Sunday, 13 December 2015

My Favorite City - Allahabad

India as a country has lots of culture, languages and different types of Foods. If anyone wishes to explore entire India he or she has to dedicate a lot of time and energy but one thing is sure that it will be really great time for them. Now as I have to write about my favorite city and why I find it best among other great Indian cities in terms of design, drive and connect , I will chose Allahabad in North India as one. As I am native of Allahabad so I will surely be biased towards it though I am settled in Bengaluru. 

Allahabad is a Tier-3 city of India enjoying its peace with slow pace of growth, recently it has been selected as "to be made smart city", so some drastic changes there are bound to happen. Now to talk about Allahabad in terms of drive, it’s design and connect, it is one of the most peaceful city in India. The traffic, the crowd all are well in manageable limits. It is designed in such a way that it can accommodate Crowd of Crores of people any time. It is one of the 4 cities in India where MahaKumbh takes place and in this time the city manages to accommodate crores of people from all over world for more than a month. It is designed in such a way that it has something for everyone. Anyone who wants peace along with all the modern facilities available in any other big city will love this city. This is one of the oldest city in India having a great place historically both in religious and political ways and its design still carries same values and principles. During the month of January and February of each year a new temporary city is formed at bay of river Ganga.

The Beautiful Yamuna Bridge

Now as time has become most important for every one of us, a city that has good connect of its center to all its corners will be ranked well than other cities with less connect. In Allahabad you can drive over any corner and come to civil lines and MG Road that is heart of Allahabad very easily. Not just this, city has good connection within city to all world famous religious places and hundreds of year old Education institutes like University of Allahabad and MLNIT. It has Railway Junction, Airprot and intercity Bus terminal making it a connection hub in Uttar Pradesh.The connect is not only among the physical corners of this great city but also among the people. We celebrate all the festivals of India with same enthusiasm doesn’t matter what is going outside of Allahabad.  

Allahabad University
About driving in this city, you can drive free of traffic vows any day any time here. The roads are not that great but then that is same for all cities of India. The chaos has no place in the city so even beginners in driving also feel lot of comfort in driving over here. I have done a lot of it during my University days and trust me there is no more great feeling in the world than becoming self-dependent in driving as soon as you are eligible to drive. If you want to go for long drive in you Tata Zica the city has many places in its outskirts and one will feel very relax travelling to those places.

At last thank you Indiblogger and Tata motors for giving us such opportunity to write about our favorite city and help it promote through Social media and before I end I must say that all cities of India are great in one way or the other, it’s just that a person connects to a city with his or her soul and that makes the city great for that person. 

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