Saturday 24 January 2015

Random Thoughts V 1.0

I just want to write something but I don’t know what I want to, yes its damn oxymoron sort of feeling. Let me try to phrase it out in some way that makes sense to me at-least if not to you. It is about some randomly sprouted routine feelings.  Life takes turns every moment, sometime upwards and sometime downwards, it is up-to individuals whether they recognize it or not, whether they react or just wait for it to pass. Imagine you feeling down because of something that is not in your control, how would you react or how should you react? Can you just go ahead like a super hero and change everything? Or it is like a movie where everything gets settled within just 3 hrs. No it is none of those. It is life and it it’entouted some random feelings wnwardsor it to pass.t 3 hrs . No it'hing ? or i u  you react or how should i s the harsh reality of life.

There will be times when you are alone in some way, and then only you will get to know about reality, don’t believe it? Just try it once. Sit alone in peace for 15 mins without TV/Mobile/friends, just be alone. No matter how much you try to avoid, the reality of life will occupy most of your thought in those 15 mins and mostly it will be negative unless you have attained Nirvana. 

Now after knowing all this how to get over it? Is there any standard procedure to follow? No there is none in my knowledge. It will just happen itself. Just be patient, be in limits and most important be realistic. Just remember you are dealing in a world where you have nothing in your control except yourself. You can’t force someone to change themselves for you, either change yourself  or exchange last pleasantries and move on to find someone else at some other place with some other hopes J

To be Continued ………..