Thursday 16 May 2019

It’s only words that all I have

Words can’t do justice to high octane impulses running inside me, it seems like even words are hell-bent to betray me. I am still not able to come in terms with “enough is enough”. Where did it all go wrong or maybe it was never right at first place, everything was just an illusion, a web of fantastic imaginations inside my mind.

I have tried everything under the sun to mend this unluckily broken piece of “Knowing each other well”, from being apologetic every time something went wrong even if solely not because of me, to making myself available when I could have made things easier. I have been submissive, taken all insults like it was meant to be good for me in hindsight and no it is not called self-pity, it is called valuing the comradery over personal feelings. I have backed out when I thought that was the best way possible, forced myself to silence when I didn’t want to deteriorate things any further.    

I am running out of excuses to make myself believe that things can still be done to make everything better, even if just not as good as earlier. I never expected too much, never had any hidden motto. Everything was just as casual as it should have been, wonder what made it to be perceived so differently.

It’s not what happened that puzzles me, it’s why it happened that makes me anxious. I wish I knew when it all started to go wrong, I would have done everything to bring it on track but maybe it is too late now. I have mere words to try to put forward things going inside me, I wish I could project everything going inside me on a paper, all the guilt, the deceptions, the helplessness, the affection and honest respect that can never be erased.

The worst distance between 2 people is misunderstanding and there is no unit to measure it than just to realize it. Still hopeful, still mindful!! 

Thursday 2 May 2019

An intentional visit to "By Chance" : Brigade Road

Bangalore has no dearth of options when it comes to restaurants and pubs in various parts of city, but some areas are hub of restaurants and pubs and Brigade Road in one such place. I visited “By Chance” pub over the weekend for some food and alcohol and this place has really cool ambience to make it stand out of other places around.

The outdoor ambience is full of greenery which makes sitting outside a surreal experience in evening. When it comes to variety of food and drinks options, it has something for everyone. This place serves Continental, Chinese, Indian food/starters along with fast-food like Burgers and Pizzas. In alcohol they serve various cocktails and Beers along with hard liquor.

In starters I tried Veg Cheese Nachos, Paneer Chilly, Veg Hara Bhara Kawab and French fries. Nachos was decent in taste with proper and limited use of cheese and nicely made salsa. Paneer Chilly was totally as per expectation with use of fresh crispy paneer balanced rightly in spiciness. It didn’t have much of extra veggies like Capsicum making it good experience to have. Hara Bhara Kawab was prepared nicely and tasted bit different with mint chutney, it had scrumptious filling making it a hunger satiating dish. French-fries was really good and had less salt and spiciness unlike in many other places.    

I also laid my hands on Spinach & Mushroom Sandwich and Veg Farmhouse Pizza. I really liked the sandwich and it was one of the best I have had in recent times in Bangalore. Cheese, Veggies, Onion, everything mixed perfectly and bread was soft enough making it a great combination. Pizza was good in taste, big enough in size but bit disappointing for me as I’m not big lover of Jalapeno 😊  In sweet they serve some amazing north Indian style Gajar Ka halwa and it is must have dessert here.

In Alcohol, I tried Watermelon Martini Cocktail which was prepared decently with Vodka and fresh watermelon. I could feel proper flavor of watermelon along with sourness of Vodka. I also tried Cucumber cooler cocktail which was made with Vodka and cucumber juice. It was ok in taste but use of pepper or some ingredient like that made it bit uneasy to drink.

Overall this place has great ambience when one sits outside in evening. When it comes to cost of food and alcohol it is very reasonable as compare to pubs in same area. Service staff here is mostly decent and “Always happy to serve” type. They also have Web-App when using the inhouse wifi, which can be used to see live menu and order food without waiting to be attended by service person.  

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