Saturday 26 December 2015

What is Wind Energy and why India need it

India as a country of so many people and with so many complications has different needs as compare to many other countries around the world. This need can be in different aspects from economical needs, energy needs and developmental needs to environmental needs. Now to talk about Energy and environmental needs, India has to have multipronged approach to fulfil these. Having a one way approach for it can solve it in some percentage but it will never be complete and everlasting. Windergy, a group of Windmill manufactures have taken the task to promote Wind energy and how India can make most out of this alternative source of energy.

Wind Energy in short:

In simple terms, Wind energy or wind power is the kinetic energy generated through blowing winds by use of Windmills. Wind power is renewable, clean, with no greenhouse gas emissions and uses little land for setup.

Why India need Wind Energy:

Now before we get to know why Wind energy, we should know about feasibility of other energy sources as well. As we keep reading many reports that our natural resources are not going to increase but our needs keep growing every single day, so what is the solution that we have now or we will have in next 100-200 years? Is the energy generated through only coal or water dam sustainable solution for long term? Clearly not. Is the nuclear way to generate power is the most safest bet we can take to fulfill our future generation needs keeping in mind the potential security risk it has? Now we have either solar energy or wind energy as the most environment friendly and sustainable source of energy. Solar energy has its advantage and disadvantage too. The biggest disadvantage it has is use of so much land and initial costs involved in setup of even 1 solar panel. I am not saying cost involved in setting up wind energy turbine is less but in long run its cost benefit analysis can give better results. So if we compare solar energy and wind energy, we will get to know more about advantages of Wind energy over other sources. Both solar and Wind energy have its demography based advantages and disadvantages.

In India with so much of open land in rural areas or in outskirts of cities where wind speed is constantly suitable for setting up Wind turbines, local governments can subsidies the plants. As it takes very less space on Ground (just to setup the ground turbines at one place) and most of the thing is done by windmills which are really high in the air, we can reuse the lands for other purpose like agriculture. This would have not been possible in case of solar plants. Here are some of the advantages of Wind energy in India

  1. Wind Energy is really clean source of energy.

        2. Generating wind energy doesn’t require to get any technological expertise from developed countries
        3. It is really sustainable for long run.
        4. Land requirement is really less as compare to other sources of energy as it can be built on even agricultural land without taking much of the space on ground.

Though every source of energy has its pros and cons, but energy generated through Coal and Water dam is not that sustainable and environment friendly, energy generated through Nuclear reactors Is not that safe (at least in public perception), solar energy is one good option but not suitable in many scenarios. Some of the disadvantages of Wind energy plants like noise can be negated through proper setup. Government and public should try to explore more options in Wind energy and make use of it as much as possible.

What is Windergy? :

Windergy India is a digital platform launched by group of Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers. The main aim of this platform is to create awareness about Wind energy options in India and help it grow.

Watch more videos about Windergy at Channel:

Sunday 13 December 2015

My Favorite City - Allahabad

India as a country has lots of culture, languages and different types of Foods. If anyone wishes to explore entire India he or she has to dedicate a lot of time and energy but one thing is sure that it will be really great time for them. Now as I have to write about my favorite city and why I find it best among other great Indian cities in terms of design, drive and connect , I will chose Allahabad in North India as one. As I am native of Allahabad so I will surely be biased towards it though I am settled in Bengaluru. 

Allahabad is a Tier-3 city of India enjoying its peace with slow pace of growth, recently it has been selected as "to be made smart city", so some drastic changes there are bound to happen. Now to talk about Allahabad in terms of drive, it’s design and connect, it is one of the most peaceful city in India. The traffic, the crowd all are well in manageable limits. It is designed in such a way that it can accommodate Crowd of Crores of people any time. It is one of the 4 cities in India where MahaKumbh takes place and in this time the city manages to accommodate crores of people from all over world for more than a month. It is designed in such a way that it has something for everyone. Anyone who wants peace along with all the modern facilities available in any other big city will love this city. This is one of the oldest city in India having a great place historically both in religious and political ways and its design still carries same values and principles. During the month of January and February of each year a new temporary city is formed at bay of river Ganga.

The Beautiful Yamuna Bridge

Now as time has become most important for every one of us, a city that has good connect of its center to all its corners will be ranked well than other cities with less connect. In Allahabad you can drive over any corner and come to civil lines and MG Road that is heart of Allahabad very easily. Not just this, city has good connection within city to all world famous religious places and hundreds of year old Education institutes like University of Allahabad and MLNIT. It has Railway Junction, Airprot and intercity Bus terminal making it a connection hub in Uttar Pradesh.The connect is not only among the physical corners of this great city but also among the people. We celebrate all the festivals of India with same enthusiasm doesn’t matter what is going outside of Allahabad.  

Allahabad University
About driving in this city, you can drive free of traffic vows any day any time here. The roads are not that great but then that is same for all cities of India. The chaos has no place in the city so even beginners in driving also feel lot of comfort in driving over here. I have done a lot of it during my University days and trust me there is no more great feeling in the world than becoming self-dependent in driving as soon as you are eligible to drive. If you want to go for long drive in you Tata Zica the city has many places in its outskirts and one will feel very relax travelling to those places.

At last thank you Indiblogger and Tata motors for giving us such opportunity to write about our favorite city and help it promote through Social media and before I end I must say that all cities of India are great in one way or the other, it’s just that a person connects to a city with his or her soul and that makes the city great for that person. 

Sunday 6 December 2015

Zerch App - Connecting offline Stores with online Consumers

Mahindra Comviva, a subsidiary of IT giant Tech Mahindra and one of the market leaders in mobile solutions has launched its latest mobile application called “Zerch”. This a deal/offer finding mobile application that works not only with big brands in any city but also with middle level local merchants in that city. It is the first Hyper Local offers/deals discovery mobile platform that is available currently in Bengaluru and NCR only and the company has plans to roll it out soon in other cities in phased manner.

Home page of Zerch App

About Zerch application:

Zerch app connects local merchants in any city with the consumers in that location. This app notifies users about nearest stores based on their location and also shows all the deals currently running in those stores. Merchants with “Zerch app for Merchants” update all the deals in in their app and the same deal information gets pushed onto consumers through Zerch app. So whenever users open Zerch app, they see all the nearby stores along with all the deals currently going on in those stores. 

Categorization of stores
It contains information in different categories based on store, like Food stores, electronic stores, Garment stores and many other categories. The app contains 2 types of offer, one is general offer running in those stores and second is Zerch Exclusive offer in which user can show the Zerch coupons to get additional discount in same store. There are various level of customization options available in app to satisfy needs of different type of users smoothly.

Normal Store deals 

Zerch exclusive deals
In simple terms Zerch connects offline stores in any city with nearby online consumers. It is beneficial for both the merchants and consumers. On one side consumers can easily get all the information of their nearby stores and go to right place without wasting much time in searching the suitable store, on other side Merchants can easily attract consumers just by pushing all the deals to them through Zerch app. Mahindra Comviva did a promotional activity in Bangalore in 15 stores and they found that number of consumers visiting those stores increased by 5-10% on daily basis. With the coming time Company is looking to make app more useful for both the users and merchants and also looking to take it to Micro level merchants and make them smart stores like big retails and brand stores.

During the meet with we bloggers on Thursday, Srinivas Nidugondi , Senior VP and head of Mobile Financial solution Mahindra Comviva said “Today Consumers are digitally empowered and expect to be served at any time and place. Zerch is created to cater this need of finding the best deals anywhere anytime to improve user’s in-house shopping experience.”

More information on Mahindra Comviva can be found at and users can download this free app for android and IOS.  

Monday 30 November 2015

BBMP to Monetize Potholes in Bangalore

After Seeing different variety and sizes of potholes on Bangalore roads, potholes varying from 1x1 square feet to 4x4 square feet, potholes with zero shape to square shape to some even snake shape and being unable to maintain roads well,  BBMP (Bangalore municipal corporation) has come with a master pan of monetizing these potholes.

After getting hint about this story from sources, I contacted a senior BBMP officer and he agreed to share the secret master plan after assurance of his confidentiality. Here is the conversation with him.  

Sir, is it true that BBMP has made a master plan to make money from potholes?

See, we have given our 100% to maintain roads in Bengaluru City, we have worked day and night too, but due to excess rains and some environmental factors beneath the earth potholes keep popping up. We were feeling helpless but suddenly an officer proposed that why shouldn’t we make use of these potholes to generate revenue? He proposed that we should monetize potholes to increase our revenue so that we can serve this city even better.

So what is BBMP’s plan to monetize these potholes?

We are planning to auction these potholes as “Space for Ads”, brands can put small ad hoardings at those potholes. The price range will vary depending on the 1) Locality, 2) Traffic on that road and 3) Index of twitter outrage, more the outrage about a pothole and its locality more the ad price.

Do you think BBMP can do it on its own or it will be on PPP model?

Actually we are looking for startups that can take up this work. We are willing to share good part of profit with them and we have assured them that this contract will be for life time as potholes are never going to go off the roads.

What about the daily commuter who gets injured due to these potholes?

Well, we request them to be careful while driving, after all it’s their life. We have requested the RTO department to make driving test tougher and include “Pothole-friendly driving” test before giving driving license. Also we will make sure that we put light reflective ad hoardings to help commuter in night time.

Disclaimer : This story is totally baseless and has no relation with any living human or creature or pothole. As our politicians do always say after any wrong thing happens “I CONDEMN THIS” :)  

Thursday 26 November 2015

Once a Cancer fighter, now a Lead Singer of her own band - Kanchan Daniel

Life is not easy for anyone, for some it is little less tough, for some it is little tougher, for some it is even more tough. It has everything from hope to pessimism, from happiness to sadness, form success to failure, from excitement to anxiety and it applies to every living human being, but there are few people who have to give the toughest challenge in their lives at different points of time to end up becoming a complete person and symbol of hope and courage. Despite all these odds these people make it big in life and become an inspiration for the rest. They conquer all the challenges life throws towards them with the guts and all the power they have and end up laughing over those challenges. This journey make them such a strong person that they become almost immune to any challenge life throws towards them in future. We get to hear about some of these old stories, but many of these stories go unnoticed for reasons even I am not sure of. One such story is of a young Mumbai girl Kanchan Daniel. I came to know about her story through Facebook few days back and decided to go through it in detail. I contacted her on Twitter and thankfully she agreed to share some information related with her journey through a deadly cancer at such a young age of 17.

Her Story:

She had just completed her 12th standards exams and was ready to move into a college for a new beginning when one day she got some severe pain in her thigh followed by fever. After checking with family doctor and doing some tests the saddest news of her life came to haunt her and her family. Tests showed a 4 KG tumor inside her, after the few more checkups it was clear that she had 3rd stage Dysgerminoma Cancer. When the family discussed with Doctor about seriousness of Cancer, doctor replied with a 0% chance of survival. At this moment any person can go down and lose the hope but only question she asked to doctor was “Will I lose my hair?” In her words From the very beginning I didn't allow cancer to get the better of me - if anything, cancer was always playing a losing game with me. Since the time I was diagnosed with a 0% survival chance, I had made up my mind that I would defeat it. I did lose my hair, so I called a barber home and shaved it all off and proceeded to mock myself in front of others as 'egghead' - I never allowed cancer to make me a victim. I've always called myself a 'shameless cancer patient' because I would just laugh things off and embrace them as an experience - but I think that's the only thing that got me out of it. “

After all those extremely irritating and painful cycle of treatments, she finally conquered it with her head held high. It increased her confidence even more. After getting better and bit healthier she did study clinical psychology just to help the young teens who are suffering from menace of Cancer. As per her the biggest contribution this battle with cancer has done to her is that it made her incline towards singing so that she can express herself in better way. She formed the band “Kanchan Daniel & The Friends” and became lead singer of her own band. This band is now known as Kanchan Daniel and the Beards and has all young members.Now a days her band keeps doing live shows regularly and she has won many fans with her lovely voice.

Excerpts from Some Q & A With her over Email :

Q. What was your first reaction when you heard that chances of survival was 0%?

A. I took everything in my stride. From the first time I got to know that I may not make ,I never  did the whole why me or never pitied myself or my condition because the only aim and direction that I had decided to take was to beat cancer.

Q. Who was always there next to you supporting you like solid pillar?

A. My family has been my pillar of strength. And not just my immediate family, my entire family from all over the world

Q. Did you find any negative person too around you at that time? How did you avoid their negativity?

A. Yes i did. There were people and still are people who dont understand the depth and gravity of what cancer can put you through. There were people who would say stupid things such as cancer is contagious and a few who had already deemed me dead.I didnt let their negativity to me firstly because their opinion didn’t matter and secondly because my bigger battle was with life itself and I was busy too busy fighting that one.

Q. What is one must do and one must not do for anyone suffering from Cancer?

A. The one thing that one must do is to keep the utmost positive atmosphere   around a cancer patient because it is also a part of healing process for both a patient and the family.
What one must not do around the cancer patient is victimize them. People don’t need to hear " why me " around them all the time. It does nothing to boost ones morale and fighting spirit. Try and maybe empathize even though it may be hard to truly understand what one goes through while fighting a disease like cancer.

Q. Does the age matter for anyone suffering from Cancer?

A. Cancer does not differentiate between the young and the old.

Q. What was the first thing you did after getting cured and moving out of home totally fit?

A. I decided to study clinical psychology and simultaneously music happened to me.

Q. Which journey has been better? 17 years of Life before cancer diagnosis or Life post cancer treatment?

A. Definitely post cancer. I never regret it. It’s made me who and what I am today.I am thankful for it because it turned my life around. 

To end the this story of Cancer "Fighter" Kanchan in her own words -I went through 3 chemo sessions, 8 surgeries and a million complications at the age of 17 -- but I won the battle, only because I was shameless enough to laugh at it rather than giving it the power to be life threatening.

Credits : All pics credit to Kanchan's Twitter feed @KanchanDaniel1 and some of excerpts have been taken from her discussion with "Humans of Bombay" Facebook group. 

Sunday 22 November 2015

The New Yahoo Mail App

Last month was Yahoo Mail’s 18th anniversary and the company has decided to celebrate the occasion by introducing a new Yahoo Mail app that is fast, intuitive and smoothly designed. Available on iOS and Android, the new app comes with a number of features, including smarter search, contacts management and enhanced compose option.

To make life easier for people who have more than 1 service providers email account (which of course many of us have), Yahoo Mail users can connect and manage their email accounts from, Hotmail and AOL Mail, right from Yahoo Mail on mobile and desktop. Once connected, users can access Yahoo Mail’s features across all their mailboxes. Now it may not be that useful for users in India as many of us only use Yahoo mail or Gmail and very few of us use AOL or Hotmail in India, but it is clearly going to be good USP for Yahoo Mail app in Europe and USA. The desktop experience is currently available for U.S. English users, and will be coming soon to users outside of the U.S.

In addition to speed, smarts and support for multiple mailboxes, the new app marks the introduction of Yahoo Account Key – a more secure and simple future alternative to the old password. This new feature simplifies the sign-in process with a secure and easy-to-use interface to access a Yahoo account with the tap of a button.

“Passwords are difficult to remember and secondary sign-in verification is inconvenient and confusing,” said Dylan Casey, vice president of product management at Yahoo. “Earlier this year we launched on-demand passwords using an SMS code. We’re now taking a major leap towards a password-free future with the launch of Yahoo Account Key, which uses push notifications to give users simple and secure access using their mobile device.”

Availability of updated App :

The ability to manage multiple mailboxes has been rolled out globally in the Yahoo Mail app. The desktop experience is available for U.S. English users today and will be coming soon to users outside of the U.S. 

The new Yahoo Mail app is available in the Apple App Store and to Android users in Google Play 

For more information visit 

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Quit Smartphones sometimes to feel the real togetherness

Almost everyone we know in real or online life says that technology and internet has brought all of us together and made us connected to each other like never before. No doubt that it has helped us in the way where people who are really far can see and talk to their loved ones through video calling sort of things, but has it been able to provide the feel and touch of talking to someone face to face sitting next to each other? The answer will be big NO. In-fact because of overuse of technology and over dependency on it we have lost the real touch of meeting people personally. Many of us spend more time over internet talking to people many of whom may be not even remotely close to us, forgetting the real people around us. It may be friends, relatives, family members or even own kids. 
We should not take our hands off from the technology but clearly there should be some self-regulation we need to apply on how far we are going to use it. As long as it is not hampering our personal life its well and good to use technology. One of the way to make a proper balance between social life over internet and personal life with family and friends is get-together. I am from North India and in that side of India nothing can be a great get-together than the marriage and it brings all friends relatives together, but marriages can’t happen every now and then so we need to have other ways of meeting people personally.

For a regular get-together there can be nothing better than going out with friends and relatives to see the nature around us. I haven’t found a single person so for who doesn’t love nature or doesn’t love going out to hill areas and parks or temples in those remote areas. Spending a day or two with all of them together away from all worries of life is what makes us social animal.Now many people will say there are many other options of getting together too like going for movies and all. Yes that may be true but do we really spend time with each other when we go for a movie? I don’t think so. We actually end up putting more focus on movie in those 2-3 hours than on friends and relatives around us with whom we have come out to spend time. This amazing video ad from Kissan shows what is the real problem we face by being 24*7 connected to our smart phones and how an initiative by just one person can bring all of us together and make us enjoy our life with each other.

The joy of being together, doing things together, learning together and enjoying together is what makes we human different from other species. Nature has given us so many options to do things together and enjoy the time. Go to remote hill areas, go for trekking, go to beaches, go to wildlife sanctuaries and do many more things. There is no dearth of options for us, all we need to do is to stop the internet connection for some time and connect with the people around us. Many say that it is tough to find like-minded people around us but when it comes to loving the nature everyone says same thing and that is “We love the nature”, then why don’t take advantage of this love and spend time with each other with feel of personal touch rather than being obsessed with virtual word all the time.

Sunday 18 October 2015

Words are not important when it comes to Folk Songs

Understanding all Words is not at all important when you can feel the soul of a song and can attach yourself with the singer.Indian folk songs go much beyond the contemporary movie songs in this case and these 2 songs prove this once again.

1. Kenchi :  It is a pahari folk love song. It is based on a true love story of a pahari girl with "Munshi" of a forest contractor and their separation story. Some parts from this song have also been used as Incredible Jammu & Kashmir ad.

2. Mai ni meriye : Mohit Chauhan can make you fall in love over and over again with his voice. This is again a folk love Song from his album Fitoor. It is a song from Himanchal Pradesh his home state.

Sunday 4 October 2015

Gladio - The latest Personal Security Mobile App

There has been a "never satisfactorily answered" question running from really long time on whether technology is boon or bane. People who keep asking these question really have no idea how complex today’s technology has become and keeping that in mind it has become even tougher to answer this question in today’s environment. No-one can pass the perfect judgement whether technology is boon or bane but there are some really cool stuffs being developed regularly that are helping us in big way. Such one cool product is Gladio mobile app developed by Tavant Technologies India Ltd.. 

What is Gladio App ? :

Gladio is a personal security mobile app that can be of great use for anyone who is in danger and looking for help. This app sends a customized SMS to the people whose numbers user has configured in app just at click of a “PUSH” Button. There is also an option to post a Facebook status as soon as anyone uses “PUSH” button. Yes it is as simple as that and not only this even the last location of the person who has pressed the “PUSH” button for help also gets send to the configured numbers and in Facebook Status update.

How Gladio App works ? :

This App has very simple user manual that anyone can understand within few seconds. All user need to do is install the app and setup the app for the first time. This setup includes selecting phone numbers for alert message sending, whether to enable Facebook feature or not and some other settings which are clearly mentioned in the app. If a person has android wear watch then he or she can use Gladio on that watch too.

Once you install the app, at least 1 contact number must be selected to use the app. After setting it up for the first time the app is ready to be used and at home screen of app we will see a big Red PUSH button. As soon as we press the button, count down from 5 to 1 will start giving user the time to cancel the alert sending. This timing interval has been provided to avoid any unintentional Press of PUSH button that might trigger in useless request for help and can create panic situation unnecessarily. Even if the phone is lock, pressing Lock button 8 times regularly will enable the PUSH button press and alert will be send.  

Unique Feature in Gladio :

Well, there are many other apps for almost similar purpose but Gladio has one unique feature of being a Volunteer. Once user enables “I am a Volunteer”  option in the app, that user will agree to become a Volunteer to help anyone in need in his locality. So when the next time someone in that locality needs help and uses Gladio app, the sms alert will be send the nearby user too who has agreed to become Volunteer for that locality even if the needy person doesn’t have the contact number of Volunteer users. This Volunteer feature in its concept can be really good USP for this app as this can increase the chances of a needy person getting help quickly without knowing anyone nearby to his location. 

The Gladio app is currently available for Android only and can be downloaded from Google play store 

Sunday 27 September 2015

Record TV shows and Watch Anywhere Anytime with Tata Sky+ Transfer

TV has become essential part of life for almost everyone all over the world, go to any house hold no matter how less money they earn everyone has TV with cable connection. There are different Cable service providers in India including Tata Sky which is a major player in this field. With so much evolution in technology this field also has changed massively in recent times and Tata Sky being a front runner also has been coming with new value added features and the newly launched Tata Sky+ Transfer is the latest value added service from them.

Tata Sky has the option for the viewers to record the shows to watch it later based on their free time but one can watch those recorded shows on TV only, now with Tata Sky + Transfer one can watch the recorded shows on their smartphones too. All one need to do is record the show on TV, transfer it to Mobile and watch it anytime. I think this is major game changer seeing the busy life everyone is having and the time we spend outside of our homes. This new feature is beneficial for everyone doesn’t matter what type of shows they watch.

Now as far as I am concerned, I am not a TV junkie and I am more interested in stock market. I do watch some of the Comedy shows but mostly I like watching Business News channels and different interviews of market experts. As I am a full time IT professional, I don’t get much time to track these interviews and shows live on TV. Sometimes even if I get time, there will be 2 or 3 different good interviews running on different business channels, for me this is the best case scenario to record the shows. Now after recording these programs I would love to watch those immediately as soon as I get free. With Tata Sky I would have to be in home during that free time to watch recorded shows, but with Tata Sky+ Transfer I can watch the recorded shows on mobile just the next day when I am travelling to office or coming from office or even in office when work is less. I think this will make my life easier and will save a lot of time that I usually waste while travelling.

Who must get Tata Sky+ Transfer?
  • Those who want to watch recorded shows immediately as soon as they are free, doesn’t matter that free time they get in home or outside of home.
  • Those who value their time and don’t want their free time to get wasted.
  • Those who want to see their family members Happy, imagine you giving remote to your wife or kids in family because you can watch the recorded shows on your smart phone.
  • Those like me who don’t want to miss any shows related to a particular field like stock market, Business news shows and interviews of market experts.
  • Those who like to keep themselves upgraded with upcoming technologies.

So Tata Sky+ Transfer has given us one option whether we want to save our time by watching recorded shows anywhere any time after transferring those to our smart phones or keep waiting to reach home and then watch. Just keep in mind that giving remote to your wife or kid can make your family life happier as you can watch the recorded shows on your phone now and your wife and kids can watch their favorite shows on TV.

For complete information on Tata Sky+ Transfer visit .

Thursday 17 September 2015

Comedy Hunt - The Next big step towards Stand Up Comedy

Comedy, the word that makes us feel energized and relaxed has been into existence since eternity and has helped many people to live life in relaxed mood despite having lots of difficulties in life. Like many other continuous changing things Comedy also has evolved with times from Slapstick comedy of Charlie Chaplin to group comedy like Circus shows to now very popular Stand-Up Comedy. All other forms of comedy still exists but Stand-up Comedy has made base very rapidly in last few years in India. Acceptance of crowd for Stand-Up comic shows has given birth to so many talented Stand-Up comedians in India who are now having fame and money both because of their humorous talent.

In last few years many new comedians have made way for themselves through social platforms like Youtube,Twitter and Facebook as the reach of these mediums is very vast and wide spread across world. Liveinstyle one of the most popular life style Website has taken the decision to promote Stand-Up Comedy in really big way. LiveInStyle in association with some of the best comedy stars in India has come up with Comedy Hunt to help new Stand-Up comedians grow and get recognized by public. Comedy hunt is for young aspiring comic talents to promote themselves by putting their Youtube Videos on Comedy Hunt's Youtube page and getting recognized  and judged by some of the best names in Indian comedy industry.There has never been such big step towards promoting Stand-Up comedy and new talents in this comedy industry. 

Stand-Up Comedy section of Liveinstyle contains all information that a new aspiring comedian or anyone who loves comedy need to know about this form of comedy. It has a lot of details about some of the most famous Stand-up comedians in India like Tanmay Bhat, Virdas, Aditi Mittal, Kanan Gill, Praveen Kumar and many more. The details ranges from their struggle to success, their genre of comedy with some of their most famous one-liners. The place also contains videos of some of their  popular comic shows..

There is also a section in Stand-Up comedy page of Liveinstyle where many knowledge full videos have been put to help new aspiring Stand-up comedians to get some tips from highly recognized comedians of India, tips related to how to make your Youtube video optimized for better views by public and many others that can help a newbie comedian grow up in Stand-Up Comedy field. 

Apart from promoting Stand-Up comedy, Liveinstyle as a lifestyle brand living fullest to its name also has a very interesting section about Cocktails. In this section one can find all details relared with different category of cocktails like Rum Cocktail,Whiskly Coctail, Vodka Cocktails and Wine Coctails.It even has details related to many other Cocktails that fall under basic Cocktail category mentioned before.For people who want to learn about Cocktails, Liveinstyle has differnt videos and useful articles and these are worth watching/reading for everyone who loves to explore more about different type of Cocktails.

So all you aspiring comic talents just record video of your performance and send it to Comedy Hunt. One good video and you are in for a big ride in Stand Up comedy industry. 

Saturday 12 September 2015

Free group calling feature launched on hike messenger

Hike messenger, one of India's fastest growing internet companies recently announced the launch of free group calling on hike messenger that can connect up to 100 people in a call. The introduction of this feature which by the way is 1st in this industry will allow hikers to make free group calls with press of a single button once inside a group chat. All one need to do to get this feature is just upgrade to the latest version of hike 4.0.4, which is available free on the Google Play store. 

How to use Group Calling :

To use this feature, hikers need to simply tap on the Hike Call button inside the group chat and that is it. Once initiated, hike calls out to every member in the group automatically and the call starts as soon as one person gets connected keeping the process really simple and smooth.

Group Calling on hike has been launched keeping in mind the needs students and families who love to chat in groups as well as small executives teams whose job demands being in sync with their large teams while on the move.

•  Free group calls to work over 4G & Wi-Fi to begin with
•  Connects up to a 100 people in a call with the press of a single button
•  Available on Android first. iOS, Windows to follow by end of this year

During the event, Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder and CEO, hike messenger, said “Many of us at hike were quite frustrated by how hard it is to make a Group Call today. Adding someone to an already existing call is extremely tedious and even starting a conference call is quite a painful process. Today we’re going to change that with the introduction of Group Calls on Hike. Now with the tap of a single button, you can connect up to 100 people in one call. It’s that simple. One tap and hike does the rest. No more pins, no more dial in numbers and no more putting people on hold. Making a Group Call has never been this easy.”

By introducing this feature, hike messenger has also dropped the beta tag on VoIP officially rolling out the feature. Group Calling is expected to roll out on iOS, Windows later this year. The launch of this feature is part of a big marketing campaign that will reach over 200 million users across the country. The TV campaign for this feature shows three young girls who are starting up a new business, of selling their granny’s cupcakes using this hike group calls to connect with each other.

Hike with its new upgrade is now offering differentiated, first in the market features, which are data efficient, give users greater access, superior value and are easy to use. It also has a strong pipeline of new features planned for release every month & users can expect atleast one new feature every month.

Friday 21 August 2015

Airtel 4G - As fast as it can get

Airtel India, the number 1 cellular service provider in India with over 228 million subscribers has launched its 4G services all over India across all compatible devices. Airtel 4G had already been launched in some cities like Bangalore on dongles and then on smart phones but recently launched 4G services will be available pan India across all mobile devices that are compatible, Airtel is offering free 4G sim cards to people who want to experience marvelous speed of Airtel 4G.  

I have been using Airtel 4G since it was launched in Bangalore and I really loved it from that day onwards, the speed, the connectivity, the smooth transition from 4G to 3G ( where 4G network was not available earlier) is amazing. Now one can take advantage of the fastest internet speed all across India through Airtel 4G and the best internet speed is no more on menu of only few metro cities as Airtel has spread it all over India.

Now let us think what all we can do with such high speed internet. To be honest there so many things that we can do but all will be tough to pen down here. Here are some of the most important things I would love to do with such a high speed internet.

1. Now I can stream Audio songs anytime anywhere I want to listen without delay of even milliseconds.

2. Imagine you are in home and a kid in your family is crying to watch some cartoon or animal videos, earlier we had to search and buffer the video for some minutes and then only we could play it, but now with Airtel 4G it just take few seconds to make that kid happy again.

3. We can download a movie we want to watch in much lesser time than that it takes to prepare noodles (Not Maggie though :)). Earlier we had to wait for hours or sometimes whole night to download few movies, and by the time movies gets downloaded, the excitement and interest to watch that movie is gone.

4. Being in IT field, only an IT professional can know the importance of open source as well as paid software. Some software are as huge as 2-3 GB and now with Airtel 4G it is just matter of minutes to download any big size software anytime.

5. Only a game freak can feel the fun of playing new and different games after completing a game and with Airtel 4G now no need to wait for hours to download new games regularly.

6. With so many interesting, comedy and knowledgeable videos available only on Youtube, now no need to worry about wasting time in buffering these videos, with 4G now we can stream all these videos online just like we play stored videos on our system or mobiles.

7. As I am football and cricket freak, with high speed Airtel 4G connection I would feel relaxed to stream the matches live whenever I get chance in my busy schedule without wasting my time waiting for live stream to start.  

Airtel is offering its 4G services currently at 3G price and also if you want to get free 4G sim all you need to do is to just send a tweet to Airtel with hashtag #GetAirtel4G. Not only this, Airtel is giving open challenge to anyone who can show any other network that is faster than Airtel 4G, if you can show then your Airtel Mobiel bill will be waived off for lifetime.I think this is one of the most innovative way to launch and to do marketing of any service in India.

For more information on Airtel 4G visit

Saturday 8 August 2015

Indiblogger meetup on Flipkart Image Search launch

What one does normally on weekends ?? Watches TV lying on couch or goes out for a movie or plays games or simply sits idle in home and seldom uses it for some productive work, but for we bloggers in Bangalore it was a different experience all together last weekend. For us Saturday was filled with entertainment, getting first-hand experience and details about new feature called “Image Search” launched by Flipkart in presence of the Product and marketing team of Flipkart. This event was jointly organized and hosted by Team Indiblogger, one of the fastest growing Blogger Community in India and Flipkart which is India’s biggest E-commerce origination at Hard Rock CafĂ© Bangalore.

Band performance to start the proceedings 

The event started with a Hell –Yeah energetic band performance to make everyone more energetic on Lazy Saturday morning, then some willing bloggers were given chance to introduce themselves and it was a lot of fun. After this meet and greet, it was time to witness real crux of the event, it was time for team Flipkart to present their flipkart image search feature and also to take variety of questions from fellow bloggers, questions ranging from “Image search result accuracy” to “Why Fliipkart is going for app only “and all these questions were answered by Flipkart product team in great details and with lots of conviction.

Excited audience listening to team Flipkart 

About Flipkart Image Search:

Image Search is a new feature launched by Flipkart on app only. Through this feature one can take image of an object or use an existing image and search for products based on that image only. Based on the image provided and options selected like for Men/Women, Clothing/Accessories and like that, app will search exact or relatively close products. We got first-hand experience of it and it was amazing to get such quick searches just be clicking images. Here are simple steps to follow for image search.

1. Open recently updated Flipkart app and select Image Search option at top

2. Click an image or upload existing image and search

3. Select product type like for Men/Women and other applicable categories

4. That is it, you are done.

After this flipkart session, next session was about Indiblogger and their recently launched book 10 Love Stories which has 10 short love stories by 10 bloggers who are part of Indiblogger community. Two of those 10 bloggers were present at the event and also recited some excerpts from their stories in the book. All bloggers who attend the event were provided the book. I have read few stories from the book and really liked those, especially of Bangalore based author Varsha Dutta.  

Reading excerpts from her short story in the book
Apart from the sessions, the lunch, the drink, the ambience and band music was really high class and meeting so many bloggers and social media enthusiasts at one place really made our day.

For all those who couldn’t attend the event, here are the pics that explains everything about the event. 

Thank you Team Indiblogger and Team Flipkart

Thursday 6 August 2015

Launch of Airtel 4G services all over India

Airtel India, the number 1 cellular service provider in India with over 228 million subscribers today launched its 4G services all over India across all compatible devices. Airtel 4G had already been launched in some cities like Bangalore on dongles and then on smart phones but now 4G will be available across mobile devices that are compatible pan India, Airtel is offering free 4G sim cards to people who want to experience marvelous speed of Airtel 4G.  

Image Courtesy - Airtel Website 

Airtel launched its pan India 4G service along with a wonderful TV commercial. During the event CEO of Airtel announced what are different options and ways they are following to make Airtel 4G a big success over other competitor service providers who are there or will be coming in future, options like providing 4G experience to new users at cost of 3G with small data plans of 1 to 7 days. By proposing such awesome offers, Airtel is trying to break the myth that 4G services are very costly and not for common person.

I have been using Airtel 4G since it was launched in Bangalore and I really loved it from that day onwards, the speed, the connectivity ,the smooth transition from 4G to 3G ( where 4G network was not available earlier) is amazing. Now one can take advantage of the fastest internet speed all across India through Airtel 4G and the best internet speed is no more on menu of only few metro cities as Airtel has spread it all over India.

Image Courtesy - Airtel Website 

Here are some key points related to this Pan India Airtel 4G service launch:

1. Airtel has plans of giving free 4G sim cards to users who have 4G compatible devices and want to experience the fastest internet speed in India.

2. Airtel has launched 4G plans at almost same price as 3G plans to make more users experience it without feeling worried about cost.

3. Airtel has launched  “Airtel Challenge” Campaign for anyone who can show any other network faster than Airtel 4G, the lifetime Airtel mobile bill will be waived off for that person if Airtel fails in the challenge.

Going by this confidence of Airtel team and also by their reputation, it will be tough to beat this challenge in current time.I have been user of Airtel network for over almost 9 years and of their 4G service for over almost a year and never faced any issues related to service and speed.

For more information on Airtel 4G visit

Saturday 1 August 2015

My tryst with stock market - V 1.1

Before I start writing this post on “My tryst with stock market”, here is the Link to my previous and only post on the same and this post is continuation of that post. In last post I simply tried to explain just 1 minor part of investing in stock market and what are the benefits of that with an example of TCS scrip. Now let me explain some more things pertaining to those points and go through the basic logic of investing in stock market. As many of you have heard through many people that that one guy became bankrupt because of stock market or one guy had to sell his property because of loss in stock market, why these things happen and why these negative things dominate the positive side of investing in stock market? The reason is simple and that is because many people who benefit from stock market in long run don’t glorify it much as compare to people who crib about negativity of stock market. So negativity dominates positivity when it comes to stock market’s perception.

Now let me explain some well documented, well explained and well researched facts about Stock market and also let me clarify before you judge me that I am not that expert in stock market but I have been reading it for last few years and also investing for last one year.

Who loses or will lose money in stock market? People who are either too pessimistic or too fearful.

Who doesn’t or won’t make money in stock market? People who are either too ambitious or too greedy.

So, who makes money in stock market? People who are able to balance all 4 adjectives mentioned above that is being “Ambitious”, “Greedy”, “pessimistic” and “fearful”. All these points come either together or alone in different ways can make or break your future in stock market.

  • If you are too ambitious, you might want to hold a scrip for uselessly long time and wait for its price to go rocket high at a time when it has already reached at stretched valuation, so you need to balance “Being ambitious”.
  • If you are too greedy, you might sell a scrip after getting mere 10-12% profit despite knowing that it still can get higher valuation. So you need to balance it.
  • If you are less pessimistic, you might not believe in some scrip which will go up in valuation, hence you won’t buy those scrips and won’t make any money either, so you need to balance it.
  • If you are too fearful, you might book loss by selling a scrip as soon as it goes down 10-12% after some knee jerk reaction due to some bad news or relatively less performance in a quarter without doing much research on company’s balance sheet and overall performance , so you need to balance it.

I hope I was able to pen down some more basic set of information about investing in stock market and how to approach it. You will not lose all your capital in stock market (as negative people spread perception about stock market) if you are careful enough and you are able to balance the 4 aforementioned things.

Next detailed information with one more aspect of investing in stock market will be followed in upcoming stock market posts.