Thursday, 6 August 2015

Launch of Airtel 4G services all over India

Airtel India, the number 1 cellular service provider in India with over 228 million subscribers today launched its 4G services all over India across all compatible devices. Airtel 4G had already been launched in some cities like Bangalore on dongles and then on smart phones but now 4G will be available across mobile devices that are compatible pan India, Airtel is offering free 4G sim cards to people who want to experience marvelous speed of Airtel 4G.  

Image Courtesy - Airtel Website 

Airtel launched its pan India 4G service along with a wonderful TV commercial. During the event CEO of Airtel announced what are different options and ways they are following to make Airtel 4G a big success over other competitor service providers who are there or will be coming in future, options like providing 4G experience to new users at cost of 3G with small data plans of 1 to 7 days. By proposing such awesome offers, Airtel is trying to break the myth that 4G services are very costly and not for common person.

I have been using Airtel 4G since it was launched in Bangalore and I really loved it from that day onwards, the speed, the connectivity ,the smooth transition from 4G to 3G ( where 4G network was not available earlier) is amazing. Now one can take advantage of the fastest internet speed all across India through Airtel 4G and the best internet speed is no more on menu of only few metro cities as Airtel has spread it all over India.

Image Courtesy - Airtel Website 

Here are some key points related to this Pan India Airtel 4G service launch:

1. Airtel has plans of giving free 4G sim cards to users who have 4G compatible devices and want to experience the fastest internet speed in India.

2. Airtel has launched 4G plans at almost same price as 3G plans to make more users experience it without feeling worried about cost.

3. Airtel has launched  “Airtel Challenge” Campaign for anyone who can show any other network faster than Airtel 4G, the lifetime Airtel mobile bill will be waived off for that person if Airtel fails in the challenge.

Going by this confidence of Airtel team and also by their reputation, it will be tough to beat this challenge in current time.I have been user of Airtel network for over almost 9 years and of their 4G service for over almost a year and never faced any issues related to service and speed.

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  1. Lots of people have started using the Airtel 4G services due to its high internet speed. Now only 3G supported phone users can also use the 4G services using the 4G wifi dongle. Thanks for this..keep posting..

  2. The telco which has been planning to rollout 4G LTE services for quite some time now, but was constrained due to the available spectrum of 5MHz not being adequate for both 2G voice and 4G data.4g services in india

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