Thursday, 20 October 2016

Habitat Eden Heights - The place you want to live in

My visit to Habitat Eden Heights came more from curiosity. Promises of ‘well thought through amenities’ to ‘wide open spaces’ were made. So, I did myself a favour and accepted the invitation to attend their launch. That being said Habitat Eden Heights was a very convincing experience. As you walk through the boulevard, you cannot miss the badminton courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, with enough green surrounding them.

These facilities are perfectly designed and I could picture myself unwinding over the weekend over a good game. It was almost nostalgic. Back in school, I remember how we used to make use of every opportunity to play. Gobbling our lunches as fast as possible so we could spend more time playing numerous sports.

As per me it is the perfect fit for a sports enthusiast like myself. A sports-zone with floodlights! Well-lit to make ‘playing after sundown’ more accommodating to my tight schedule. Another addition, among many, is the well designed and modern gym, at the sky clubhouse. What a statement!

Being architect developers, it is safe to say that these guys have put in thought to every square inch of this property. Although this property is located on Hoodi main road, 200 mts off Hoodi Circle, the homes are nestled deep within the property, keeping the traffic noise to a bare minimum.

Whitefield, is a booming part of the city. With the best of the malls close by and some amazing restaurants, that are on my list of favourites, this part of the city is the ‘it’ place to live in for a young family.

All in all, a fun day spent with loads of activities, a live RJ from Radio One and very eager families who were excited about the idea of living at Habitat’s Eden Heights. Eden Heights is a delightful home to be in a soon to be paradise.

If your interest is as peaked as mine, follow this link to know more

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