Wednesday 21 October 2015

Quit Smartphones sometimes to feel the real togetherness

Almost everyone we know in real or online life says that technology and internet has brought all of us together and made us connected to each other like never before. No doubt that it has helped us in the way where people who are really far can see and talk to their loved ones through video calling sort of things, but has it been able to provide the feel and touch of talking to someone face to face sitting next to each other? The answer will be big NO. In-fact because of overuse of technology and over dependency on it we have lost the real touch of meeting people personally. Many of us spend more time over internet talking to people many of whom may be not even remotely close to us, forgetting the real people around us. It may be friends, relatives, family members or even own kids. 
We should not take our hands off from the technology but clearly there should be some self-regulation we need to apply on how far we are going to use it. As long as it is not hampering our personal life its well and good to use technology. One of the way to make a proper balance between social life over internet and personal life with family and friends is get-together. I am from North India and in that side of India nothing can be a great get-together than the marriage and it brings all friends relatives together, but marriages can’t happen every now and then so we need to have other ways of meeting people personally.

For a regular get-together there can be nothing better than going out with friends and relatives to see the nature around us. I haven’t found a single person so for who doesn’t love nature or doesn’t love going out to hill areas and parks or temples in those remote areas. Spending a day or two with all of them together away from all worries of life is what makes us social animal.Now many people will say there are many other options of getting together too like going for movies and all. Yes that may be true but do we really spend time with each other when we go for a movie? I don’t think so. We actually end up putting more focus on movie in those 2-3 hours than on friends and relatives around us with whom we have come out to spend time. This amazing video ad from Kissan shows what is the real problem we face by being 24*7 connected to our smart phones and how an initiative by just one person can bring all of us together and make us enjoy our life with each other.

The joy of being together, doing things together, learning together and enjoying together is what makes we human different from other species. Nature has given us so many options to do things together and enjoy the time. Go to remote hill areas, go for trekking, go to beaches, go to wildlife sanctuaries and do many more things. There is no dearth of options for us, all we need to do is to stop the internet connection for some time and connect with the people around us. Many say that it is tough to find like-minded people around us but when it comes to loving the nature everyone says same thing and that is “We love the nature”, then why don’t take advantage of this love and spend time with each other with feel of personal touch rather than being obsessed with virtual word all the time.

Sunday 18 October 2015

Words are not important when it comes to Folk Songs

Understanding all Words is not at all important when you can feel the soul of a song and can attach yourself with the singer.Indian folk songs go much beyond the contemporary movie songs in this case and these 2 songs prove this once again.

1. Kenchi :  It is a pahari folk love song. It is based on a true love story of a pahari girl with "Munshi" of a forest contractor and their separation story. Some parts from this song have also been used as Incredible Jammu & Kashmir ad.

2. Mai ni meriye : Mohit Chauhan can make you fall in love over and over again with his voice. This is again a folk love Song from his album Fitoor. It is a song from Himanchal Pradesh his home state.

Sunday 4 October 2015

Gladio - The latest Personal Security Mobile App

There has been a "never satisfactorily answered" question running from really long time on whether technology is boon or bane. People who keep asking these question really have no idea how complex today’s technology has become and keeping that in mind it has become even tougher to answer this question in today’s environment. No-one can pass the perfect judgement whether technology is boon or bane but there are some really cool stuffs being developed regularly that are helping us in big way. Such one cool product is Gladio mobile app developed by Tavant Technologies India Ltd.. 

What is Gladio App ? :

Gladio is a personal security mobile app that can be of great use for anyone who is in danger and looking for help. This app sends a customized SMS to the people whose numbers user has configured in app just at click of a “PUSH” Button. There is also an option to post a Facebook status as soon as anyone uses “PUSH” button. Yes it is as simple as that and not only this even the last location of the person who has pressed the “PUSH” button for help also gets send to the configured numbers and in Facebook Status update.

How Gladio App works ? :

This App has very simple user manual that anyone can understand within few seconds. All user need to do is install the app and setup the app for the first time. This setup includes selecting phone numbers for alert message sending, whether to enable Facebook feature or not and some other settings which are clearly mentioned in the app. If a person has android wear watch then he or she can use Gladio on that watch too.

Once you install the app, at least 1 contact number must be selected to use the app. After setting it up for the first time the app is ready to be used and at home screen of app we will see a big Red PUSH button. As soon as we press the button, count down from 5 to 1 will start giving user the time to cancel the alert sending. This timing interval has been provided to avoid any unintentional Press of PUSH button that might trigger in useless request for help and can create panic situation unnecessarily. Even if the phone is lock, pressing Lock button 8 times regularly will enable the PUSH button press and alert will be send.  

Unique Feature in Gladio :

Well, there are many other apps for almost similar purpose but Gladio has one unique feature of being a Volunteer. Once user enables “I am a Volunteer”  option in the app, that user will agree to become a Volunteer to help anyone in need in his locality. So when the next time someone in that locality needs help and uses Gladio app, the sms alert will be send the nearby user too who has agreed to become Volunteer for that locality even if the needy person doesn’t have the contact number of Volunteer users. This Volunteer feature in its concept can be really good USP for this app as this can increase the chances of a needy person getting help quickly without knowing anyone nearby to his location. 

The Gladio app is currently available for Android only and can be downloaded from Google play store