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What is Wind Energy and why India need it

India as a country of so many people and with so many complications has different needs as compare to many other countries around the world. This need can be in different aspects from economical needs, energy needs and developmental needs to environmental needs. Now to talk about Energy and environmental needs, India has to have multipronged approach to fulfil these. Having a one way approach for it can solve it in some percentage but it will never be complete and everlasting. Windergy, a group of Windmill manufactures have taken the task to promote Wind energy and how India can make most out of this alternative source of energy.

Wind Energy in short:

In simple terms, Wind energy or wind power is the kinetic energy generated through blowing winds by use of Windmills. Wind power is renewable, clean, with no greenhouse gas emissions and uses little land for setup.

Why India need Wind Energy:

Now before we get to know why Wind energy, we should know about feasibility of other energy sources as well. As we keep reading many reports that our natural resources are not going to increase but our needs keep growing every single day, so what is the solution that we have now or we will have in next 100-200 years? Is the energy generated through only coal or water dam sustainable solution for long term? Clearly not. Is the nuclear way to generate power is the most safest bet we can take to fulfill our future generation needs keeping in mind the potential security risk it has? Now we have either solar energy or wind energy as the most environment friendly and sustainable source of energy. Solar energy has its advantage and disadvantage too. The biggest disadvantage it has is use of so much land and initial costs involved in setup of even 1 solar panel. I am not saying cost involved in setting up wind energy turbine is less but in long run its cost benefit analysis can give better results. So if we compare solar energy and wind energy, we will get to know more about advantages of Wind energy over other sources. Both solar and Wind energy have its demography based advantages and disadvantages.

In India with so much of open land in rural areas or in outskirts of cities where wind speed is constantly suitable for setting up Wind turbines, local governments can subsidies the plants. As it takes very less space on Ground (just to setup the ground turbines at one place) and most of the thing is done by windmills which are really high in the air, we can reuse the lands for other purpose like agriculture. This would have not been possible in case of solar plants. Here are some of the advantages of Wind energy in India

  1. Wind Energy is really clean source of energy.

        2. Generating wind energy doesn’t require to get any technological expertise from developed countries
        3. It is really sustainable for long run.
        4. Land requirement is really less as compare to other sources of energy as it can be built on even agricultural land without taking much of the space on ground.

Though every source of energy has its pros and cons, but energy generated through Coal and Water dam is not that sustainable and environment friendly, energy generated through Nuclear reactors Is not that safe (at least in public perception), solar energy is one good option but not suitable in many scenarios. Some of the disadvantages of Wind energy plants like noise can be negated through proper setup. Government and public should try to explore more options in Wind energy and make use of it as much as possible.

What is Windergy? :

Windergy India is a digital platform launched by group of Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers. The main aim of this platform is to create awareness about Wind energy options in India and help it grow.

Watch more videos about Windergy at Channel:

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