Friday, 19 November 2010

Loving 1-liners from Mr. R. jhunjhunwala to Rajdeep Sardesai

How vocaly belligerent and attacking a person can be without usng abusive language at all ?

This started with an unwanted , hypocritical tweet on twitter from @sardesairajdeep to Mr. @jhunjhunwala on #barkhagate issue and that is

@jhunjhunwala i think you should stop misusing twitter to spill out bile. get a life

After that following are the replies of Mr. @jhunjhunwala to @sardesairajdeep

@sardesairajdeep I don't need twitter advice from a guy who logs in for just a few minutes everyday for the sake of promoting his Shows.

@sardesairajdeep And if you or anyone else has a problem with what I have to say then you can pucker up and KISS MY ASS.

@sardesairajdeep Or is it that you've got your ass punted out so many times by Arnab Goswami that all of a sudden you like Barkha Dutt .

@sardesairajdeep You don't have the balls to cover Barkha's tapes on your channel but when I tweet about it you have a problem.

@sardesairajdeep Also you don't EVER tell me what to tweet.This is the Internet.Its for adults.You can stick with your PG rated programs.

@sardesairajdeep Moreover,you may be this big hot shot journalist but that means SHIT to me.I'm not scared of your chicken shit ass.

@sardesairajdeep You can meet me on the street.I will beat your ass till all that hair turns white and your body dehydrates into fish food.

@sardesairajdeep You are like the preacher who buggers the altar boy in the vestry and then rages against gays in his Sunday sermon.

@sardesairajdeep Here's the thing SHITHEAD - Are you protecting Barkha because you too have links with Nira Radia?

@sardesairajdeep And if you even try to block me,I'll show up at your Headquarters.Scream this into your head & then WHOOP YOUR ASS.

@sardesairajdeep Come to Mumbai,I'll give you 1 tight slap.All your shaan patti will come out.

@sardesairajdeep The only reason you even went to Network 18 was because you were too stupid to Take Barkha's top position at NDTV.

Oye! @sardesairajdeep .Bhaag gaye kya? Where are you.

Looks like that Chicken Shit Rajdeep Sardesai has disappeared.Fine,I'll kick his ass later.See you folks later :D & 3...2...1....OUT

Note: @sardesairajdeep is known news anchor in CNN IBN and @jhunjhunwala is  comical fake profile of a well known billionaire investor.

link is here


  1. haha I think i shud follow @jhunjhunwala :)

  2. @jhunjhunwala is well known billionaire investor. Dont tell me this is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Can't be.

  3. His twitter profile mentions that its is a fake id.

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  5. A few more Jhunjhunwalas will make all the difference

  6. Dear JJ, just read this.

    Not really a Rajdeep fanboy but have just this to tell you..

    Every elephant has barking dogs behind it.