Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Living together and Conquering together

This post is part of wonderful initiative by for promoting optimism in life and how optimism played role in my life.

Life is unpredictable and it becomes really tough sometimes to handle the pressure and all the odds around us. Many times we all try to find short cut to get out of that tough situation , it works sometimes but most of the time it does not. This is the moment in life when your family and loved ones come in picture to help you get out of the tough condition. Many times just seeing their happy faces eases out your frustration and tension. If we have not had those people in our life, it would have been hell lot of tough to go through tough times and conquer in life.

I have always been a part of a lower middle class family of one of the most backward state of India, Uttar Pradesh. With relatively tough financial situation it was tough to persuade my mother for higher education and cost was way beyond our family capacity. I can’t forget the day I told her about me willing to do Masters in Computers after my Graduation, I was not sure how it would roll out with everyone in family but to my surprise I was applauded by them. I was even given a big hug and even some extra pocket money on that day to enjoy the decision I had taken and I chose to enjoy the moment with kids in family. It was a pleasant surprise on that day and I can never forget it. Despite all odds my decision was so well accepted, may be they had more confidence in me than I myself had about the decision. The awesome feelings you get during such days in your life are tough to pen down. During such moments sometimes you cry in happiness, sometimes you stand still without knowing how to react and there can’t be any happiness better than being able to live that moment with your loved ones.

That day turned me into a different person all together, if I had gotten even a hint of negativity from family members on that day, I would have never made it till here. That day was auspicious, awesome, pleasantry surprising and last but not the least Life Changing, to be more precise that would be my real Birth Day.   
There is a saying that decisions you take in life makes you the person you would be, but to add to that the decision your loved ones take to support your decision is also important factor in making you. No doubt that I took that decision but the decision taken by my family members on that auspicious day helped me to grow up in life. Whenever I think about that day, it makes me sad and happy at same time, sad for giving troubling times to my family members but happy  that I didn't disappoint them and now we are living a relatively happy life than that we had in those tough times.

Despite our ever-connective technology, neither Skype nor Facebook - not even a telephone call - can come close to the joy of being with loved ones in person.
-- Marlo Thomas

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