Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Lunch at Zamindars Biryani Durbar

Visited this place for Weekend lunch with group and tried various starters and then the Biryani in main course. 

Starters had Paneer Chilly which was really tasty and properly balanced in spiciness. Paneer was authentically soft making it a treat to start the lunch with. Then had Gobi Manchurian and despite being Andhra cuisine restaurant, it was prepared in typical Chinese style with fresh crispy Gobhi with tinge of sweetness. Last thing in starter was Crispy Chilli veg which was like mixed of various veggies mixed with Besan, fried and served hot. I really liked the Crispiness of this dish giving feel of local Indian food. Starters was accompanied by Lime Soda which was prepared decently with proper mix of sweet & Salt. 

In Main course Biryani is specialty here (of-course, as the name goes by), so we tried Veg Biryani and Ulavacharu Biryani . Veg Biryani was like authentic desi Biryani prepared with lots of Veggies and long soft grain rice. Ulavacharu Biryani was something that i had for first time and it had more chilliness with bit more use of spices, like a typical Andhra food. If you love eating spicy stuff then do try it otherwise go for normal Veg Biryani. 

Tried Pot lassi aka Matka Lassi at the end and it had the authentic North Indian feeling of Lassi mixed with dry fruits. Gulab Jamun is desert of all season across India, so ended the feast with it making it a nice foodie experience.  

Ambiance was really good with really hospitable service staff making it a good place to dine in.

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