Monday 25 February 2019

Skoolroom - A nostalgic place for food

The nostalgic feeling of childhood is guaranteed when you visit this place for dining. The interiors and table setup everything will make you feel like classroom :) Then you get served Ice Lolly on the table before your food just to take you back to your childhood. 

Started the dinner with trying some fully loaded Veg Nachos which was really good in taste decorated nicely with salsa and cheese. I have been eating nachos at many places and i can put it in top 3 place so far:). Tasted RCP Veg which had mix of veggies like Paneer, Baby-corn, Mushroom prepared in Manchurian style and each veggie tasted so authentic. They serve some really juicy Veg burger prepared with really soft buns and lots of cheese, good enough to satiate anyone's hunger :). 

Veg Basket is one good dish to try here which is mix of different veggies like corn, tomato salsa filled in a PaniPuri like basket and tastes awesomely when eating in one go. Pizza here is thin crust with 4-5 different varieties in Veg and Non-Veg and tastes decent. Accompanied the dinner with Watermelon Mojito which was just too good in taste, smell and serving. 

In desert we had Monster Freak Shake which does live up to its name. It had mix of Milkshake. Ice-cream, Donuts, Gems, Snickers and Cake in enough quantity to satisfy group of 3-4 people. The Milkshake was the yummiest and mix of cake and ice-cream gave perfect finish to an amazing dinner. 

The staff there is really courteous and ambiance is peaceful to have some good food :)

Monday 4 February 2019

Just Be your Damn self

Look at that guy, what a showoff… Look at her, so much ego.. Look at that guy, what a dull face always, look at her, what over excitement. Comments like these have become so generic these days that we have assimilated it as routine but the more we think about it with open mind, the clearer we get in our thoughts that these are so bad. Judging someone from your own perspective and calling all names can be brutal to the person in context sometimes, leading to hazardous reactions.

Looking at this there can be two things one can do, either take these jibes seriously and crib and fight or just be yourself, the way you are. Later seems so legit, no? You very well know what is good for you, what will make you grow, make you happy in life and what will hinder your happiness. So why to depend on someone’s frivolous comment to traverse your path.

JUST BE YOUR DAMN SELF! Cry, Laugh, Smile, Be Dull, Be Joyous, Be Quiet, Be Loud, Be Alone, Be in Group. Wear the fanciest looking dress you want or be in the rough look you are comfortable with. Buy the stuffs you can afford with stretch or buy local stuffs. Dance like no one is watching, eat as if there is going to be starvation from tomorrow. Travel to lovely places you want to as if Aliens are going to destroy those sooner than later. Don’t go behind people who don’t understand you, go with your own self who knows you better than anyone else. Go out or be in home, without being afraid for being judged as boring.

Remember only one thing that “You are not answerable to anyone’s perception about you”, you are only answerable to yourself. So, if you fail or feel bad it is you who is responsible for it and no one else. If you attain success and happiness, it is you who should get credit.