Saturday, 8 August 2015

Indiblogger meetup on Flipkart Image Search launch

What one does normally on weekends ?? Watches TV lying on couch or goes out for a movie or plays games or simply sits idle in home and seldom uses it for some productive work, but for we bloggers in Bangalore it was a different experience all together last weekend. For us Saturday was filled with entertainment, getting first-hand experience and details about new feature called “Image Search” launched by Flipkart in presence of the Product and marketing team of Flipkart. This event was jointly organized and hosted by Team Indiblogger, one of the fastest growing Blogger Community in India and Flipkart which is India’s biggest E-commerce origination at Hard Rock CafĂ© Bangalore.

Band performance to start the proceedings 

The event started with a Hell –Yeah energetic band performance to make everyone more energetic on Lazy Saturday morning, then some willing bloggers were given chance to introduce themselves and it was a lot of fun. After this meet and greet, it was time to witness real crux of the event, it was time for team Flipkart to present their flipkart image search feature and also to take variety of questions from fellow bloggers, questions ranging from “Image search result accuracy” to “Why Fliipkart is going for app only “and all these questions were answered by Flipkart product team in great details and with lots of conviction.

Excited audience listening to team Flipkart 

About Flipkart Image Search:

Image Search is a new feature launched by Flipkart on app only. Through this feature one can take image of an object or use an existing image and search for products based on that image only. Based on the image provided and options selected like for Men/Women, Clothing/Accessories and like that, app will search exact or relatively close products. We got first-hand experience of it and it was amazing to get such quick searches just be clicking images. Here are simple steps to follow for image search.

1. Open recently updated Flipkart app and select Image Search option at top

2. Click an image or upload existing image and search

3. Select product type like for Men/Women and other applicable categories

4. That is it, you are done.

After this flipkart session, next session was about Indiblogger and their recently launched book 10 Love Stories which has 10 short love stories by 10 bloggers who are part of Indiblogger community. Two of those 10 bloggers were present at the event and also recited some excerpts from their stories in the book. All bloggers who attend the event were provided the book. I have read few stories from the book and really liked those, especially of Bangalore based author Varsha Dutta.  

Reading excerpts from her short story in the book
Apart from the sessions, the lunch, the drink, the ambience and band music was really high class and meeting so many bloggers and social media enthusiasts at one place really made our day.

For all those who couldn’t attend the event, here are the pics that explains everything about the event. 

Thank you Team Indiblogger and Team Flipkart

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