Sunday 23 October 2011

What it takes to live away from family?

As a kid many times when our parents used to say in anger “Go away, leave my home!!”  ,we used to think ‘ let me  get bit older , I will leave your damn house’ ( and If your parents never said to you like this then surely you were one of the luckiest kids ) . Even I had such situations many times in life as I was very short tempered, though right now I am bit improved. Many times I didn’t get things which I wish I had due to a lower middle class background , I  used to go on roof and spend half night alone thinking when I would get old to leave these parents who never give me good things and always scowl me.

The afore mentioned insane thoughts can come to any kid even if you belong to a rich family. But when you actually get bit older, old enough to have a earning, you realize what it takes to get money and plan accordingly. If you are lucky enough to be brought up in metro cities and work at same place  then you might not realize what people living far away from their family realizes. If you are from north India and living in Bangalore or Chennai, sometime you will feel like living in foreign land, just because of this long distance of over 2000 KMs. It takes at least 2 months to plan a leave, forget about implementing it and planning budget. So what should one do in such situation? Of course if you are from upper middle class background or working in MNC then you can go to movies and KFBeer tweetup (sprouted from twitter) every two weeks but what if you are not earning handsomely? For me Social sites and TV are only way to time pass.

  • I’ll spend most of time on Twitter / Facebook (Not Orkut at all) whenever I am using Internet (if you can make some good friends on these sites ,believe me it works tremendously )
  • I’ll watch TV, news, comedy, some crap movies.
  • I’ll go for a walk of 2-3 KMs in evening, not for health reasons.
  • I’ll drink with some fiends and try to time pass by talking all nonveg nonsense.
  • If you have girl friend then you are on bit safe side to prevent yourself from getting bored
  • Better to develop a hobby even if you never had thought about that thing so far in life.

That’s all you can do I think, but if you are living with family then you might have kids around you to play with, you can spent time with relatives, parents and some local friends. Now here when I miss family and home made food, I start to think what I was thinking when I was a kid ( Yeh thoughts about leaving that damn house and all ). It takes a lot of effort to live away from family especially if you have some pecuniary constraints too.

So all kids enjoy every moment you are getting with your loved ones, you don’t know “ Kal Ghar ho na ho”  J