Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Varanasi Boat School - Reshaping Future of Children of River Ganga

In India, the country that is home for more than 120 Crores Human beings and out of them many are kids, literacy rate can really be a path breaking parameter in making or breaking the country. With so many resources required to teach all these children, it can really be a tedious task for the society and the Government. Even if we are able to manage the resources, the poverty can be one more hurdle in educating those kids as those kids would be forced to earn living not only for themselves but also for their family. The challenges for educating these kids can be reduced only if all the corners of society join hands together and put forward an honest effort, else we are going to suffer badly in the long run with so many kids growing up illiterate.

Such an effort is “Boat School” being run by an NGO Guria which is led by Ajeet Singh in the city of Varanasi. There are many kids can be seen on banks of river Ganga wasting their time without any hope as there is no one to give them any direction or hope. Boat school works for all those kids by providing them 2 hrs daily in the evening once they are done with their daily routine, the environment  on boat is set up in such a way that in these 2 hrs kids can play, learn or do whatever they want without any tension. These 2 hrs. will make kids feel better about themselves, they will learn things independently and also it will increase their focus towards importance of learning and studies. The times these kids used to waste on the streets or on banks of Ganga is being transformed into time these kids are spending in Ideal learning.

Hopes on Boat

This boat school initiative needs a lot of encouragement so that it can be transformed magically. The magical transformation includes: makeover of the interiors, a library, educational toys, stationery,a computer and a painting kit. This magical transformation will help in restoration and redecoration of the interiors to provide kids the necessary books, CDs, furniture and toys. As books, CDs are basic necessities for any learning activity, your support for these is must so that this initiative can prosper leaps and bounces and help Boat school do right things within right time. Then the success of Varanasi can be replicated in other such cities and villages of India so that other kids also can dream of living a successful life and helping India to grow. The Journey of doing right by “Boat School” must reach to all such kids and help them prosper in life.

The Varanasi Boat School needs your support and love in all forms possible so that Children of Ganga can also dream of living a successful life. All these kids deserve a much better opportunity than what they have now and being a responsible citizen it is our responsibility to support this initiative. The little support you do in any form will have multiple positive effects on future of these kids, the small pledge each one of us takes may be in form of providing Scholarships to these kids will help “Boat School” touch life of many more kids of Varanasi and will help them in becoming an asset to our country. Step up and Help such noble cause. 


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