Saturday, 1 August 2015

My tryst with stock market - V 1.1

Before I start writing this post on “My tryst with stock market”, here is the Link to my previous and only post on the same and this post is continuation of that post. In last post I simply tried to explain just 1 minor part of investing in stock market and what are the benefits of that with an example of TCS scrip. Now let me explain some more things pertaining to those points and go through the basic logic of investing in stock market. As many of you have heard through many people that that one guy became bankrupt because of stock market or one guy had to sell his property because of loss in stock market, why these things happen and why these negative things dominate the positive side of investing in stock market? The reason is simple and that is because many people who benefit from stock market in long run don’t glorify it much as compare to people who crib about negativity of stock market. So negativity dominates positivity when it comes to stock market’s perception.

Now let me explain some well documented, well explained and well researched facts about Stock market and also let me clarify before you judge me that I am not that expert in stock market but I have been reading it for last few years and also investing for last one year.

Who loses or will lose money in stock market? People who are either too pessimistic or too fearful.

Who doesn’t or won’t make money in stock market? People who are either too ambitious or too greedy.

So, who makes money in stock market? People who are able to balance all 4 adjectives mentioned above that is being “Ambitious”, “Greedy”, “pessimistic” and “fearful”. All these points come either together or alone in different ways can make or break your future in stock market.

  • If you are too ambitious, you might want to hold a scrip for uselessly long time and wait for its price to go rocket high at a time when it has already reached at stretched valuation, so you need to balance “Being ambitious”.
  • If you are too greedy, you might sell a scrip after getting mere 10-12% profit despite knowing that it still can get higher valuation. So you need to balance it.
  • If you are less pessimistic, you might not believe in some scrip which will go up in valuation, hence you won’t buy those scrips and won’t make any money either, so you need to balance it.
  • If you are too fearful, you might book loss by selling a scrip as soon as it goes down 10-12% after some knee jerk reaction due to some bad news or relatively less performance in a quarter without doing much research on company’s balance sheet and overall performance , so you need to balance it.

I hope I was able to pen down some more basic set of information about investing in stock market and how to approach it. You will not lose all your capital in stock market (as negative people spread perception about stock market) if you are careful enough and you are able to balance the 4 aforementioned things.

Next detailed information with one more aspect of investing in stock market will be followed in upcoming stock market posts. 


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