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Sunday 6 October 2019

To All Who......

To all hurling the hurtful accusations,

To all provoking the conspired situation,

To all passing judgments without consultation,

To all having fun on someone’s grim state of affairs,

To all keeping silent even knowing this is not fair,

To all following the herd by just being a naysayer,

To all who turned away without listening a thing,

To all who could have done much but did nothing,

To all who just had myopic view of everything,

I am here, still standing, with a temporarily broken but strong spirit.
I am here, still wandering, with a temporarily clueless but positive intuition.
I am here, still running, with a temporarily shortened but meaningful strides.

Sunday 15 September 2019

Fight until you perish

There are moments you realize that things are not going to get any better no matter how much you try.  The inner volcano that you are pretending to be momentary is going to stay there forever, hurting and burning you every single moment. The courage and bold face have its own limitations when you are fighting it alone. No matter how much you try to divert your mind, some way or the other you will go back in to same black hole where there seems to be no light at the end of tunnel.

There will be times you will think you have got the hold of all the troubling things and you are going to get over all those one by one, and the next moment you are hit with shit reality of your life and you are back to square one. It is a scary feeling to have every day, it is scarier than getting lost in Amazon Jungle.

No one is trained to handle this internalized annihilation of oneself. It looks so smooth from outside that not even your closed ones can realize it. The unanswered questions inside you force you to think how clueless you are about everything. The fight seems to be never ending, the hope seems to be fading and yet you try to hang on, for few people who want to see you around, who want to see you happy.

Every morning you get up with hopes of making things better and at the end you disappoint no one but yourself. This fight has no strategy, no villain, no hero, no script, all it has is you and your troubling thoughts, of present, of future.

Fight till the end, fight until you perish.

Thursday 16 May 2019

It’s only words that all I have

Words can’t do justice to high octane impulses running inside me, it seems like even words are hell-bent to betray me. I am still not able to come in terms with “enough is enough”. Where did it all go wrong or maybe it was never right at first place, everything was just an illusion, a web of fantastic imaginations inside my mind.

I have tried everything under the sun to mend this unluckily broken piece of “Knowing each other well”, from being apologetic every time something went wrong even if solely not because of me, to making myself available when I could have made things easier. I have been submissive, taken all insults like it was meant to be good for me in hindsight and no it is not called self-pity, it is called valuing the comradery over personal feelings. I have backed out when I thought that was the best way possible, forced myself to silence when I didn’t want to deteriorate things any further.    

I am running out of excuses to make myself believe that things can still be done to make everything better, even if just not as good as earlier. I never expected too much, never had any hidden motto. Everything was just as casual as it should have been, wonder what made it to be perceived so differently.

It’s not what happened that puzzles me, it’s why it happened that makes me anxious. I wish I knew when it all started to go wrong, I would have done everything to bring it on track but maybe it is too late now. I have mere words to try to put forward things going inside me, I wish I could project everything going inside me on a paper, all the guilt, the deceptions, the helplessness, the affection and honest respect that can never be erased.

The worst distance between 2 people is misunderstanding and there is no unit to measure it than just to realize it. Still hopeful, still mindful!! 

Friday 29 March 2019

It wasn’t to be

I would have done wonders, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have made both of us better, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have made life larger than ever, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have celebrated every event smaller or bigger, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have made life of people around us better, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have ridden over all my worries, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have traversed treacherous rewarding path with ease, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would have done justice to my soul, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

I would not have smiled fake at people, only if I had your company, but it’s ok,

it wasn’t to be.

Hope one day there will be in instant glitter in your eyes seeing me, till that day I have to be ok with

it wasn’t to be.

Monday 4 February 2019

Just Be your Damn self

Look at that guy, what a showoff… Look at her, so much ego.. Look at that guy, what a dull face always, look at her, what over excitement. Comments like these have become so generic these days that we have assimilated it as routine but the more we think about it with open mind, the clearer we get in our thoughts that these are so bad. Judging someone from your own perspective and calling all names can be brutal to the person in context sometimes, leading to hazardous reactions.

Looking at this there can be two things one can do, either take these jibes seriously and crib and fight or just be yourself, the way you are. Later seems so legit, no? You very well know what is good for you, what will make you grow, make you happy in life and what will hinder your happiness. So why to depend on someone’s frivolous comment to traverse your path.

JUST BE YOUR DAMN SELF! Cry, Laugh, Smile, Be Dull, Be Joyous, Be Quiet, Be Loud, Be Alone, Be in Group. Wear the fanciest looking dress you want or be in the rough look you are comfortable with. Buy the stuffs you can afford with stretch or buy local stuffs. Dance like no one is watching, eat as if there is going to be starvation from tomorrow. Travel to lovely places you want to as if Aliens are going to destroy those sooner than later. Don’t go behind people who don’t understand you, go with your own self who knows you better than anyone else. Go out or be in home, without being afraid for being judged as boring.

Remember only one thing that “You are not answerable to anyone’s perception about you”, you are only answerable to yourself. So, if you fail or feel bad it is you who is responsible for it and no one else. If you attain success and happiness, it is you who should get credit.


Monday 7 January 2019


It sucks to behave normal when you are not.

It sucks to look happy when you are not.

It sucks to smile seeing people when deep inside you are dull and dejected.

It sucks not being able to talk to someone you are desperate to.

It sucks not liking that food anymore that you would have sacrificed anything for.

It sucks to be called fake when you just had goodwill’s in mind.

It sucks to be called names when you hardly behaved indecently.

It sucks to be lied to when you had open up completely.

It sucks to be called clingy when you just wanted to try everything to compromise.

It sucks to lose something you had assumed as everlasting.

It sucks to be alone in a herd.

It sucks to be perceived as someone you are totally not.

It sucks to feel like quitting when you have just started.

It sucks to betray your own self with something that is contrary to the reality.

Tuesday 11 December 2018

The magic of Sree Kanteerava Stadium on match day

For last 4-5 years, every time I have entered in Sree Kanteerava stadium on match day, I have forgotten all my problems, no matter how big or small, personal or professional, due to my own mistakes or being done by someone outside. There is some magic there in crowd that is dressed mostly in blue. There are happy faces all around, seeing them one can’t guess how tough their day must have been.

There is 6:30 PM on clock and one is there at BookMyShow counter to redeem the online ticket. The excitement to sing “Oh When the blues go marching in” has already taken over our conscious mind. As one walks in towards Westblock Entry gate, one sees just happy faces around, saying Hi, sharing smiles, shaking hands and hugging each other, many of whom don’t even know each other’s real name and know just by face or virtual name. Group of fans start singing and chanting, rest join in, some more are called in to join and in few minutes there are 100s of us individuals chanting and singing in chorus while some with powerful vocal cords lead the chants. For outsiders or first-time visitors this is fascinating, they watch all this with big smile on their face, some recording with their mobile camera.

There are BFC’s official camera’s and ISL’s camera trying to catch all this as it unfolds, but no one gives a damn about cameras. Everyone is happy in their own; singing, chanting and jumping around. As clock ticks and it’s around 30 mins to kick off, all the singing crowd is inside the stadium. Few start to scream players names as they see them train on ground from stands and players acknowledge with a wave or clap. The teams are getting announced and BFC’s ritual of Emcee calling out first name of players and fans shouting out the last name in unison is followed. There are positive vibes all over in stands and buzz created by regular West Block Blues is attracting eyeballs from first timers who mostly prefer to sit in corners or down the rows. Meanwhile Emcee tries to do his job of making BFC chants resonate across the stadium. Crowd getting attention of TV Cameras is getting crazy each time they see themselves on giant screen placed opposite to West Block stand diagonally.

Substitutes and support staff walk in at far side with a gradually increasing applause from crowd which gets culminated with “Carles Cuadrat” chants and his reciprocation to fans with folded hands and fist pumping. The mood is starting to get set for noisy, exciting and passionate next 90 odd minutes, both on the ground and in the stands. Teams walk in with ISL theme song being played loud on DJ and West Block blues tries to nullify that with “Oh when the blues goes marching in” chants in unison while hoisting the BFC scarves over their head to make team feel absolute presence of its faithful blues. Few unique banners are unfurled in stands with special message for the team to see. Things go to silence for few seconds as soon as National anthem is played which is sung passionately across the stadium. That’s it !!! The real action starts and so does numerous chants of WestBlock Blues, from chants for club to chants for almost every individual player one by one.

Every forward pass is cheered, every close tackle is cheered, every save by our Goal Keeper is cheered, every cross in the opposition box is cheered even louder. The intensity on the ground is matched up with intensity in stands and vice-versa. Occasional tactical guidance gets passed on from stands to the players that even support staff can hear. A goal scored by our team is cheered louder than Kohli or ABD hitting six for RCB, there is singing, there is dancing and there is absolute madness in stands where strangers hold each other’s shoulders to jump and sing in chorus. A Goal scored by visiting team is countered with BFC.. BFC and Come on BFC chants preceded with a silence of not even few seconds. Energy in stands picks up during dying hours of game just to culminate with final whistle blown by referee. Viking clap synchronized between team and Westblock Stand, Daniel Bryan’s signature move of “YES YES” and dance on Santhoshakke in stands is how the win is celebrated every match day. A loss is taken in strides with motivating cheer for team that did try its best for win.

25-30 mins after the match, everything is calm again. Few abrupt chants here and there by late goers, few banters while climbing down stairs of West Block stand, few good-bye hugs exchanged. At the end we are back to square one with wait for next chance to relive the same itinerary in Kaanterava stadium, in our little heaven called "West Block Stand".

Monday 15 October 2018

This too shall pass

I am not going to forget this day in many years to come. I have cried and cried numerous times in 12 hours, cried like a hopeless person from whom happiness has been robbed. I hate to admit how shit emotionally weak person I have become gradually. This is not me and this is not how I ever lived my life. I am extremely ashamed of things I have done recently without thinking about repercussions. I am even more ashamed of my overthinking attitude and taking things for granted by just looking at everything from my perspective.

As I write this, I have understood the irritation I caused to few people online and offline, just by expecting them to reciprocate what I feel for them. This is not how strong people behave and being highly sentimental person has no place in modern fast life, either you change or perish. I am the only person responsible for me going through this shit phase and I will only have to change it. I need to fake being strong unless I become one. I need to fake everything as alright till the time it becomes alright.

I have no hope of turning the clock back to make everything as fun as it was. I don’t have that much energy to burn to even try that for even once. I will try hard to make things normal within myself and that will be my biggest achievement in short term. It is tough to change things consciously, which used to happen unconsciously.

Feeling like an emotional fool, I think I suck at even expressing things in writing but nonetheless, I think I have done good job above 😊. Yes, this smiley is fake but sometimes it’s better not to reveal everything. The fight of thoughts is on and I am ready to take the next blow but this time with stronger heart.

To be continued as long as fight is on …

Tuesday 2 October 2018


No, it is not cool to look dull, dejected and depressed most of the time. Do you think anyone would do it purposely just for sake of some eyeballs or empathy? There are thousands of thoughts and impulses running through a human mind every minute, can you read all those and say it’s all fake? Looking at such people only from your perspective and deriving conclusion can do more damage than the damage not bothering about the person at all will do.

Everyone has different ability to understand and deal with situations they are in. Even if two situations are exactly same for two people, their capability of tackling that can be contrastingly different in which one may succeed and other may fail. This doesn’t mean that other person who failed is sick, it only means that other person is weak and needs more support. Most of the time people learn while going through some tough situations and if they get support of someone who understands them, they feel more confident. In most of the cases dejection and anxiety arises by just not being able to share thoughts with someone he or she can trust without being judged or made fun of. Number of people who feel anxiety or depression because of not having materialistic stuffs like money must be very less. In most cases it is just the feeling of not being able to put forward their inner troubling thoughts either due to bad experience in past or they just don’t know how to put it in words.

There are many studies that have same common understanding about this mental health issue, which is not having a person who is trustworthy and is ready to listen. Though medical science is doing its job to make things easy for people suffering from hyper anxiety, it is up to real people and conversation to make things normal without swallowing tablets. As they say, Medical treatment should be last resort to any suffering condition.

Do help people around who approach you, do listen to them. Few minutes of your time can make that person’s days and weeks. If you don’t want to do it, do tell frankly rather than keeping it lingering where it gets irritating for both person. Someone has said that best way to feel better is by helping someone to uplift themselves. Helping people who are dejected just by giving them some of your time can make both people feel better.

This all sounds good but not everything is as smooth as one wants it to be. You always won’t get what you wish for, be it materialistic or emotional support. You won’t find the person who could listen to you. In such cases be prepared to fight alone the battle of thoughts, learn to divert mind, learn to love yourself. People will ignore you, they will bully and insult you, most of the times to satisfy their own ego. Just learn to get on with it as there is no alternative way. Distance yourself from people who make you uncomfortable and feel unwanted despite you being always there for them. If required, distance yourself from everyone for some time, being near to them isn't helping you any way. It is going to be really tough but no matter what, you have to get over such frivolous once sided affections. If someone has been really good to you in past and are not good now, it's not your fault if you have done nothing wrong, so stop taking blame for it on yourself and feel pity... Just move on. 

Make some commitments to yourself and try hard to reach those, it makes one feel good about oneself. There are lots and lots of amazing content over internet that can help you get out of this situation. Remember that only constant thing in life is change. Believe that tides will turn sooner or later, you just need to balance yourself during turbulent waves.

Have Completeness within yourself, lean inwards and not outwards for happiness. Remember that there is no better feeling than fighting and eventually winning a battle in which you were alone.

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Going down the Memory lane - The Trip It was

Writing about past holiday or vacation trips is so nostalgic, no?  Especially when you have had some of the best moments of your life in that trip and for me it was no different. Now Before i start sharing about that one trip and get into nostalgia let me point out that there are many aspects one has to keep in mind and one of the most important is “less budget” when it comes to going on a trip in college time. I had one such trip during last days of my college life and just before our final exams ( yes you read it right :) )

Let me share it from beginning on how it was planned to how it panned out. It was in April of 2009, our last year in college in Lucknow when we 9 friends planned for a trip before exam and before we get separated. We planned for short 2 days trip to Uttrakhand which was about 400 KMs from Lucknow. We had planned to view Purnagiri temple and some other hill areas nearby and while returning to Lucknow we had planned to see nearby places if time permitted. We hired an Inova car that was good enough for 9 of us and started the journey from Lucknow taking all friends on-board one by one. As few of us were not staying with family, rest of the friends brought some food that would be used if needed and with playing some religious songs in car we started the journey in dark summer night of April.

We started the journey from within the city at around 10 PM and after 1 hour we were on highway but just to meet some massive traffic jam because of heavy trucks. In hot summer it was getting intolerable to sit in car just to see it crawling but as it was our first and may be last trip we didn’t feel much bothered. As few of our friends were smokers, very soon we halted for some tea and smoke to relieve ourselves. After few kilometers the highway was clear and the cool wind kissing our face made us immensely comfortable. Travelling in dark in night with moon on top and cool wind blowing was one hell of a bliss feeling.

We reached to base of Purnagiri Hill next day morning and fell in aww of the scenes around that was full of greenery, clean fountain water and sky without sunshine. The April season was not the best season to go there as it does rain many times because of it being hill area and it was no surprise for us.  We decided to go to other side of base of hill with Car and driving slowly over slops and overflowing water we reached that side. It was around 10 AM and after breakfast we decided to go up for temple visit, the main place for our trip. It was about 10 KMs round ways full of stones and full of water over flowing from small fountains. We made it to top with more than 10 stoppages and got spent good time there as crowd was less. We spent around 6-7 hours there relaxing and viewing the scenery and trust be it was nothing less than feeling of bliss.

We decided to leave from there in night time only so that we can beat morning traffic and see some other places. As we were still on top of hill we started to come down in evening around 7 PM in dark with help of torch lights and sticks.I can still not forget the horror and feeling adrenaline rush of those 4-5 hrs. We managed to come down safely and after some rest and food left from the place.We were on highway back again but just to see our trouble time getting started with Car. Tyre got flat more than 6 times and with no service around we had to mange it somehow which consumed all of our time. Each time tyre got flat, one person had to go with Driver to make it repair while rest of us lied on roads or went into near by farm land and villages.It made the trip bit awkward but as friends were around it turned out to be more fun. In night time we reached our home full tired and busted into bed within no time. 

I am planning one more trip to same place with new/old friends just to relive memory of those days, this time probably with Domestic Airlines  as I am staying in Bangalore and distance is too much to travel by train.  

Monday 30 November 2015

BBMP to Monetize Potholes in Bangalore

After Seeing different variety and sizes of potholes on Bangalore roads, potholes varying from 1x1 square feet to 4x4 square feet, potholes with zero shape to square shape to some even snake shape and being unable to maintain roads well,  BBMP (Bangalore municipal corporation) has come with a master pan of monetizing these potholes.

After getting hint about this story from sources, I contacted a senior BBMP officer and he agreed to share the secret master plan after assurance of his confidentiality. Here is the conversation with him.  

Sir, is it true that BBMP has made a master plan to make money from potholes?

See, we have given our 100% to maintain roads in Bengaluru City, we have worked day and night too, but due to excess rains and some environmental factors beneath the earth potholes keep popping up. We were feeling helpless but suddenly an officer proposed that why shouldn’t we make use of these potholes to generate revenue? He proposed that we should monetize potholes to increase our revenue so that we can serve this city even better.

So what is BBMP’s plan to monetize these potholes?

We are planning to auction these potholes as “Space for Ads”, brands can put small ad hoardings at those potholes. The price range will vary depending on the 1) Locality, 2) Traffic on that road and 3) Index of twitter outrage, more the outrage about a pothole and its locality more the ad price.

Do you think BBMP can do it on its own or it will be on PPP model?

Actually we are looking for startups that can take up this work. We are willing to share good part of profit with them and we have assured them that this contract will be for life time as potholes are never going to go off the roads.

What about the daily commuter who gets injured due to these potholes?

Well, we request them to be careful while driving, after all it’s their life. We have requested the RTO department to make driving test tougher and include “Pothole-friendly driving” test before giving driving license. Also we will make sure that we put light reflective ad hoardings to help commuter in night time.

Disclaimer : This story is totally baseless and has no relation with any living human or creature or pothole. As our politicians do always say after any wrong thing happens “I CONDEMN THIS” :)  

Sunday 18 October 2015

Words are not important when it comes to Folk Songs

Understanding all Words is not at all important when you can feel the soul of a song and can attach yourself with the singer.Indian folk songs go much beyond the contemporary movie songs in this case and these 2 songs prove this once again.

1. Kenchi :  It is a pahari folk love song. It is based on a true love story of a pahari girl with "Munshi" of a forest contractor and their separation story. Some parts from this song have also been used as Incredible Jammu & Kashmir ad.

2. Mai ni meriye : Mohit Chauhan can make you fall in love over and over again with his voice. This is again a folk love Song from his album Fitoor. It is a song from Himanchal Pradesh his home state.

Thursday 16 April 2015

Incredible India full ad

If you have have been following Incredible India short ads, you will love this long ad. It is so mesmerizing and soothing and will make you fall in love more and more with the Jammu, Kahsmir and Ladakh. 

Friday 27 March 2015

Times Now - The Shit Nation Doesn't Want to Listen

Before starting to write the post, let me thank millions of Indian cricket fans who stood behind team India after the loss when some attention and TRP mongers started to defame and question the integrity and commitment of each one our players. Yes as expected it was the “So Called “ No. 1 English news Channel, the savior of humanity, The Truth digger, the Messiah of Common man, the Times Now which is run, directed and yes scripted by Arnab Goswami. Arnab, the Yug Purush, the great screamer with the enough decibel levels that his voice can be heard even on the moon.

It all started after India’s 95 runs loss in the World Cup Semi Final yesterday, within 5 mins of end of the match, TimesNow started their debate with Anand and Tina as hosts ( yes go and fuking find out who they are) with panelists Zaheer Khan, Atul Vasan, Charu Sharma and 2 others. The tone, the questions and the comments hosts were putting seemed like they owned team India. As usual they started promoting their twitter trend #ShamedInSydney expecting that hurt fans will come and abuse Team India,but it went totally opposite.  Fans started to question the way Timesnow was asking questions, they raised objections to host’s doubting the integrity and commitment of Dhoni and other players. Hosts even tried to drag CSK IPL match fixing issue and attaching that with Dhoni, questioning Anushka Sharma’s presence in Sydney.

Hosts started to compare Teary AB Devilieres with smiling Dhoni after the loss, calling him shameless, forgetting the fact that South Africans came so close to win the match and anyone will behave in same way when they lose that type of a close match. As per them, Dhoni and Company should apologize to fans, which by their ignorance Dhoni did in fact in the post-match talk but may be they wanted Dhoni to kneel down and ask for forgiveness for just losing a match. Kudos to Zaheer, Atul, and Charu who stood behind team India fighting point on point with loser Hosts and making some sense in anyway one directional debate. The Crickets fans didn’t like such comments and within 10-15 mins , instead of #ShamedInSydney, #ShameOnTimesNow started trending in India and World Wide. Fans started using curse words and facts questioning timesnow’s show. 

Facts like Dhoni has won almost all ODI championship any team can ,from World Cup to Asia Cup to Champions trophy and the T-20 World Cup, he is the highest match winning captain of India in ODIs. For ardent Indian cricket fans it was emotional to read such supportive tweets and messages even after such a loss. Yes we bunked office for it, yes we are really hurt, Yes team made some mistakes , but real fans are not going to get personal and abuse players and question their integrity. This is the same team that won 7/7 matches in this World Cup dominating the opposition, and it was just 1 bad day in office for them. Here are some of tweets and pics posted over social media that made #ShameonTimesNow phenomena within hours.

Sunday 8 March 2015

TECHNOLOGY in Cricket – A boon or a bane?

There is no doubt that technology has evolved rapidly in Cricket in last 6-7 years with Hawk Eye, snickometer, Hot-Spot and all, but it is really complex to pass a judgment on whether it has been Boon or Bane for fairness of the game. It is impossible to answer it in black and white, I will say it is a Bane when we make technology a part of decision making in a match but it is really helpful for Cricket analysts and viewers. Let me put forward some points to support my argument.

Yes, technology has given so much to cricket analysts and to some extent to the viewers too in terms of understanding the nitty-gritty of game but it has taken away the most important aspect attached to any sport and that is the “Excitement”. The instant excitement of any umpire’s decision in your team’s favor in a critical phase of a match is beyond comparison. Apart from excitement taking a hit, the accuracy of these technologies are still not proven to even 90% satisfaction level, so why to compromise excitement of a game for something that is not even 90% accurate?

Now first take excitement part of the game , Imagine you watching a nail-biting chase by your opponent team in a World Cup Semifinal, Bowler bowls a good ball which hits the pad, umpire gives it out, then what will be your reaction if it would have been in 2003 World cup and in ongoing 2015 World Cup ? In 2003, you would have just zoomed off the Sofa or would have given fiery high-five to your mates, no? And what about in 2015?  Now you need to wait whether the opponent team has reviews left, if yes then you need to assess where the ball got pitched, what was its line and all. Where is the excitement now? Uncertainty and excitement in Cricket has taken a hit with DRS.

Now if you go with accuracy of these techniques, who can forget the Usman Khwaja’s controversial dismissal against England ? Umpire gave that out caught behind but Snickometer and hotspot showed almost nothing, and still 3rd umpire upheld ground umpire’s decision. It was such a big controversy that even Australian PM had commented on it. This is not only one controversial DRS decision. There is Kevin Peterson’s caught behind wicket decision that showed evidence of edge in snickometer but not in HotSpot.

Here are Some of reactions on Decisions made through DRS :

I've just sat down to watch the test. That was one of the worst cricket umpiring decisions I have ever seen.
-- Kevin Rudd, Australian prime minister

DRS was introduced to eradicate the human howlers...humans are out to prove that no technology can eliminate human errors.
-- Aakash Chopra, former India batsman

So to summarize my arguments , it is good to have new technology as part of game but it is still not worth to make it a part of decision making in a match. Use it to give more elaborated analysis to viewers , use it to judge the performance of Field Umpires ,use It to make players get good sense about the decisions but unless something is really accurate , we should not use that to make decision in a match. Let the umpires who are the nearest people to the place where the event takes place run the show for time being.

This blog is part of Blogger Dream Team and It’s wonderful opportunity given by Blogmint to get noticed by one of the finest cricket experts currently in the World “Harsha Bhogle”. 

Saturday 24 January 2015

Random Thoughts V 1.0

I just want to write something but I don’t know what I want to, yes its damn oxymoron sort of feeling. Let me try to phrase it out in some way that makes sense to me at-least if not to you. It is about some randomly sprouted routine feelings.  Life takes turns every moment, sometime upwards and sometime downwards, it is up-to individuals whether they recognize it or not, whether they react or just wait for it to pass. Imagine you feeling down because of something that is not in your control, how would you react or how should you react? Can you just go ahead like a super hero and change everything? Or it is like a movie where everything gets settled within just 3 hrs. No it is none of those. It is life and it it’entouted some random feelings wnwardsor it to pass.t 3 hrs . No it'hing ? or i u  you react or how should i s the harsh reality of life.

There will be times when you are alone in some way, and then only you will get to know about reality, don’t believe it? Just try it once. Sit alone in peace for 15 mins without TV/Mobile/friends, just be alone. No matter how much you try to avoid, the reality of life will occupy most of your thought in those 15 mins and mostly it will be negative unless you have attained Nirvana. 

Now after knowing all this how to get over it? Is there any standard procedure to follow? No there is none in my knowledge. It will just happen itself. Just be patient, be in limits and most important be realistic. Just remember you are dealing in a world where you have nothing in your control except yourself. You can’t force someone to change themselves for you, either change yourself  or exchange last pleasantries and move on to find someone else at some other place with some other hopes J

To be Continued ………..

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Meet Cricketer's Chef GoGo

Being a cricket fanatic we Indians know so much about Cricket ,players, Stats and all stuffs related with Cricket. We even watch Test Cricket ball by ball when we are free . We follow all cricketers on twitter, retweet / favorite their tweets, but I am sure many of us still don’t know about this Gentleman called Gogo. He has no relationship with Cricket but with Cricketers and that is “Relationship of food “.

Gogo  Govardhan  is Originally a Chennian ,walked out of Engineering college to join Hotel Management , moved to Japan and now based in Australia and runs a restaurant called Madras Curry House. He is one of the most favorite cook of Sachin Tendulkar and many Indian players, not only Indian team even Australian team comes to his restaurant for Eat out quite often. In last 10 years He has served almost all teams that have visited Australia for Cricket. Sometimes he use to travel with Indian team in their tour matches to different cities. Govardhan famously air-freighted 200 of his Indian spiced chops to Mumbai in 2004 for a private party for Sachin Tendulkar.

During a highly controversial Indian tour to Australia when the Monkey Gate incident happened, both teams unknowingly landed up in Gogo’s restaurant, then Justin Langer was the person to help Gogo in how to manage the situation and temporary partition was created in restaurant to make separate space for both teams. Even after the so much hype of issue both team were having same liking, at least for Food.

He has got memorable gifts from so many cricketers who have visited Madras Curry House in last more than 10 years. Gogo has been personally rewarded by almost all world Class cricketers who had food there. Gloves from Sachin Tendulkar, Match ball from Anil Kumble when he took 600th Wicket, last match captain cap from Wasim Akram, Signature book from Steve Waugh saying "Thanks Gogo for the best lamb shanks.".

Ending on Foodie thought as George Bernard Shaw has said "There is no sincerer love than the love of food".

Monday 29 September 2014

How a young boy went back to his hometown and surprised many

Many people who are active on social media are aware about some of most popular cities in India and lifestyle in those cities. Such a city is Bangalore in South of India also called as  IT hub of India. This city also has some unique lifestyle and that makes it worth enjoying. A young Boy Rakesh who passed his Engineering from Kanpur got placed in Bangalore in a MNC also enjoyed the lifestyle. He stayed here for over a year and then went back to his small hometown for 1 week leave and then he surprised many people there.

The first surprise from this boy came to a Traffic Policeman Sunder Yadav at a traffic Signal. According to Sunder “The BOY ACTUALLY STOPPED AT SIGNAL WHEN HE SAW RED LIGHT”. This was one of the rare moments for him as he was not used to see such things in Kanpur. When Rakesh was asked to comment on this, he told “He is used to it, it was not his intention to stop as no one does here but it happened instantly, Each signal reminds me of Silk-Board Junction in Bangalore, Been 1 year crossing that signal but still I need few extra seconds to realize that oh yes now I can cross the Signal. I saw people staring at me after this as if I am an alien “When other people were asked to comment on this in Kanpur , they told “ We don’t follow traffic lights because without power these lights are mostly off and we are used to cross signals by our sense of power of bullying, Mightier you are, earlier you cross signal.

The second surprise from this boy came to a waiter in a small restaurant. When the waiter Raju delivered Chicken Tikka to Rakesh, Rakesh said “THANK YOU”. Raju was shaken to the core by this thank you. As per him “log yaha khana dene ke baad ek hi baat bolte hai , Bencho itni der me kyun la raha? “ . Rakesh again told that this came instantly to him. He follows this practice in Bangalore so he did here also. I didn’t realize I was in Kanpur until I saw person sitting next to me fighting with waiter for extra-large leg piece.  

The third surprise came to an auto driver Prakash .When Rakesh took auto to his home from the city and Paid 30 Rs without bargaining, Prakash was shocked. As per him “ Yaar  itne saal ho gaye, aaj tak bina kam-jyada kiye koi auto se nahi utra mere, ye launda naya hai” . When asked to comment on this, Rakesh told that when the auto guy asked me just 30 Rs for fare ,It sounded to me as if I was dreaming. In Bangalore I used to pay 50 Rs just for 3 kms from Sony world to Domlur and here he just asked 30 Rs for such long distance. I thought I was in profit until my mother told me “ Auto wale ne Thag liya tere ko !!“

The Boy is still in Kanpur and not coming out from home as he is feeling alienated with all this and want to go back to Bangalore ASAP .:) 

Monday 18 August 2014

The Great Indian Debacle in England

Whoooaaa what a record breaking performance by this Indian test team in England. I know a lot of fanatic cricket fans are feeling really hurt after this humiliation but none the less it's just a sport and these things do happen...sometimes... or to be honest rarely with a Quality cricket playing country.If you are feeling too much hurt you are a fanatic cricket fan who loves the game more than the players, if you are just feeling hurt then you are one of those type of fans like me for whom Cricket is never same after Dravid ,Tendulkar, Ganguly and Laxman.

If we just go back in time in 2011, the England tour where we lost badly too and many people will think that performance in 2011 series was more to be ashamed off than this series loss, but let me just make this point, at that time the Legends of Indian cricket Dravid and Tendulkar and Laxmans were at last stage of their career.There was not enough scope for them to be super fit and excited to play hard cricket, in-fact they had nothing to prove. This young team in 2014 had all the reasons to play good cricket and make a mark on near future of Indian cricket but they failed and failed badly.The way we lost last 3 Tests was nothing less than a humiliation.

  • A world class team not able to make 150 runs in both innings of a test match in which opponent is making 400+ runs in one inning. 
  • World Class batsmen getting out in exactly similar ways in all the innings of series.
  • Slip fielders dropping catch like the ball is very hot and they can't hold it for more than a second
  • Bowlers not able to bowl even 4 continuous good overs in 1 spell. 

This test series was more humiliating because of hype that was made after 1st test match with Anderson-Jadeja controversy.Didn't we make hell out of it and over hyped it ? We made it a pride issue as if there was some racist things involved in it.We did put more focus on this controversy than on cricket. We tried to make Anderson a Villain in India and finally we were successful but only in making Anderson a villain for Indian Batsmen.

Here are some of the reactions on this Great Indian debacle which has hurt Indian cricket fans in a big big way.

England fantastic... India clearly have sight seeing trips booked in for tomorrow...#Pathetic

This is the first time in their Test history India have lost two consecutive Tests in three days and both by an innings

you can find many explanations for poor performance but none for an innings that lasts 30 overs.

I'm constrained 2 remark--rejoice all ye IPL suckers,U've got what U wanted, destruction of India's Test standing....!!

Surely these are not "Acche Din" for Indian Test cricket atleast :) 

Wednesday 18 June 2014

The Discover Project

So I am supposed to write something on a video that is just 2:53 mins long but to be honest it is one of the easiest things I came across in blogging. The reason is the content that this wonderful video titled as “Find your World” has and you can watch it yourself at the end of this blog post .This small video contains the message that you will learn in a big seminar by paying big money.

This Ebay Video has a term called “Discover Project” where one person tries all possible things on earth to discover who he is and finally succeeds. The person follows a different route to find about what he actually likes and one fine day he gets to know what he is best at. This video has forced me to rethink about myself, about who I am? About what is my identity? About what I am good at or can be good at. We are so busy with our daily life that we don’t find time to think about things that makes us most happy.  There is saying  “ Everyone is this world is special in some way and is good at at-least 1 thing” but we fail to live based on our terms because we don’t spent time on knowing what is the one thing that we are good at. This video has forced me once again to rethink about all this. I am forced to go back to my past when I was almost forced to join a college and a course where I didn’t want to but had to. Only reason for this is that I was not brave enough to take decision on what I actually wanted to do in life. Had I taken a brave step at that time I wouldn’t have been doing this work that I am supposed to do now. But Yes I changed myself to align with how my life is going currently and I am more happier now than that I was 2-3 years back , but still there is so much scope in life to live it on my terms. After watching this video I am going to give it one more try to make my life more worthy for myself if not for anyone else.

There are many things I want to do to live this life on my terms, like roaming around country and world to explore this wonderful mother earth  without worrying about how much money it takes, trying all possible adventures possible.

To write about my experience about life on regular basis. I am mad about writing though I may not be very good at it but writing gives me so much of happiness so I will keep writing. 

I don’t have dream of becoming the richest or the mightiest person but yes I want to be the happiest person in my own terms and I am sure I am going to achieve it. I am  going to do everything i can do to make me happy and curious about life no matter at what cost it comes .Thank you ebay for this wonderful video that makes us discover ourselves.It makes us rethink about life and how to make ourselves more important in our own eyes.