Monday 20 February 2023

A Visit to Stories Brewery

One of the coolest ambience places to dine in any day. It is huge, full with Greenery with a lot of private spaces as well. Service is top class and quick.

Absolutely loved the Triple Wit and Mango Cider in-house beer. Mango cider can be a great choice for people who want a little sweet flavour in a beer. Tripel Witbier had everything a Belgian Witbier does, like smoothness but was more on alcohol quotient.

In starters, Banarasi Tomato chaat and Cheese Chestnut momos were an absolute delight. The chaat had every ingredient up to the perfection one can get in North Indian style chaat in Bangalore. Momos were simple in stuffing but really delicious.

Tried mushroom Bao and Paneer chili Bao, both had different tastes and ways of serving. Paneer Chili open Bao has to be pick out of 2, just for more delicious paneer dominating stuffing.

Desserts here are the USP and i loved all of the choices. Gooey brownie,TRESLECHES and Nutella baklava, everything had different & Delicious flavor for all kinds of sweet tooth cravings.

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