Monday, 23 March 2015

Dividends of Optimism

I have embraced and valued optimism in life during last 6 years like I had never before and now I have got a chance to share that story as part of wonderful initiative by for promoting Optimism in life.

The journey for a relatively good and successful life ahead starts from the initiative or initial decisions you take in your life. The powerful and worthy decision you take depends on how optimistic you are in life. If you are less optimistic you might take a decision to do something you could have done easily and even could have gone beyond that easily, but because you were less optimistic you didn’t take the bigger and relatively tougher decision. It is your optimism in life that drives your future prospect.

Now to go with the story, I always had love for writing, writing on something happening in life, in politics, in sports, thoughts going in minds. 6 years back I was optimistic that I could write but I was not good in English and even was not aware about how to share my writing with others. I used to write in old diary in Hindi and keep reading it daily to feel better, but then I came to know about reality that writing in English is mandatory to get a broader viewing and I decided that I am going to crack this out and yes I did it. I was ok in English but that was school level, I worked hard and in 1-2 years I was there writing my 1st complete blog post in English. The happiness of posting that blog post was bigger than cracking my board exams which were relatively tough though. From there journey started and I kept moving with hope that I am going to give my more than 100% for it. There were many obstacles like those come in jobs but I was optimistic that I would go through it and conquer the tough time. After sometime I got chance to attend an event in Bangalore and blog about that, and that blog changed by approach towards blogging , it is not just writing ,it is wring for someone or for something to help not only themselves but to myself too. Blogging can yield give results not only emotionally but monetarily. I have been to many events since then, have blogged about many where I was not part of and I am really enjoying it.

To conclude this long story in short, it was the love for writing that made me optimistic and helped me in taking a decision 6 years back to learn good English so that I could put out my thoughts in sentences and paragraphs and hopefully I have done good. If it was not for optimism at that time, I would have never taken decision to learn English writing and would have really missed the wonderful opportunity to pen down my thoughts and mostly the feeling of “Happiness of Writing”.

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
--Helen Keller

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