Friday, 21 August 2015

Airtel 4G - As fast as it can get

Airtel India, the number 1 cellular service provider in India with over 228 million subscribers has launched its 4G services all over India across all compatible devices. Airtel 4G had already been launched in some cities like Bangalore on dongles and then on smart phones but recently launched 4G services will be available pan India across all mobile devices that are compatible, Airtel is offering free 4G sim cards to people who want to experience marvelous speed of Airtel 4G.  

I have been using Airtel 4G since it was launched in Bangalore and I really loved it from that day onwards, the speed, the connectivity, the smooth transition from 4G to 3G ( where 4G network was not available earlier) is amazing. Now one can take advantage of the fastest internet speed all across India through Airtel 4G and the best internet speed is no more on menu of only few metro cities as Airtel has spread it all over India.

Now let us think what all we can do with such high speed internet. To be honest there so many things that we can do but all will be tough to pen down here. Here are some of the most important things I would love to do with such a high speed internet.

1. Now I can stream Audio songs anytime anywhere I want to listen without delay of even milliseconds.

2. Imagine you are in home and a kid in your family is crying to watch some cartoon or animal videos, earlier we had to search and buffer the video for some minutes and then only we could play it, but now with Airtel 4G it just take few seconds to make that kid happy again.

3. We can download a movie we want to watch in much lesser time than that it takes to prepare noodles (Not Maggie though :)). Earlier we had to wait for hours or sometimes whole night to download few movies, and by the time movies gets downloaded, the excitement and interest to watch that movie is gone.

4. Being in IT field, only an IT professional can know the importance of open source as well as paid software. Some software are as huge as 2-3 GB and now with Airtel 4G it is just matter of minutes to download any big size software anytime.

5. Only a game freak can feel the fun of playing new and different games after completing a game and with Airtel 4G now no need to wait for hours to download new games regularly.

6. With so many interesting, comedy and knowledgeable videos available only on Youtube, now no need to worry about wasting time in buffering these videos, with 4G now we can stream all these videos online just like we play stored videos on our system or mobiles.

7. As I am football and cricket freak, with high speed Airtel 4G connection I would feel relaxed to stream the matches live whenever I get chance in my busy schedule without wasting my time waiting for live stream to start.  

Airtel is offering its 4G services currently at 3G price and also if you want to get free 4G sim all you need to do is to just send a tweet to Airtel with hashtag #GetAirtel4G. Not only this, Airtel is giving open challenge to anyone who can show any other network that is faster than Airtel 4G, if you can show then your Airtel Mobiel bill will be waived off for lifetime.I think this is one of the most innovative way to launch and to do marketing of any service in India.

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