Tuesday 27 December 2016

Tata Hexa Experience - Bangalore 2016

I have been blogging and tweeting actively for over 3 years now and have covered many events in this time, so invitation to attend Tata Hexa event in Bangalore came like any normal invite for me. I was excited for it like for any other event but after going through all details I was bit more excited especially with the promise of getting  chance for “Off Road drive experience”.

On 24th December as scheduled I was there along with many fellow bloggers and the place was full with Car enthusiasts of Bangalore who came at venue to experience new Tata Hexa. After doing with formalities of registration we were let loose to roam around the venue and feel the vibe there. The event had different Tata Unit stalls like Croma,Tata Motor Finance, Tata Value Homes and at the center of venue was the brand new Tata Hexa. This black car was attraction point of everyone and all of them got opportunity to see the car from inside as well. From inside Hexa really looked spacious enough for a family including good space at back for luggage and from outside it looked really decent.

There was Digital Zone where one could experience Tata Hexa car inside out including all the features just by sitting on a computer and also Tata has launched “Tata Hexa” app with which anyone can see all feature on their phone. One can see specification of everything from minor to major related to car and also can operate those to see how it works, for example one can use Light option to change color of light inside car and immediately the backseat light will become of that selected color.

Tata Hexa Digital Zone

Exploring Tata Hexa digitally
There was also kids zone to make it a perfect family outing. There were few games for kids to make them feel part of the event and next to that was Pet Adoption drive where stray dogs were put for adoption as a noble cause and that place was getting many eyeballs of pet lovers.  

Pet Adoption drive
One of the best part of this event was great music being played continuously with different singers and band performing. We spent more than 1 hours sitting there and just listening to some melodious singing.

Then it was time for stuff that I have been waiting for and that was the crux of Hexa Experience event, It was time to go for “Off Road drive” experience in new Tata Hexa Car. When I had filled the declaration form while registering I was asked to sign a bond that if something goes wrong Tata Motors wouldn’t be responsible and as soon as I reached by side of ground where the drive was happening I felt that the form filling was genuine, yes the drive looked really risk prone and tough from outside and it was not for everyone. 

Glimpse of  Off road drive experience
There was inclined hill like ramp, a muddy road full of water, driving over Stairs, driving on 30 degree side inclined road and driving on rough surface made with tyres and bricks. If I have to describe this experience in one word then it must be “Thrilling”.  Driver was expert enough to drive through these placed obstacles while explaining us qualities and uniqueness of Tata Hexa car. While sitting inside the disturbance was not much felt as Car has been designed keeping such tough terrain in mind. The suspension, the seating space and the height of car was good enough to make traveler comfortable while driving on any type of road or even off road. Here is the video of off road experience in new Tata Hexa.

Overall the event was somewhat different from other events that I had attended including some of car companies. Getting personal experience of Car’s capability and uniqueness made it exciting, so if you love going on trips with family then this Tata Hexa car is for you and if you and your family has adrenal rush then it is must have car for you.  

Find my tweets related to the event at #HexaExperience

Sunday 11 December 2016

#BergerXP Indiblogger Meetup - Change the way you Paint

We all love painting, don’t we? Even if we suck in it, given a brush and few colors we would paint something which would definitely look colorful. Well, painting on art paper is much easier than painting a house in terms of effort, precision and way of painting. We all have witnessed the pain of our house getting painted once in few years. It is such cumbersome, time taking and get- dirty process that many of us detest to go for painting for our house.

Berger Paints, one of India’s leading paint brand has decided to solve this problem for us with its Express Painting feature. We bloggers of Bengaluru were invited for meetup with Express Painting team of Berger Paints hosted by Indiblogger on 10th December to get to know more about Express Painting and the event was full of informative session and painting related activities.

The meetup started with some nice lunch along with networking opportunity for bloggers and then it was time for the real stuff for which we were invited. Indiblogger team introduced few of the bloggers randomly by identifying them with their Twitter accounts to make moment lighter before Berger Paint team starts their presentation.

Representing Berger Paints team was Chandranath Banerjee – Service Head – Express Painting and he explained about how this idea of Express Painting came into consideration and how they went ahead with it when no other competitor was willing to try it. As any new idea is just a thought to solve an existing problem, so was Express Painting which was to solve the problem of normal house painting process which is messy, tiring and very slow.

Chandranath Banerjee,Service Head – Express Painting

About Express Painting:

Express painting uses skilled painters along with specifically designed tools to paint houses and buildings and the best thing about this is that it is cost effective. The main moto of “Express painting” is to make panting less hazardous, faster, cleaner and better. As per Chandranath Banerjee, the amount of time it takes to paint anything with express painting is 40 to 50% less than what it takes in usual way of painting and in this way it also reduces the labor cost which is major factor in deciding cost of entire painting process. For specific purposes Express Painting team uses different kind of tools like SANDING MACHINE, MULTIPURPOSE MIXER, AUTO ROLLER, HIGH PRESSURE WASHER and AIRLESS PAINT SPRAYER.

Different tools that are used for Express Painting 

Some of the benefits of Express Painting in their own words:
  • 40 percent faster than traditional painting
  • Trained painters for efficient and better painting
  • Cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines keep your house dust-free
  • Better coverage and smoothness guaranteed each time
  • All these benefits and more offered at no additional cost


Like many other Indiblogger meetups, this was filled with activities too and this time it was time for some hard work along with the fun part. The first activity was to smoothen a rough surface coated with some white paint using scrubbers. This activity was to make us feel how hard and time taking is the manual old process of painting and to our surprise we did finish it in quick time :)

The second activity was to do some painting on art paper using any of the themes and our team painted on theme “Colors of India” and it was appreciated by both Berger Paints and Indiblogger team. The painting was done using paints and colors of brand Berger Paints and we were given a brief about how to mix water, paint and colors to make it smooth for painting, the same way experts at Berger Paints do. 

The event ended with winners getting cool vouchers like in any other Indiblogger meetup and thanks to Berger Paints team and Indiblogger team for smooth conduct of entire event and it was a great way to spend weekend for all of us. All tweets related to event can be found on twitter at #BergerXP and don't forget to checkout this really funny TV ad of Express Painting. 

*All Pics credit to Indiblogger Facebook Page. 

Friday 2 December 2016

IBall Karaoke Barrel and Musi Barrel BT31 Portable Bluetooth speakers

iBall, known for its innovative and latest technology products, adds yet another exciting range of Portable Bluetooth Speakers with “iBall Karaoke Barrel and Musi Barrel BT31". Like the nickname suggests, thanks to its uniquely designed barrel shape, the speaker drives audio in multiple directions, which helps create a more immersive soundscape – Nothing but Crisp, POWERFUL sound around you.

Designed specifically for portability and on-the-go use, both speakers have an easy to carry strap handle accentuated by its lightweight design which make them incredibly compact and perfect for travel. Various controls have also been integrated on the speakers itself to allow seamless manual control.

iBall Musi Barrel BT31: Equipped with a powerful 4” Woofer and 2” Satellite Drivers that offers high-sensitivity and dynamic range, the iBall Musi Barrel BT31 ensures every detail of your vocal performance will come through loud and clear in both soft ballads and rock numbers. Giving you a rich and crystal clear audio output, the iBall Musi Barrel BT31 Bluetooth Speakers have soothing and strong sound 11W RMS total output speaker drivers to give you a distortion-free sound. Furthermore, the built-in rechargeable battery allows the speakers to give you a playtime of up to 4 hours.

Enabling you to play music from any Bluetooth enabled device, the iBall Musi Barrel BT31 Speakers host extensive connectivity options to give you full-fledged entertainment. You can enjoy your favorite tunes using the 3.5 mm Aux cable or plug Micro SD Card directly into the speakers bringing uninterrupted entertainment. Likewise, you also have FM Radio playback in the speakers ensuring an undivided user experience.

iBall Karaoke Barrel : Now invite all your friends for a karaoke night and sing your heart out with the iBall Karaoke Barrel speaker that is optimized to handle all music genres, bringing both balanced depth and sound for a powerful listening experience.

Equipped with a powerful 6” Driver that offers high-sensitivity and dynamic range, the iBall Karaoke Barrel ensures every detail of your vocal performance will come through loud and clear in both soft ballads and rock numbers. What’s more? You also get a Mic free with the iBall Karaoke Barrel, which supports 2 wired Mic simultaneously giving you the freedom to team up with your best friend and sing the song you have been humming all week long.  The speaker also boasts a LED Display to highlight the details and working status.
Giving you a rich and crystal clear audio output, the iBall Karaoke Barrel Bluetooth Speaker have a strong and powerful bass with 15W RMS total output speaker drivers to give you a loud and distortion-free sound. Furthermore, the built-in rechargeable battery allows the speakers to give you a playtime of up to 5 hours. The iBall Karaoke Barrel Bluetooth Speakers enables you to play music from any Bluetooth enabled extensive connectivity options to give you full-fledged entertainment. You can groove to favorite tuneswith several extensive connectivity options such as the 3.5 mm Aux cable, USB Pen Drive or SD Card directly into the speakers bringing uninterrupted entertainment. Likewise, you also have FM Radio playback in the speakers ensuring an undivided user experience.

It’s time to carry Music in Style with iBall Karaoke Barrel at MRP of just ₹4,325/- and Musi Barrel at MRP of just ₹2,625/-.These product arenow available in leading retail stores across India.

Saturday 22 October 2016

The Mega Launch event by LeEco

This is press release for mega launch event by LeEco in SAN FRANCISCO on October 19, 2016

LeEco™ officially launched its disruptive ecosystem model in the U.S., which breaks boundaries between screens to seamlessly deliver content and services on a wide array of connected smart devices – including smartphones, TVs, smart bikes, virtual reality and electric self-driving vehicles.

At the “Ignite the Eco World” event, LeEco hosted more than 1,700 media, analysts, industry partners, consumers and employees to unveil its open, integrated Internet ecosystem consisting of platform, content, apps and the stunning array of connected smart devices that bring it to life.  LeEco offers a unique model that puts users at the center of the ecosystem with disruptive pricing that makes premium devices affordable to all, and a feedback process that helps to refine the experience and define future products and offerings. 

“We have created a new business model that will lead the next era of technology – the ecosystem era. We are disrupting several categories and changing the paradigm by breaking down barriers and boundaries between industries and screens to create a better experience and more value for both individuals and industries,” said YT Jia, Founder, Chairman and CEO of LeEco.  “I know the road ahead is long and arduous but life is about constantly exploring the unknown, and I believe that if you dare to dream what 99% believe is impossible you’ve earned the right at that 1% chance to be successful.”

It’s UP2U

With the User Planning to User (UP2U™) program, LeEco gives users a voice in how the ecosystem evolves, and the opportunity to co-create the experience and the next-generation of LeEco products. 

When individuals share feedback with LeEco via user trials, social channels, on-device apps and at events, their comments are shared with the User Experience Center (UEC) and research & development (R&D) teams to influence product updates and shape future offerings.

“We developed the UP2U model to let users directly influence how our products and services evolve.  We have a dynamic process for gathering and implementing the feedback into every aspect of our business from design, R&D and software, to pricing and even the content we deliver,” said Rob Chandhok, Chief R&D Officer for LeEco North America. “Because our software ties everything together and the content continues to grow, our devices and the experience continually get better.”

A Truly Connected Lifestyle

LeEco’s revolutionary Ecosystem User Interface (eui) is an intuitive interface that unifies our ecosystem with two core principles: breaking device boundaries and putting content at the heart of the experience. The eui experience transcends all boundaries providing seamless interconnectivity across all LeEco devices by removing the barriers between software, hardware, platform, content and apps.  It is the answer to the fragmented user experience.

The definitive TV experience, the LeLIVE™ app delivers your favorite TV channels with a simple touch on the home screen. LeLIVE gives you an unmatched TV viewing experience for provocative and outrageous entertainment on nine simultaneous screens in the palm of your hand.

Premium Devices with Disruptive Value
  • LeEco is the leading Internet TV brand and the fastest growing smartphone brand in China as a result of its disruptive approach of delivering great content seamlessly to premium devices that are affordable for all.
  • A 2 year warranty for LeEco ecophones and 3 years for ecotvs.
  • 5TB of cloud storage on LeCloud, and unlimited storage for photos and videos  Unlimited movie viewing on Fandor
  • Exclusive sale days on™ and priority customer service
  • Discounted prices for many add-on content partners featured in LeApp


Ecophones are the next-generation of smartphones that put content front-and-center to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience.  With eui, the Le and LIVE apps offer a lineup of content including a dynamic preview display, and a 3x3 mosaic of streaming content. Personalization is another key element. With eui, ecophone users can access LeView, a “minus one screen” experience that puts tailored content, customized to your viewing preferences, just one swipe away from the home screen.  With eui, content is always only one click away.  LeEco will launch two ecophones in the U.S. that will begin selling at on Nov. 2. 

Le Pro3 is LeEco’s flagship ecophone that combines beautiful design, powerful performance and a unique way to consume content.  With a 5.5-inch screen and sleek design, the Le Pro3 features fine, brushed metal backing and a tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass screen with 2.5D curved edges for a smooth finish. The Le Pro3 sports premium audio features, including dual speakers, surround sound powered by Dolby Atmos® and Continual Digital Lossless Audio (CDLA) technology. The Le Pro3 offers incredible, long-lasting performance thanks to a powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 821 processor and a category leading 4070mAh battery. The Le Pro3 also features a 16 MP rear-facing camera for vivid photos, panoramas and videos in 4K; and an 8 MP front-facing camera perfect for capturing selfies. The Le Pro3 comes in gold and gray, and will sell for $399. It also includes a 3-month free EcoPass membership.


Ranging in screen sizes, LeEco’s TV’s are one of China’s leading smart TV brands, selling more than 7 million units over the past three years.

The ultimate experience in home cinema, the uMax85 boasts a huge 85-inch display housed in a slim industrial design packed with superior technology features including industry-leading Full Array, 448 Active Local Dimming Zones, HDR, Dolby Vision™, Fluid Motion 1920 Display Technology and Harmon Kardon® Audio.

The artfully designed Super4 X Series houses premium technology in an ultra-slim frame built from the finest-grade aluminum alloy materials and features an ultra-narrow bezel. Available in a range of screen sizes including 43, 55 and 65 inches.  These ecotvs feature HDR, Harman Kardon speakers and 3GB RAM and 32GB* of storage. 
  • 43-inch - $649 with 3-month free EcoPass membership
  • 55-inch - $899 with 12-month free EcoPass membership
  • 65-inch - $1,399 with 12-month free EcoPass membership

More Innovative Technologies, Built for Today’s Life and Tomorrow’s Lifestyles

The company showcased its category-defining LeEco Super Bike, an Android smart bike that offers security, connectivity and an industry-defining smart riding system. The LeEco Super Bike is the only smart bike equipped with laser lane markers, for a high-tech take on safety. Advanced features include a smart riding system, fingerprint identification, a smart lock, two-way radio, sensor group and power management system. With the Super Bike we are launching a special UP2U program designed to capture and implement user feedback for the next generation products. 

Thursday 20 October 2016

Habitat Eden Heights - The place you want to live in

My visit to Habitat Eden Heights came more from curiosity. Promises of ‘well thought through amenities’ to ‘wide open spaces’ were made. So, I did myself a favour and accepted the invitation to attend their launch. That being said Habitat Eden Heights was a very convincing experience. As you walk through the boulevard, you cannot miss the badminton courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, with enough green surrounding them.

These facilities are perfectly designed and I could picture myself unwinding over the weekend over a good game. It was almost nostalgic. Back in school, I remember how we used to make use of every opportunity to play. Gobbling our lunches as fast as possible so we could spend more time playing numerous sports.

As per me it is the perfect fit for a sports enthusiast like myself. A sports-zone with floodlights! Well-lit to make ‘playing after sundown’ more accommodating to my tight schedule. Another addition, among many, is the well designed and modern gym, at the sky clubhouse. What a statement!

Being architect developers, it is safe to say that these guys have put in thought to every square inch of this property. Although this property is located on Hoodi main road, 200 mts off Hoodi Circle, the homes are nestled deep within the property, keeping the traffic noise to a bare minimum.

Whitefield, is a booming part of the city. With the best of the malls close by and some amazing restaurants, that are on my list of favourites, this part of the city is the ‘it’ place to live in for a young family.

All in all, a fun day spent with loads of activities, a live RJ from Radio One and very eager families who were excited about the idea of living at Habitat’s Eden Heights. Eden Heights is a delightful home to be in a soon to be paradise.

If your interest is as peaked as mine, follow this link to know more

Sunday 18 September 2016

Technolution - The Future of Smart Cities

Since the new Modi government came into power in May 2016, we have been hearing a lot about Smart Cities. There has been great buzz around which are most likely to be smart cities in India whereas government has already proposed name of few cities based on different criteria. Now all of this sounds so romantic and catchy to us but are we really ready to make our cities smart cities. Though there can be different level and type of smart cities but there are some minimum aspects that must be in every such city. Technolultion event organized by Mind Ignited was one such event where we got to know about requirements to make a city Smart city and how that smart city status can be sustained in long run.

Event started with some beat boxing performance by Emcee of the show Vineeth to get crowd excited for the evening and then it was turn of the first speaker of the evening, Mr Bernard Charles, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer Dassault Systèmes . He has been working on Data points and simulation for last so many years and as per him the same simulation logic must be applied in case of smart cities not only to develop  smart cites but also to predict sustainably of those smart cities. Smart cities must be Vertical like human body and he cited example of Paris as such vertical city. Simulation needs lots of data inputs to predict the future requirement of a smart city, which can go to as low as where to plant trees in that city keeping future growth in mind. The Noise level, the traffic, altitude all play essential role in making of a smart city and simulation is must to predict future of smart cities on these parameters. He shared examples of few of cities globally those have used these simulation technique and have benefited a lot to cater future need of its citizen. The best part of simulation is that it can create multiple scenarios in one go and predict the outcome accordingly and then it is up to the administration on how to take decision on that outcome.

Then it was turn of Harini Nagendra, writer of Book “Nature in the City” and who has worked excessively on Urban evolution to talk about ecological viability of smart cities and what needs to be done to differentiate those from normal cities that are not so ecological. She showcased different statistics from across the world and especially India on how our cities have evolved sacrificing ecological aspect. City like Bengaluru city where precious lakes are frothing and now it is the 3rd most air polluted city in India. It has developed leaps and bounds but by sacrificing ecological aspect. A city can never become smart city if it can’t let its citizen breathe fresh air, drink clean water and let them live in less noisy environment. She explained how cities across globe have developed so rapidly in last few years but failed to cater need of a good environment.

Vishal Chahal of IBM Watson talked about what role industries will play in future of smart cities. The new advancement that will take place in Artificial intelligence will play a key role in how future of smart cities will be like.  He quoted several examples of how systems and machines will be self-activated tasking decisions on its own rather than depending on some server somewhere on cloud system. Systems will predict things in advance rather than individuals asking for it. He concluded his presentation with comments that almost all technical ingredients of smart city in future will be cognitive.

The last presentation was by Divakar Vaish who is one of the genius minds in India when it comes to Robotics and is developer of India’s first ever indigenous robot “Manav” and also word’s first brain controlled wheel chair. He explained about robotics industry has grown up on Artificial intelligence and cognitive intelligence and the next step will be to master Real Intelligence which is probably at first step of its growth. Artificial intelligence has grown up leaps and bounds when it comes to robotics and has given great results too but Real intelligence is future of robotics and machine system. In real intelligence system robots and machines will be able to take decision ion its own rather than being programmed to react. As per him it is still a long distant dream to fully conquer Real Intelligence but things in robotics industry are going in right direction. He showed few of his developments related to it where robots could replicate what a normal person does just with use of brain sensors. The brain controlled chair is one such creation and many more are yet to come soon in near future.

There were session By Saumya Lohia Agarwal on how not only Public-Private collaboration is needed to get things done, it is time for individuals to get involved actively on individual basis as well. Event also had a soulful and melodious musical performance by VarijaShree Venugopal who is award winning singer and flutist.  

More information of the event and videos can be found at Mind Ignited facebook page.

Thursday 1 September 2016

Reliance Jio - The First-hand experience

Reliance JIO, the new entrant in Indian telecom sector has created buzz like never before. Even before going live commercially without spending much on advertisement it has got on nerves of other service providers. Rolling out of preview offer of all its services including premium ones and word of mouth publicity has worked for Reliance JIO in perfect way.

I got access to Reliance JIO last Saturday and been on it since then and trying all apps along with its data services. I enabled Jion network as hotspot and connected 2 cellphones and 1 laptop with it and didn't find any data speed slowness issue. The Speed is better than other service provider like Airtel, but that is not only thing that makes JIO different. It has come up with some amazing apps for different purpose under its My JIO app. Jio Cinema for HD Movies, Jio Beats for Music, Jio Play for Online TV, JioXpress for News, Jio Mags for Online Magazine, Jio Drive for Online free storage, Jio Net for accessing its hotspot data, Jio money for Online wallet, Jio Join for Call and Chat. I tried almost all of its apps except Jio Join and Jio Money and must say that I loved few of those.

JioCinema has Movie collection in HD version and with many languages and categorized in different ways. It has movies form old era to 90s to latest released and when I watched few of those movies it played without buffering. It keeps track of movies you play so that you can resume playing it once you get time.

Jio Play has more than 250 TV channels online all of which you can access free for time being except few sports channels that needs Hotstar premium account. It also keeps history of last week shows that you can watch anytime. I played CNBC TV18 for continuous 3 hrs and didn’t see any lag in live streaming. It has channels in various languages to cater need of people from all regions.

Jio Beats is one app that I loved the most purely because of amazing content it possesses. It is online music playing app along with curated Radio. The category of Songs it has is really amazing with songs ranging from 50s and 60s till latest hits in different languages and genre, all categorized in simple way for anyone to access. It also gives you access to a good collection of Indian classical music from almost all world renowned artists like Ustad Bismillah Khan, Pandit Jasraj and Zakir Hussain. It has Sufi music, it has Qawwali, it has music for kids, music for dance, music for travelling and so many, all categorized properly for easy access and navigation. One can create playlist and download songs to play offline.

JioMags gives access to various online Magazines like Femina, FilmFare , Business today. Once you download a Magzine you can read it anytime. JioXpress opens up world of online news for users with access to curated news that can be customized easily by users too. JioNet gives you access to use JIO’s hotspot that are there at various places within cities. JioDrive gives you access to 100 GB of free cloud storage for anytime access. 

With such reasonable pricing and such vast content satisfying needs of different type of users, I think JIO is here to stay for longer run. Reliance Industries has spent almost 1.5 Lakh Crore Rupees for Jio so I hope they won’t leave any stone unturned to make it a grand and sustainable success.

And YES , Enjoy Everything Free…. Only if you get access to a Jio Sim :)

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Going down the Memory lane - The Trip It was

Writing about past holiday or vacation trips is so nostalgic, no?  Especially when you have had some of the best moments of your life in that trip and for me it was no different. Now Before i start sharing about that one trip and get into nostalgia let me point out that there are many aspects one has to keep in mind and one of the most important is “less budget” when it comes to going on a trip in college time. I had one such trip during last days of my college life and just before our final exams ( yes you read it right :) )

Let me share it from beginning on how it was planned to how it panned out. It was in April of 2009, our last year in college in Lucknow when we 9 friends planned for a trip before exam and before we get separated. We planned for short 2 days trip to Uttrakhand which was about 400 KMs from Lucknow. We had planned to view Purnagiri temple and some other hill areas nearby and while returning to Lucknow we had planned to see nearby places if time permitted. We hired an Inova car that was good enough for 9 of us and started the journey from Lucknow taking all friends on-board one by one. As few of us were not staying with family, rest of the friends brought some food that would be used if needed and with playing some religious songs in car we started the journey in dark summer night of April.

We started the journey from within the city at around 10 PM and after 1 hour we were on highway but just to meet some massive traffic jam because of heavy trucks. In hot summer it was getting intolerable to sit in car just to see it crawling but as it was our first and may be last trip we didn’t feel much bothered. As few of our friends were smokers, very soon we halted for some tea and smoke to relieve ourselves. After few kilometers the highway was clear and the cool wind kissing our face made us immensely comfortable. Travelling in dark in night with moon on top and cool wind blowing was one hell of a bliss feeling.

We reached to base of Purnagiri Hill next day morning and fell in aww of the scenes around that was full of greenery, clean fountain water and sky without sunshine. The April season was not the best season to go there as it does rain many times because of it being hill area and it was no surprise for us.  We decided to go to other side of base of hill with Car and driving slowly over slops and overflowing water we reached that side. It was around 10 AM and after breakfast we decided to go up for temple visit, the main place for our trip. It was about 10 KMs round ways full of stones and full of water over flowing from small fountains. We made it to top with more than 10 stoppages and got spent good time there as crowd was less. We spent around 6-7 hours there relaxing and viewing the scenery and trust be it was nothing less than feeling of bliss.

We decided to leave from there in night time only so that we can beat morning traffic and see some other places. As we were still on top of hill we started to come down in evening around 7 PM in dark with help of torch lights and sticks.I can still not forget the horror and feeling adrenaline rush of those 4-5 hrs. We managed to come down safely and after some rest and food left from the place.We were on highway back again but just to see our trouble time getting started with Car. Tyre got flat more than 6 times and with no service around we had to mange it somehow which consumed all of our time. Each time tyre got flat, one person had to go with Driver to make it repair while rest of us lied on roads or went into near by farm land and villages.It made the trip bit awkward but as friends were around it turned out to be more fun. In night time we reached our home full tired and busted into bed within no time. 

I am planning one more trip to same place with new/old friends just to relive memory of those days, this time probably with Domestic Airlines  as I am staying in Bangalore and distance is too much to travel by train.  

Monday 22 August 2016

SuperNova Gaming Carnival - Bengaluru Edition

NovaPlay, one of the leading Indian brand when it comes to computer gaming recently had “SuperNova Gaming Carnival” in Bengaluru. The carnival that attracted hundreds of gaming fans took place at Loft 38 Indira Nagar on 3rd July. The event had not only pro gaming fans but also casual game lovers like me and fans were not let down by NovaPlay team as the event was not contained to just gaming, it had music, comedy and some seriously cool sports entertainment where few of the game enthusiasts got chance to dress like their favorite gaming character and showcase their love for these characters to fans.


This gaming carnival is multicity and will be happening in other cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. The carnival recognizes best gaming talent in India and the best of those talents will be getting awarded with cash prizes worth 5 lacs per city. To make event of high standard and fair to everyone, all the competitions are being judged by FIESTA, official eSports governing body of India. In Bengaluru edition of event, 150+ teams each of 5 members took part in preliminary rounds and finally 8 teams made it to finals.  

Amitesh Rao, CEO of NovaPlay who himself was taking charge of event said “We are delighted to launch first of its kind multicity gaming carnival intended to create a larger gaming community in India. Such events will give a platform to professional gamers to showcase their talent and get recognized to a bigger audience and I am sure it will help in taking Indian gaming industry to a new level soon”.

The main goal of hosting such events is bring game lovers who are scattered all over to a common platform and give them a sense of pride of being the best in country in gaming aspect. As per NovaPlay this is just one of the event and they are going to take many more such initiatives to cater the need of game lovers all across India. The event had Abish Mathew, member of team AIB performing some amazing comedy gigs to make game enthusiasts laugh. This was followed by DJ night with DJ Blot and Vachan Chinnappa.

More details about NovaPlay and all such events can be accessed at and also on its Twitter account and Facebook Page.

- All Pictures credit to NovaPlay Facebook Page.

Zebronics launches its 21.5inch LED Monitor ZEB-A22HD – Pure Pixel

This is press release for LED Monitor launch by Zebronics.

Zebronics, a brand known for its diversified technological innovations to create enriching experiences, makes another addition to its ergonomic range of LED Monitors with ‘Pure Pixel’ designed with crisp full HD resolution & 500000:1 contrast ratio that delivers deeper blacks, more brilliant whites and richer colours for clearer & vibrant images, truly the “pure pixel” experience!

Featuring ultra slim, and sleek profile Zeb Pure pixel sports a glossy front panel and stand, adding modern look to your space. With 1920x1080 resolution and 5ms response time, it produces clear images with accurate color tones and rich tonal balance. Designed to bring minimal stress to your eyes, watch full HD movies or play graphic-intensive games with brilliant picture quality, its time to go big & bold with its 16:9 Wide angle display.

Key Features
·         Super Slim Design
·         Built –in power supply
·         Built –in HDMI
·         Built –in speaker
·         Wall  mountable

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director-Zebronics says, “We are thrilled to bring our latest LED Monitor Pure Pixel, as the name suggests it shall bring the purest viewing experience at pocket friendly prices. It’s been designed as per the needs of the growing generation – low on power consumption & high on viewing comfort.”

Enjoy smooth images even during the fast moving gaming scenes. Pure Pixel features high response time to minimize input latency and dramatically reduces image tearing during gaming. With its 5ms response time one shall witness the fastest on screen motion, clearly and smoothly with less judder and ghosting. Balancing the good looks, & elevating the level of enjoyment are the several inbuilt options namely speaker for sound, HDMI port which saves you lot of hassle and the inbuilt power supply.

Offering you unmatched flexibility and freedom, Pure pixel could be easily tilted and adjusted as per your viewing angle. It could also be Wall mounted as per your comfort. Powered with Full HD resolution, fast response time and 500000:1 contrast ratio, the product is available with leading retail and etail stores in India.

About Zebronics:

Established in 1997 and headquartered at Chennai, Zebronics has one of the industry’s widest line-up of products Computers peripherals and Consumer Electronics Totalling to 25 product categories and more than 350 SKUs. Zebronics range of products encompasses Chassis/Cabinets, Speakers, Tablet pc, PC power supply, Portable media players, Headphone, Keyboard & Mouse, LED Monitors, UPS, Gaming Accessories, TV Tuners, Add-on Cards, Computer accessories, Laptop accessories, LED Televisions and  Surveillance products. Zebronics has received more than 52 industry awards.

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Urban Forest : Serenity of Forest Within Luxury of City

Each one of us loves nature and wants to be close to it as much as possible. Ask anyone whether they love nature, the greenery and the peace and fresh air around that greenery and almost all would say a big YES. In an ideal world all of this would have been possible easily but in fast growing societies where greenery is getting sacrificed for development, it is getting really tough to maintain such natural environment in our neighborhood. We have to travel hundreds of Kilometers from our cities to see the forest and enjoy its green cover. The natural environment that should be with us every single day has now become a far distance reality and we see it once in week or once in a month when we go out of our cities for trips.

Urban Forest, a project from Alembic Real Estate Developers is one unique residential apartment project that is planned in a way to bring Forest and nature to your neighborhood. It is being developed to give both, comfort of a nice home and the serenity of forest. The importance of living around greenery and forest has clearly been top priority of Urban Forest Project development group and they are working hard to make sure that it is not just for a showpiece. I was invited by Alembic real estate as part of their event and the Model view of Urban Forest project which I got to see there showcased the clear idea behind the project. I don’t know which other project from any other builder in Bengaluru has so much focus on providing complete green cover around apartments. I even got chance to see a model apartment and outside view from rooms looked scenic and soothing to eye.   

Urban Forest Residential Project Model  
There are many unmatchable advantages of staying in apartments that has such surroundings like the Urban Forest:
  • It makes you more immune from all sort of pollution of city which in turn helps you in being physically and mentally healthy. 
  • It has been scientifically stated that greenery reduce negative energy from its surrounding and it helps in person becoming calmer.
  • It can help in creating great bonding among neighbors especially among kids as kids love to play in such environment.
  • One won’t need to travel every week or month away from cities to see the greenery and enjoy its beauty, all one need to do is step out of home and enjoy the nature.
  • It makes you more aware about nature and its benefit, you start loving it more and then end up in trying to protect it as much as possible not only in your neighborhood but also in other parts of city. It makes the kids aware about value of greenery and helps them in becoming a responsible citizen in future.
The Inside view 
The picnic was organized by Alembic real estate team for its existing clients and potential clients at its Urban Forest project location in Whitefield. The event was not only to showcase the project with a model 3 BHK apartment but also to make people aware about what being close to nature and forest can bring to their life. The event had many activities for kids and even some for their parents. Activities like Pottery, crafting, creative sandwich making, all at a place that had trees, green grass and spacious ground which is becoming very rare to find in a city like Bengaluru.

The Fun place for all activities
The kids were given different tasks from Pottery to dance to sandwich making and they were all thrilled to get involved in all of those. They danced, they sang, they mimicked and all this made the event as refreshing as the surroundings at Urban Forest project location. The happiness on face of kids while doing activities and calmness and relaxed expression on face of parents was enough to make us believe that how much they value a calm and green environment.

The creative Sandwich making contest was one of the best activity which didn't just involve kids but also their parents. They got few mins to make a sandwich with as much creativity as they can and finally 4 winners were given prizes by Alembic Real Estate team.

The event had some really yummy Barbeque lunch for all of us and it was a different feeling of bliss to eat super tasty Barbeque lunch in an open green field surrounded with big trees.

The event was about to end but before that we got to to know that they have organized a musical event while we were enjoying our lunch and it turned out to be a Guitarist playing some melodious tunes for us. Those tunes and songs made the event extra special in which everyone who loved singing got chance to participate and Emcee of the event kept kids engaged till the last moment.    

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness - John Muir

You can find all details about Urban Forest project and Alembic real estate at and also can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter