Thursday, 13 August 2009

The 3 biggest problems for INDIA that might stop it to become a developed country till 2020

According to me three big problems that may stop India to become a Devleoped Country by 2020 are 1-Religion ,cast And Region Based Politics. 2- Corruption . 3- Lack of political and Public will on Population Control.

1.Religion ,Region and caste based Politics : Untill this kind of ugly politics stops , India can't achieve what it deserves.There are some many bad politicians like raj thakre,kalyan singh,mayawati,lalus etc who have nothing to do with people's problem.They just play politics on every possible issue.Raj thackre is politics of marathiand eventually able to send 13 gundas in the maharasthra assembly. we all know kalyan singh's (CM of U.P at that time) provocative statements during babri demolition,He started it again.mayawati has nothing to do with Dalits and there hunger.she is just enjoying the power.Isn't she ? There are so many ugly and politicians to talk about.but i have wasted so much of time on these persons.Now i will not waste even 1 second.

2. Corruption : I think it is biggest of these 3 problems.India is ranked no 86 on the list of corrupt countries.

3. Unlimited growth in Population : you know India has only 2 % of overall land in the world and it has 17 % of overall population in the world.This explains ever thing.Where v r going from here.I think towards the hell.


  1. There are some other problems that we might have to face in future.It's a great challenge for all of us

  2. India has been coming up with various problems each and every day! there has been no choice to just live with them... and every common man has no option to live with those problems.. whether its corruption or bomb blasting.. and there are numerous other ones! wont it be much better if India got a wise dictator just for one year to bring it on track and make stand a hole new government who want to work with the people and for the people not just to say it but to work on it