Tuesday 11 December 2018

The magic of Sree Kanteerava Stadium on match day

For last 4-5 years, every time I have entered in Sree Kanteerava stadium on match day, I have forgotten all my problems, no matter how big or small, personal or professional, due to my own mistakes or being done by someone outside. There is some magic there in crowd that is dressed mostly in blue. There are happy faces all around, seeing them one can’t guess how tough their day must have been.

There is 6:30 PM on clock and one is there at BookMyShow counter to redeem the online ticket. The excitement to sing “Oh When the blues go marching in” has already taken over our conscious mind. As one walks in towards Westblock Entry gate, one sees just happy faces around, saying Hi, sharing smiles, shaking hands and hugging each other, many of whom don’t even know each other’s real name and know just by face or virtual name. Group of fans start singing and chanting, rest join in, some more are called in to join and in few minutes there are 100s of us individuals chanting and singing in chorus while some with powerful vocal cords lead the chants. For outsiders or first-time visitors this is fascinating, they watch all this with big smile on their face, some recording with their mobile camera.

There are BFC’s official camera’s and ISL’s camera trying to catch all this as it unfolds, but no one gives a damn about cameras. Everyone is happy in their own; singing, chanting and jumping around. As clock ticks and it’s around 30 mins to kick off, all the singing crowd is inside the stadium. Few start to scream players names as they see them train on ground from stands and players acknowledge with a wave or clap. The teams are getting announced and BFC’s ritual of Emcee calling out first name of players and fans shouting out the last name in unison is followed. There are positive vibes all over in stands and buzz created by regular West Block Blues is attracting eyeballs from first timers who mostly prefer to sit in corners or down the rows. Meanwhile Emcee tries to do his job of making BFC chants resonate across the stadium. Crowd getting attention of TV Cameras is getting crazy each time they see themselves on giant screen placed opposite to West Block stand diagonally.

Substitutes and support staff walk in at far side with a gradually increasing applause from crowd which gets culminated with “Carles Cuadrat” chants and his reciprocation to fans with folded hands and fist pumping. The mood is starting to get set for noisy, exciting and passionate next 90 odd minutes, both on the ground and in the stands. Teams walk in with ISL theme song being played loud on DJ and West Block blues tries to nullify that with “Oh when the blues goes marching in” chants in unison while hoisting the BFC scarves over their head to make team feel absolute presence of its faithful blues. Few unique banners are unfurled in stands with special message for the team to see. Things go to silence for few seconds as soon as National anthem is played which is sung passionately across the stadium. That’s it !!! The real action starts and so does numerous chants of WestBlock Blues, from chants for club to chants for almost every individual player one by one.

Every forward pass is cheered, every close tackle is cheered, every save by our Goal Keeper is cheered, every cross in the opposition box is cheered even louder. The intensity on the ground is matched up with intensity in stands and vice-versa. Occasional tactical guidance gets passed on from stands to the players that even support staff can hear. A goal scored by our team is cheered louder than Kohli or ABD hitting six for RCB, there is singing, there is dancing and there is absolute madness in stands where strangers hold each other’s shoulders to jump and sing in chorus. A Goal scored by visiting team is countered with BFC.. BFC and Come on BFC chants preceded with a silence of not even few seconds. Energy in stands picks up during dying hours of game just to culminate with final whistle blown by referee. Viking clap synchronized between team and Westblock Stand, Daniel Bryan’s signature move of “YES YES” and dance on Santhoshakke in stands is how the win is celebrated every match day. A loss is taken in strides with motivating cheer for team that did try its best for win.

25-30 mins after the match, everything is calm again. Few abrupt chants here and there by late goers, few banters while climbing down stairs of West Block stand, few good-bye hugs exchanged. At the end we are back to square one with wait for next chance to relive the same itinerary in Kaanterava stadium, in our little heaven called "West Block Stand".

Monday 15 October 2018

This too shall pass

I am not going to forget this day in many years to come. I have cried and cried numerous times in 12 hours, cried like a hopeless person from whom happiness has been robbed. I hate to admit how shit emotionally weak person I have become gradually. This is not me and this is not how I ever lived my life. I am extremely ashamed of things I have done recently without thinking about repercussions. I am even more ashamed of my overthinking attitude and taking things for granted by just looking at everything from my perspective.

As I write this, I have understood the irritation I caused to few people online and offline, just by expecting them to reciprocate what I feel for them. This is not how strong people behave and being highly sentimental person has no place in modern fast life, either you change or perish. I am the only person responsible for me going through this shit phase and I will only have to change it. I need to fake being strong unless I become one. I need to fake everything as alright till the time it becomes alright.

I have no hope of turning the clock back to make everything as fun as it was. I don’t have that much energy to burn to even try that for even once. I will try hard to make things normal within myself and that will be my biggest achievement in short term. It is tough to change things consciously, which used to happen unconsciously.

Feeling like an emotional fool, I think I suck at even expressing things in writing but nonetheless, I think I have done good job above 😊. Yes, this smiley is fake but sometimes it’s better not to reveal everything. The fight of thoughts is on and I am ready to take the next blow but this time with stronger heart.

To be continued as long as fight is on …

Tuesday 2 October 2018


No, it is not cool to look dull, dejected and depressed most of the time. Do you think anyone would do it purposely just for sake of some eyeballs or empathy? There are thousands of thoughts and impulses running through a human mind every minute, can you read all those and say it’s all fake? Looking at such people only from your perspective and deriving conclusion can do more damage than the damage not bothering about the person at all will do.

Everyone has different ability to understand and deal with situations they are in. Even if two situations are exactly same for two people, their capability of tackling that can be contrastingly different in which one may succeed and other may fail. This doesn’t mean that other person who failed is sick, it only means that other person is weak and needs more support. Most of the time people learn while going through some tough situations and if they get support of someone who understands them, they feel more confident. In most of the cases dejection and anxiety arises by just not being able to share thoughts with someone he or she can trust without being judged or made fun of. Number of people who feel anxiety or depression because of not having materialistic stuffs like money must be very less. In most cases it is just the feeling of not being able to put forward their inner troubling thoughts either due to bad experience in past or they just don’t know how to put it in words.

There are many studies that have same common understanding about this mental health issue, which is not having a person who is trustworthy and is ready to listen. Though medical science is doing its job to make things easy for people suffering from hyper anxiety, it is up to real people and conversation to make things normal without swallowing tablets. As they say, Medical treatment should be last resort to any suffering condition.

Do help people around who approach you, do listen to them. Few minutes of your time can make that person’s days and weeks. If you don’t want to do it, do tell frankly rather than keeping it lingering where it gets irritating for both person. Someone has said that best way to feel better is by helping someone to uplift themselves. Helping people who are dejected just by giving them some of your time can make both people feel better.

This all sounds good but not everything is as smooth as one wants it to be. You always won’t get what you wish for, be it materialistic or emotional support. You won’t find the person who could listen to you. In such cases be prepared to fight alone the battle of thoughts, learn to divert mind, learn to love yourself. People will ignore you, they will bully and insult you, most of the times to satisfy their own ego. Just learn to get on with it as there is no alternative way. Distance yourself from people who make you uncomfortable and feel unwanted despite you being always there for them. If required, distance yourself from everyone for some time, being near to them isn't helping you any way. It is going to be really tough but no matter what, you have to get over such frivolous once sided affections. If someone has been really good to you in past and are not good now, it's not your fault if you have done nothing wrong, so stop taking blame for it on yourself and feel pity... Just move on. 

Make some commitments to yourself and try hard to reach those, it makes one feel good about oneself. There are lots and lots of amazing content over internet that can help you get out of this situation. Remember that only constant thing in life is change. Believe that tides will turn sooner or later, you just need to balance yourself during turbulent waves.

Have Completeness within yourself, lean inwards and not outwards for happiness. Remember that there is no better feeling than fighting and eventually winning a battle in which you were alone.

Thursday 31 May 2018

X7 and X3 Feature Phone from Ziox Mobiles priced at Rs. 899 and 875

Ziox Mobiles, one of the fastest growing brands in the mobiles category, empowering consumers with affordable technology & quality products, strengthens the success of its feature phones, announces the newest X7 and X3 Feature Phones. With the new additions at Ziox the feature phones elevate the Mobile experience at the most budgeted prices. 

Stylish & functional, the devices bring a comfortable grip and allows convenient one-hand operation. With1.8inch brilliant display, both feature phones X7 and X3 brings you the perfect viewing from any angle. The Phones also comes with a rear camera with flash, that lets both Dual SIM devices operate even in low lighting conditions. 

The phones also feature auto call recording facility and is further enabled with Bluetooth and GPRS, along with easy access to the internet. With a powerful battery of 1000mAh with X7 and 800mAh with X3 the dual Sim devices ensures to last your entertainment longer. 

Additional features such as wireless FM radio, LED torch, Mobile Tracker and several pre-loaded games makes the most of the feature phone at the budgeted price. With multi language support, the X7 comes in Black, Blue & Red color options and the X3 comes in Blue, Orange, Silver &Yellow color options. 

The product is already available in leading retail and etail stores across India.

Saturday 31 March 2018

Quantum Hi Tech Bluetooth speaker with a playback time of more than 12 hours

Extending its line of audio, QHMPL, a leading frontrunner of consumer electronics and IT peripherals, announces the addition of its first Bluetooth speaker ‘QHM 6333’ that combines vintage ‘Box looks’ with Modern Sound.

A perfect blend of timeless design and high-quality sound in wooden construction, is a perfect addition to a retro set up at home. With conventional speakers, stereo sound can be heard in only a few "sweet spots" however with BT 8000 the speaker construction, includes precisely positioned drivers to provide a large, consistent sound field for outdoor listening.  With Dual Mode power supply, Outdoor mode provides bright, long-range audio, while indoor mode creates rich sound with deep, full bass delivering full frequency range suitable for all genres of music and in turn, a lush, optimal sound.

Given its compact design and the powerful amplifiers, 4W*2 total power Output RMS that can fill any room with sound. The speaker with 10m range is fully wireless and features an enhanced bass driver that delivers rich, balanced low-end without muddying the highs, and comes with 12-hour playtime with rechargable 2000mAh battery—meaning no worry about constantly powering up.

Behind its retro style and simplicity, hides a multitude of technologies integrating Bluetooth for wireless audio link to smart phones, laptops and tablets. Tune in to your desirable FM radio frequency, with the inbuilt FM in the speakers. Since this speaker comes with TF card, AUX support, it extends the support to the memory cards too.

Lightweight & easy to carry the speaker is available in Dark Wooden, Light Wooden and Black Silver shades along with unified Black; it is available in the leading stores across India.

Friday 2 February 2018

SOBHA HRC Pristine: Live close to nature within luxury of a city

Home, a word that lends a soothing feeling no matter how stressed one is. Having a home makes a family more confident and more connected to each other to enjoy the good moments and also face all odds. For any resident, home is as important as its surroundings, and which family would not want greenery and open landscape as their surroundings. SOBHA HRC Pristine by SOBHA Limited caters to exactly this need of a home buyer.

SOBHA Limited, established in 1998 and one of the leading and most reputed real estate developers in India are known for delivering quality home projects for many years in premium and luxury segments in various parts of the country. SOBHA HRC Pristine, one of their new ongoing project located in Amruthahalli Road, Jakkur in North Bangalore is being developed based on the same values and qualities.  

SOBHA HRC Pristine is being developed with a goal of providing an excellent living standard to its residents especially in terms of natural surroundings with lush greenery everywhere. This can easily be determined from the project proposal which shows the outdoor landscape to boast of trees like silver oak, teak and mango making it akin to a natural habitat for residents. As with all the SOBHA Properties, SOBHA HRC Pristine is being developed with world-class model architecture making it a beautiful place to live for everyone.

When it comes to project details and plans, SOBHA HRC Pristine has total 395 units being developed in 4 different blocks having 2BHK, 3BHK, 4 BHK, 4 BHK Penthouse and 4 BHK Row houses which makes it a one-stop destination for different type of buyers having varied budgets and needs. It is located in Jakkur which is very close to the Bangalore International Airport that is well connected to various significant hubs of the city like IT parks and other business centers. With growing metro connectivity, this neighborhood will soon become the center of developmental activities and growth in the city.

SOBHA HRC Pristine will have a meandering stream, a bio-pond, bird’s nest coves, reflexology trails, palm garden, STEP PLAZA, outdoor activity plaza and many more such nature-friendly things which will make it a blissful experience for its residents.

Apart from the basic amenities like covered car parking, clubhouses and indoor activity spaces, SOBHA HRC Pristine has made great use of its landscape to offer some fantastic outdoor amenities like a cricket pitch, a basketball court, outdoor fitness corner, maze garden and climbing wall.

If one wants to feel the serenity of forest and nature within the luxury of a metropolitan city, SOBHA Pristine is the place to be. Staying here surrounded by nature will add to a healthy lifestyle especially for kids keeping in mind the increasing pollution levels in the city. One of the best things about projects developed by SOBHA Limited is that they do not purchase the raw materials from outside as their own plants produce the most of the raw materials used. Also, the doors, the window panes and other basic components are made in-house. They also provide options to take services of in-house interior designers so that a home buyer can get all the services at one place and have a comfortable home buying experience.

To summarize, SOBHA HRC Pristine as a residential project, exceeds expectations of a buyer looking for a luxury apartment in a city like Bangalore. Along with the comfort of spacious rooms and various amenities, the wide landscape filled with greenery and outdoor activity spaces makes it a great place to live for every age group. In a time when people are looking for weekend getaways with an intention of connecting with nature, SOBHA HRC Pristine seems like a one stop solution to nature lovers. Its offering makes it a wise option whether it is for housing or a long-term investment, especially considering the rapid growth of a city like Bangalore, booking for SOBHA HRC Pristine is open for everyone and keeping in mind, the rising demand for housing properties in a fast-growing city like Bangalore there is a good chance that this project is going to be fully subscribed very soon. People who are looking to buy a home in Bangalore should not miss out on this opportunity as this A wise investment will yield great benefits to not only the current generation but also the future generation of the owner’s family.

Saturday 13 January 2018

"Options" instrument in Stock Market

Options are another part of F&O instrument in Equity Market along with Futures. The biggest difference between a Future contract and an Option contract is that in case of Future Contract it is mandatory to abide by the contract for both Future contract buyer and seller but in case of Options (as name also suggests) it is mandatory for seller to abide by the contract but buyer can opt out of contract.

Options are like health insurance where buyers pay premium to protect themselves if things go wrong and seller receives premium thinking that things won’t go wrong. An option buyer is like a common person who takes health insurance from a company by paying some premium and option seller is like an insurance provider that takes premium to help you out in future if things go wrong with your health. In terms of market, option buyer wants to protect himself from volatile movement of either market going up or going down in big way and option seller is ready to take that risk for some money called premium.

Put Option:

In Put option, buyers try to protect themselves from price of a stocks going down and sellers take that risk just by taking some money as premium.

Let’s assume that you are thinking that Infosys stock is likely to go down in coming days due to some USA news or some negative result. Infosys is currently at 900 Rs and you think it might go down by 10-11% to 800.  Now as per human tendency there is someone else who thinks that no Infosys won’t go down much in this scenario. In this case Option buyer buys a PUT option of INFY 900 by paying some money to seller, say 10 Rs. As F&O happens in lot sizes only, in this case buyer has paid 10 Rs/Share to seller as premium.

Case 1: INFY goes down to 800 Rs after news, in this case put option buyer will make big money. The buyer’s profit will be:

Put option price (900) – Premium Paid to seller (10) - Current Price (800) = 90 Rs per share

Seller’s loss will be:

Current Price (800) + Premium received from Buyer (10) - Put option price (900) = 90 Rs per share

Case 2: INFY goes down to 890 Rs after news, this will be a breakeven case for both buyer and seller.

Case 3: INFY stays at 900 Rs after news, in this case buyer will lose the 
premium he paid that is 10 Rs/ Share as INFY didn’t go down from his contract buy price of 900 and hence seller will make 10 Rs/Share profit.

Case 4: INFY goes up to 920 Rs after news, in this case buyer will lose the premium he paid that is 10 Rs/ Share as INFY didn’t go down from his contract buy price of 900 and hence seller will make 10 Rs/Share profit.

Call Option:

In Call option, buyers assume that price of stock will go up in coming days and sellers think that it won’t go up too much so sellers take that risk of upward movement just by taking some premium.

Let’s assume that you are thinking that Infosys stock is likely to go up in coming days due to some USA news or some positive result. Infosys is currently at 900 Rs and you think it might go up by 10-11% to 1000 Rs. Now as per human tendency there is someone else who thinks that no, Infosys won’t go up much in this scenario. In this case Option buyer buys a CALL option of INFY 900 by paying some money to seller, say 10 Rs. As F&O happens in lot sizes only, in this case buyer has paid 10 Rs/Share to seller as premium.

Case 1: INFY goes up to 990 Rs after news, in this case buyer will make big money. The buyer’s profit will be:

Current Price (1000) - Premium Paid (10) - Call option price (900)   = 90 Rs per share

Seller’s loss will be:

Call Option Price (900) + Premium received from Buyer (10) – Current Price (1000) = 90 Rs per share

Case 2: INFY goes up to 910 Rs after news, this will be a breakeven case for both buyer and seller.

Case 3: INFY stays at 900 Rs after news, in this case buyer will lose the premium he paid that is 10 Rs/ Share as INFY didn’t go up from his contract buy price of 900 and hence seller will make 10 Rs/Share profit.

Case 4: INFY goes down from 900 Rs after news, in this case buyer will lose the premium he paid that is 10 Rs/ Share as INFY didn’t go up from contract buy price of 900 and hence seller will make 10 Rs/Share profit.

As we can see in both cases Seller is making maximum profit of 10 Rs/share that is the premium paid by buyer whereas buyer can make any money with risk of just losing 10 Rs/ share at max. Now this does sound a good less risky deal, no? But as per market studies in many countries Option sellers make much more money than buyers just because occurrence of their successful trade is much higher as compare to them going wrong. One of the most important factor for this is the time decay. As all these Contracts are bound by timelines, buyers need to be right on time factor as well as Price movement whereas sellers just need to be right on Price movement. In the examples discussed above in Case 1 buyer won’t make that profit if INFY’s price goes down to 800 or up to 1000 after contract end date which is usually the last Thursday of every month for Indian market.

All big funds and investment banks use Put Option mostly to hedge their stock holdings to avoid big losses in case stock prices goes down due to any negative sentiment. In Indian capital market Options are highly traded for Index NIFTY and BANK NIFTY.