lassi mixed with dry fruits. Gulab Jamun is desert of all season across India, so ended the feast with it making it a nice foodie experience.  

Ambiance was really good with really hospitable service staff making it a good place to dine in.

Wednesday 15 January 2014

Foodie Afternoon at Mast Kalandar

Last Saturday we were invited for a food experience at Mast Kalandar outlet near NGV Koramangala to celebrate its 50th Store opening in Bangalore .For those who don’t know Mast Kalandar ,it is chain of North Indian Veg restaurants in Bangalore and some other cities . As they have just opened 50th store in Bangalore shows that their food has been widely loved by people of Bangalore, one can compromise with anything but not taste of food especially when you have to pay for it. J

So it was a lunch on card for us at Mast Kalandar. As it was for food review and to celebrate, we were offered almost all famous items Mast Kalandar serves to its customers. It started with beverages like Lassi,Chach and Mango Lassi. I liked chach quite much as it tasted like a Chach with real Masala . Then we got chance to taste Dahi Poori and Chole Samosa. As I am fan of Samosa since birth and I know how to Judge samosa, I will give 5/5 to Chole samosa I had there .In Bangalore it’s tough to find real North Indian taste of Samosa and Northies in Bangalore know it.  After this it was time for Lunch and this Lunch was something different where we got chance to taste almost 7 different Veg Curries and with Fulkas and all. It is the curry that determines how good food is in any restaurants as Breads are almost common everywhere. Curries had Rajma Masala, Daal Makhani, Aalu Dhaniya, Kadhai Paneer, Kadhi, Dal Tadka and Punjabi Paneer. I tasted everything and I tasted in good quantity  J . My Pick for curry will be Rajma Masala, Punjabi Paneer , Dal Tadka and Kadhi . I liked others too but may be it depends on taste you like most..

Ok so let’s go on Priority wise in liking. 1st will be Punjabi Paneer. Its curry was damn tasty and it looked less oily too.2nd will be Kadhi. It is one of my favourite when I am at home and believe me it tasted like home-made kadhi only. Everything from salt to Sourness was so balanced in it.3rd will be Rajma Masala that tasted like how a food loving Punjabi prepares it anywhere in India. And 4th will be Dal Tadka. Dal-Rice is to north Indians is like what Sambhar rice to south Indians i.e attached to soul and it was simple yet yummy in Taste. Then I had Mango Lassi but this is only 1 think I disliked there. Mango flavour was missing too much. I think may be because it’s not the Mango season at all. Finally the desert and as expected it was Gulab Jamun there and it was hot. When you eat food end matters the most and Gulab Jamun did the same thing. It was awesomely tasty. As we were their guest for lunch they had for us a small pack of Imali ka Ladoo and it completed lunch. As a suggestion I think they should give one Imali ladoo piece with every lunch/dinner to everyone who comes to eat there :)

So finally I just want to say it was good hosting by the guys there and its Paisa vasool for Northies in Bangalore or anyone who likes North Indian food to go to Mast Kaladar and try out once.  It was super experience for me. Eating good food is ok but eating good food in company of good people is the best and I had that moment there.