Tuesday 30 May 2017

How to lose money in trading in stock market

There are many ways to lose money in market, mostly in trades and in that mostly in intraday trades and in that mostly in short selling. Yes you read it perfectly right and trust me it works really well and if you want to lose money as quickly as it takes to cook Maggie, try what i am going to tell. With this approach even if you have picked right and good scrip, you will lose money in day trade.  

There are many principles that works behind to make you lose money in trades in market, let me mention just few.

Using Intraday Margin to go long in Intraday Trades: 

Intraday trading runs mostly on momentum and news and if you are late to catch momentum and getting scrip at higher price of day, you will start expecting that demand is too much so it will go even higher but it doesn’t and ironically falls below your buy price. Then you start expecting market to do things running in your mind which tells that once it comes bit down, buy more to average out your buy price, then it falls further and you add more to lessen your buy price, it comes more down and you add more using Intraday margin (almost 10 times of actual balance in your account) given by your broker. You keep hoping it will go to at least day’s high but it doesn’t as momentum has fizzled out. That’s it, you are trapped now, especially if you trade in big volumes. As you have used Margin money, you have no option but to square off your position with loss even if the scrip is good and has great chance of moving up in next few days or weeks. If you carry forward the position to next day, your broker would expect you to pay entire amount in T+2 days ( and no, you can’t use credit card to pay for stock broker companies 😊). So to make it simple if you want to lose money in trade, use Intraday Margin provided by your broker.

Short selling in Cash Market: 

Another good way to lose money is by going for Short selling option in Cash market. Google short selling if you don’t know how it works 😊. You see a stock has risen to level of first resistance and expected to come down and you short it, it still goes bit up and you again start running script in your mind that it’s just a minor upward moment and might come down, but it doesn’t. It goes further up though with less volumes and you short sell bit more to average out your sell price, It sustains at higher price despite very less volume and oh dear!! trade time for day is about to close. You are still having loss and though every chart pattern and fundamental data shows that this up move won’t sustain and price will come down in next few days, you have no option but to buy back the scrip by booking loss, this is because you can’t carry forward short selling position to next day. So if you want to lose money, try short selling in Cash market.

Thinking like Bollywood movies: 

This is easiest way to lose money in day trades, hoping against hope that at last all will be good 😊. Scrip price goes down of your buying price and you hope that it will come up as you are a good person and you have done no wrong to any one :P, but scrip is a villain and it ditches your faith as always. Scrip that you have short sold goes up and the one you have longed, goes down. You keep waiting for things to turn good by 3 PM, 3:10 PM, then by 3:20 PM and boom…. It doesn’t turn out the way it happens in movies. You can cry like SRK or be angry like Big B, market doesn’t give a F. So if you want to lose money, start trading while thinking like Bollywood movies.

Courting on Number of Buyers and sellers in trade window: 

The simple rule is if demand is more than supply, price will move up and vice versa. The question is are you sure about demand or supply you are seeing in trade window is actual value? Many times those are not as brokerage companies give you option to hide your order size by 90%, which means if you are buying 1000 shares, you can just show it as 100 in trade window and many people do it to make sure their order is executed completely rather than partially. So if you want to lose money in trade, rely on Demand and supply shown in trade window.

Well there are many more ways to lose money in trades but I guess these are more systemic ones and as I have followed all these (of course not voluntarily), I can vouch for it that it works really well 😎

Saturday 20 May 2017

Zebronics launches India’s first Silent Mouse "Denoise"

Zebronics, India’s leading supplier of IT peripherals, Audio/Video and Surveillance products unveils India’s first silent Mouse “Denoise”. The sound of silence with no more click sound, the wireless Mouse comes with built in rechargeable battery so you no longer need to worry about running out of battery. 

The masterpiece fits a variety of hand sizes and grips. The anti-slick ergonomic rubber grip on both sides of the mouse ensures resistance to fingertips during quick movements or even while lifting the mouse. 

Its designed with higher precision of 2.4 GHz stable wireless connection, plus with high performance feet that glides across the desktop and a chrome trimmed smooth scroll wheel for hushed browsing or gaming. The advanced optical tracking allows the most precise moves on almost any surface. This Wireless mouse comes with 800, 1200 and 1600 DPI modes, making it perfect for gamers as well as for personal/ professional computing for long duration on your PC/ Laptop without any discomfort.

Key Features:

2.4GHz Stable wireless connection
800/1200/1600 dpi
Extended battery life
Energy saving
Chrome trimmed smooth scroll wheel
Works on most surfaces
Nano receiver
Plug and play
Rubber grip

Enjoy the wireless connection upto 10m away, thanks to its plug and forget nano receiver. Its massive 1000 mAh, battery helps you keep going without any interruptions and helps you complete your task without any glitches.

Speaking on the newest launch, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics says, “We are excited to launch our pocket size mouse with not so pocket size functions. The mouse has been designed and built to build ease of use to the users and also ‘free yourself’ from the tangle of low wires and stress of battery change. With the advanced wireless technology in varied colors, Denoise, promises to create much more noise among users” 
Ideal for varied situations, the mouse is also an energy saver, with its multifaceted features. Available in multiple color choices, the product is already available in leading retail and etail stores across India. 

About Zebronics:

Established in 1997 and headquartered at Chennai, Zebronics has one of the industry’s widest line-up of products Computers peripherals and Consumer Electronics Totalling to 25 product categories and more than 350 SKUs. Zebronics range of products encompasses Chassis/Cabinets, Speakers, Tablet pc, PC power supply, Portable media players, Headphone, Keyboard & Mouse, LED Monitors, UPS, Gaming Accessories, TV Tuners, Add-on Cards, Computer accessories, Laptop accessories, LED Televisions and  Surveillance products. Zebronics has received more than 52 industry awards. 

Zebronics has 31 Branch offices and over 126 service centres covering all major cities. The Company employs over 900 people and operates through a network of about 12,000 channel partners throughout the country.