Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Mystery of Ek Nayi League

This is probably the 1st time I am writing about something that I am not sure about, yes it is all about Ek Nayi league having the great Kapil Dev as its face. We are provided with some videos as clues to guess what new league Kapil Dev is talking about and based on that I can surely guess that it is not about Cricket. Based on Gesture by Kapil Dev in all the promos I guess it has to do something with Mind and knowledge. I have been following Ek Nayi League and Kapil Dev on twitter to guess more and more but to be honest I am still not convinced about my guess, yes it is that much puzzling.

In all the videos Kapil Dev is emphasizing on how one should play in this league with mind and not heart, if you play with heart you are going to lose for sure. He invokes Dhoni and his retirement , Sania Mirza and how girl power is making Country proud , challenging comedian Kapil Sharma to face his Googly, talks about how feels proud of Yuvraj Singh and his 16 Crores contract in IPL after his come back from Cancer. He many times talks about why other people don’t make much money like many players. Based on all these comments, I guess this league is going to involve common people from different cities as a team to make good money may be by doing trading in Indian stock market with the help of expert inputs.

This league looks like a league that will involve people to invest money on stocks based on their expertise and research. It will help many people from other small cities of India to participate and win big. It will involve people starting to put money in stock market and make profit out of it based on their research about companies they want to invest in. This league will have some other activities/competition related to share market. People will be required to start with a small fixed amount to participate in the league and then they can go big based on their zeal and ability. As it will be played as a competition, many people will be eager to beat others in earning money from their invested money.  

To conclude my guess I believe it is going to be league of betting on stocks and also some other activities based on the format and requirements. This league will put everyone be it sports star or entertainment star or a common person at same floor where everyone will have same opportunity to make big money and can dream of good life. All one need is to register with small fixed amount and then get going in investing.

I can’t wait more to know all details about this league, if you are as excited as me, do follow all the information at or follow Hashtag #EkNayiLeague on Twitter.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Incredible India full ad

If you have have been following Incredible India short ads, you will love this long ad. It is so mesmerizing and soothing and will make you fall in love more and more with the Jammu, Kahsmir and Ladakh.