Tuesday 17 February 2015

5 Most Used Stickers on Viber

Just after recent Valentine week, “Viber”,Pioneer app in mobile messaging, voice and video service has analyzed its sticker sales data across a period of last one year to determine which countries are the most romantic. 

When it comes to declaring love nations choose to express themselves differently and as a picture can express more than what a big sentence or conversation can’t convey , when it comes to saying “I love you” more and people are choosing to say it with a sticker in online world. As per the data analysed by Viber more than 22 billion stickers sent worldwide last year on Viber. They analysed the 10 best-selling stickers in each country in 2014 to determine how many were love-related.

India is among the top performing countries in the love department with five best-selling love stickers being used out of the list of top ten, a kissing couple was the most popular sticker in India, Japan & Germany. The Latin countries were the leaders in the love department. Spain took the number one spot with seven love-related stickers in the top 10 with Italy and France were tied in second place. A kissing couple was the most popular sticker in both the UK and Thailand – one of just two love stickers in the top ten for each country. Russia and Vietnam had similar tastes, with a kissing couple in the top spot, but no other love stickers in the top 10. 

USA was one of only three countries that did not have a love-related message in first place. The most popular sticker in America was Freddie, a cartoon fox, saying ‘Hi’, with only two love-related stickers in its top 10 overall. Love didn’t make it to the top of the charts in The Philippines or Singapore either, although kiss stickers came in second and fourth place respectively. According to the data, romance was not on the agenda in Myanmar – without a single love-sticker in the top 10.

The most used sticker across the world in 2014 was a kissing couple. And, with day-to-day chat becoming more and more romantic, 2015 could well see the ‘Virtual Valentine’ taking over from the traditional greetings card.

Viber app is available for iPhone®, Android™ phones and tablets, Windows Phone, BlackBerry®, Blackberry® 10, Windows®, Windows 8®, Mac, Linux, Symbian, Nokia S40 and it currently has over 500 million unique users in 193 countries. More details of viber can be accessed at below links.

Sunday 8 February 2015

TomTom GPS Sport Watches

TomTom (TOM2), founded in 1991 and one of the leaders in GPS related and navigational products today showcased their new range of GPS Sports watches in Bangalore. These watches are available online on Flipkart to buy. Out of 4 different watches showcased all serves different purpose for different requirements. Specifications range from basic watch model for normal runners to advance Heart rate monitoring watches for athletes.

Common Features For TomTom GPS Sport Watches :

All of these watches helps one track real time information related with timing, distance, pace, Heart rate (In Cardio Watches) and burnt Calories when one is doing any activity. These are very light-weight, water proof, high Resolution , Scratch resistant and sufficiently big display watches that one can use while doing any activity anywhere anytime in any climate.

Some of advantageous feature of these watches includes:
  1. One can check all real time data in different intervals while doing different activities.
  2. Real Time Alerts based on the ranges set before starting the activity for different parameters like Speed, Heart rate (for Cardio watches).
  3. One button control that makes handling these watches smooth while in the activity.
  4. These watches come with Battery backup of over 10 hrs in GPS mode, 8 hrs in GPS+ Heart Rate mode and over 3 weeks in Standby mode.
  5. The data from watches can easily be synced and analyzed with TomTom app on mobile and laptops

     6. GPSFix is one of the unique features which sets the GPS location within 3-5 seconds of the activity.
    7. Easily separable straps in all watches to make it look cool.

TomTom Runner GPS Sport Watch:

Price : 12,999/ INR

This is basic model watch and is made for running activity only. Along with afore-mentioned features of all TomTom GPS sport watches this watch includes:  
  • Second by Seconds comparison of current run with previous runs if one want to see that one is performing better or worse
  • One can set goals related with Time, Pace, Burnt Calories. 
  • One Track run anywhere be it outdoor or indoor and in any climate.

TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Sport Watch:

Price : 15,499/ INR

This watch is advance version of “TomTom Runner Watch”, apart from basic model feature it has some extra features like
  • Built in Heart-rate monitor which provides all information related with Heart rate.
  • One can set a range of Heart Rate and can run in that zone only, watch gives an alert if heart rate lowers or exceeds off the range.
  • It has 5 different levels as called Intensity zone : Sprint, Speed ,Endure, Fat burn and Easy.

TomTom Multisport GPS Sport Watch:

Price : 20,999/ INR

This is a multisport watch made for athletes as it can be used for Running, swimming and cycling activities. Apart from TomTom Runner Watch 
  •  One can track running, Cycling and swimming activity data in one go.
  •  For cycling it has well designed bike mounting option.

TomTom Multisport CARDIO GPS Sport Watch:

Price : 23,499/ INR

This watch is a value added version of TomTom Multisport GPS Sport Watch as it comes with 
  • Built in Heart-rate monitor which provides all information related with Heart rate.
  • One can set a range of Heart Rate and can run in that zone only, watch gives an alert if heart rate lowers or exceeds off the range.
  • It has 5 different levels as called Intensity zone : Sprint, Speed, Endure, Fat, burn and Easy.

Comparison in A-Glance :

As per Kavita Nath, Country Manager, TomTom India, “Running is an important part of the changing life-style of the young, upwardly mobile Indian”, Our research suggests that access to real time information during a run is one of the easiest ways for a runner to improve their performance, making the GPS watch an essential part of any runner’s kit.