Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Decision that mattered the most

Life will be tough to you if you remain constant and don’t adapt to the changing times. The change can be in any form, as personal level change, as professional level change or as social is tough to adapt to changes if one does not have strong will power or decision making power.

I took such a tough decision on 18th Feb 2011 to move to Bangalore, a city that is around 2300 Kms away from my home. Only motivation behind taking that decision was to have a Successful Life on my own terms without depending on my family. It was aimed to get a nice job based on my qualification and then keep growing there. I was happy when I decided that but it was tough on emotional level not only for me but also for my loved ones. Imagine you leaving your loved ones on one fine day with whom you have spent beautiful moments of your life. So like every other person It was almost emotionally breaking decision for everyone in family, but I had strong enough will power to get out of that emotion and start the journey of my dreams.

Once I came to Bangalore and joined my 1st job within 1 month of coming here, one thing was clear in my mind and that was my Goal for which I have come so far. I still remember my 1st salary getting credited in bank account and then that night of 28th Feb came in my mind when I was waiting for train at Station for a long journey ahead. Had I become emotionally weak on that night and gone back home, I would have never got this feeling of happiness of living on my own. At that time my will power and tough decision making had paid off but there was long way to go. I kept working hard week after week, month after month and kept growing and in 4 years of journey in Bangalore I have come a long way successfully. Yes I do miss spending quality time with loved ones and home-made food , I do get emotional many times but feeling of being able to live on your terms and your own resources is immense. It makes you a man from a boy. It develops your personality as responsible human being. I have been able to do all this with only one tough decision that I had taken 4 years back and looking back I have no regret for it.

We need to keep taking decisions, sometime small ones in our day to day life and sometimes big and tough ones that determines how we are going to go ahead in life and what we are going to achieve in life. Just keep believing in yourself and keep taking strong decision to become a better person than you are now. I did it and it paid off for me. A decision taken at a right time is the best decision taken in life.

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