Saturday 22 May 2010

Biggest Air mishap after 1996 in India

First of all my grievances to all of them who lost there loved ones and may soul of who got killed rest in peace. We have more worse runways in Kargil and leh in J & K but there is no other option we have to make runway broad. But here in Manglore the runway was at such a dangerous position , even a slight mistake could have caused a blunder like what have happened.A tyre burst is not such a great cause of a big accident. Do we not have enough suitable land to make big and broad runways.If it had been a broad runway and not had been so near to a valley,fatality of accident would have been much lesser.We could not say anything surely until what is ATC officials point of view is known to us.But why ATC is not making any statement after 10 hrs of mishap. Is there some thing unpleseant in part of ATC ? Like to know as soon as possible

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Water Crisis in India

In India , population is growing as if a women doesn't need 9 months to give birth to a infant.Every Second , a new Indian takes birth, but he/she doesn't know that what he is going to see in future and especially about Water. If This is the level of Water Crisis now, then what will be in future with global warming and pollution ? .Is our future generation is so unlucky that they will not get entity called water without which no one can survive.
In every city, no matter whether near a river or far from a river, Water level has decreased horribly. Even in metro cities, Rich people are not getting water regularly. In Gurgaon ,Delhi , Noida, Hyderabad and even in tier-2 and 3 cites water is main problem and without water power crisis also exists.If we don't wake up now , it will be too late. Remember one thing that "we can't generate water, It can come only from Cloud".

Solutions : 1. Rain water harvesting is there , but no one is implementing it , and none of the government is forcing to implement it.This technique can solve half of our water related problems.

2. Proper maintenance of Resources like tanks and pipelines. In Mumbai 20 % of drinkable water gets wasted every year due to bad pipelines and leakages.

3. Patronage of our lakes, Dams and rivers.Number of lakes in India have reduced to 40 % as it were 50 years back.Without storage medium how can you store water.

4. Proper Recycling of used water , we should try to recycle used water at every town level and if possible at mohhalla level...Drinking water should have different stores and medium to travel

5. Awareness among people about water use.We should not use Drinking water to clean our cars and other things.And we should not allow others to waste water as if it will never end.

6. Last but not the least , Main cause is population unless we control our population we can't solve any of our problem,.

Saturday 8 May 2010

Future of Kasab

Kasab has got Death sentence in lower court and hope it will be carried out in higher courts too. So what we Indian gain from it.I hope we get something. What ? Instant satisfaction for sure, but not the complete satisfaction. We spend 2 lakh/ day on kasab.If he had been hanged after 1 month when he got caught, it would have saved 25 crores of tax payers money.Now we are going to spent crores of rupees for next at least one year.Who is responsible for wastage of so much money.our system,Terrorism, Pakistan ?