Monday 18 August 2014

The Great Indian Debacle in England

Whoooaaa what a record breaking performance by this Indian test team in England. I know a lot of fanatic cricket fans are feeling really hurt after this humiliation but none the less it's just a sport and these things do happen...sometimes... or to be honest rarely with a Quality cricket playing country.If you are feeling too much hurt you are a fanatic cricket fan who loves the game more than the players, if you are just feeling hurt then you are one of those type of fans like me for whom Cricket is never same after Dravid ,Tendulkar, Ganguly and Laxman.

If we just go back in time in 2011, the England tour where we lost badly too and many people will think that performance in 2011 series was more to be ashamed off than this series loss, but let me just make this point, at that time the Legends of Indian cricket Dravid and Tendulkar and Laxmans were at last stage of their career.There was not enough scope for them to be super fit and excited to play hard cricket, in-fact they had nothing to prove. This young team in 2014 had all the reasons to play good cricket and make a mark on near future of Indian cricket but they failed and failed badly.The way we lost last 3 Tests was nothing less than a humiliation.

  • A world class team not able to make 150 runs in both innings of a test match in which opponent is making 400+ runs in one inning. 
  • World Class batsmen getting out in exactly similar ways in all the innings of series.
  • Slip fielders dropping catch like the ball is very hot and they can't hold it for more than a second
  • Bowlers not able to bowl even 4 continuous good overs in 1 spell. 

This test series was more humiliating because of hype that was made after 1st test match with Anderson-Jadeja controversy.Didn't we make hell out of it and over hyped it ? We made it a pride issue as if there was some racist things involved in it.We did put more focus on this controversy than on cricket. We tried to make Anderson a Villain in India and finally we were successful but only in making Anderson a villain for Indian Batsmen.

Here are some of the reactions on this Great Indian debacle which has hurt Indian cricket fans in a big big way.

England fantastic... India clearly have sight seeing trips booked in for tomorrow...#Pathetic

This is the first time in their Test history India have lost two consecutive Tests in three days and both by an innings

you can find many explanations for poor performance but none for an innings that lasts 30 overs.

I'm constrained 2 remark--rejoice all ye IPL suckers,U've got what U wanted, destruction of India's Test standing....!!

Surely these are not "Acche Din" for Indian Test cricket atleast :) 

Saturday 2 August 2014

The " UnMetro "

Last week in Bangalore I was a part of this event Called “ The Unmetro” organized by Dainik Bhaskar a leading newspaper in different states of India and Afaqs an event management company . As from the name Unmetro you can sense that it is not about Metro . To explain in simple terms it was an event to discuss about emerging market and business scope in Unmetro cities of India, cities that are going to be like Metro in may be 7-10 years of time from now. There are around 50 such cities in India that are falling in this unmetro category and if you are looking for scope of business then these are some of the good places for you to start with. The event had speakers and panelist from different business categories and they explained their business experience in these cities and put forward thoughts on how future is going to be like for business in these cities. There are numerous opportunities for both national and international brands in India, especially in the tier II and tier III cities.

The Keynote was presented by P. Krishnakumar Executive Director & General Manager, Consumer & Small Business Dell India and he shared his experience about how Dell has managed to penetrate in these Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and have been really successful. He shared some of the great insights related with doing computer/IT business in these fast growing and aspiring cities.  


The Keynote was followed by Ashwin Naik, CEO and co-founder, Vaatsalya, a chain of low-cost hospitals in the Unmetro cities of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. He explained about how he overcame tough and genuine negativity to establish the brand “Vaatsalya” in Tier 2 and 3 cities in South Part of India. He shared  about  a book  “ If you want to make God laugh then show him your business plan” and explained about how he is going to spread the brand in other unmetro of India .


It was followed by a panel discussion that had Sudhakar Rao, director - branding, ICFAI; Bhaskar Choudhari, director - marketing, Lenovo; Srinivasan KA, co-founder, strategy, business development and marketing, Amagi Media Labs; Meenal Lall, DGM Business Development AMC Cookware and Peter Suresh, head- BIU, DB Corp. It was all about Wealth in the Unmetro's. Who are the new rich? How are they getting there? 


In a  Q&A session where Arvind Hegde, managing director and director - consulting, Ray+Keshavan, participated in was concentrated on Design of Business.  Lacing his relies with examples, Hegde laid bare the design challenge in these markets, an altar at which a number of Indian brands had regrettably fallen short, according to him.

At last was Anustup Datta, COO, Vertebrand, Bengaluru, shared insightful quantitative data and research driven facts about these critical new markets for corporate India. He covered many surveys that were done to gauge different business and nonbusiness aspects of these unmetro cities


The event was managed and organised by afaqs! Events.


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