Thursday, 1 September 2016

Reliance Jio - The First-hand experience

Reliance JIO, the new entrant in Indian telecom sector has created buzz like never before. Even before going live commercially without spending much on advertisement it has got on nerves of other service providers. Rolling out of preview offer of all its services including premium ones and word of mouth publicity has worked for Reliance JIO in perfect way.

I got access to Reliance JIO last Saturday and been on it since then and trying all apps along with its data services. I enabled Jion network as hotspot and connected 2 cellphones and 1 laptop with it and didn't find any data speed slowness issue. The Speed is better than other service provider like Airtel, but that is not only thing that makes JIO different. It has come up with some amazing apps for different purpose under its My JIO app. Jio Cinema for HD Movies, Jio Beats for Music, Jio Play for Online TV, JioXpress for News, Jio Mags for Online Magazine, Jio Drive for Online free storage, Jio Net for accessing its hotspot data, Jio money for Online wallet, Jio Join for Call and Chat. I tried almost all of its apps except Jio Join and Jio Money and must say that I loved few of those.

JioCinema has Movie collection in HD version and with many languages and categorized in different ways. It has movies form old era to 90s to latest released and when I watched few of those movies it played without buffering. It keeps track of movies you play so that you can resume playing it once you get time.

Jio Play has more than 250 TV channels online all of which you can access free for time being except few sports channels that needs Hotstar premium account. It also keeps history of last week shows that you can watch anytime. I played CNBC TV18 for continuous 3 hrs and didn’t see any lag in live streaming. It has channels in various languages to cater need of people from all regions.

Jio Beats is one app that I loved the most purely because of amazing content it possesses. It is online music playing app along with curated Radio. The category of Songs it has is really amazing with songs ranging from 50s and 60s till latest hits in different languages and genre, all categorized in simple way for anyone to access. It also gives you access to a good collection of Indian classical music from almost all world renowned artists like Ustad Bismillah Khan, Pandit Jasraj and Zakir Hussain. It has Sufi music, it has Qawwali, it has music for kids, music for dance, music for travelling and so many, all categorized properly for easy access and navigation. One can create playlist and download songs to play offline.

JioMags gives access to various online Magazines like Femina, FilmFare , Business today. Once you download a Magzine you can read it anytime. JioXpress opens up world of online news for users with access to curated news that can be customized easily by users too. JioNet gives you access to use JIO’s hotspot that are there at various places within cities. JioDrive gives you access to 100 GB of free cloud storage for anytime access. 

With such reasonable pricing and such vast content satisfying needs of different type of users, I think JIO is here to stay for longer run. Reliance Industries has spent almost 1.5 Lakh Crore Rupees for Jio so I hope they won’t leave any stone unturned to make it a grand and sustainable success.

And YES , Enjoy Everything Free…. Only if you get access to a Jio Sim :)


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