Monday, 4 October 2010

Do you know Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad?

I must say Suresh Kalmadi either has great general knowledge or a great power especially provided to him by almighty God and that power is to give birth to a new legend of India called Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad .Last night during Common wealth games 2010 opening ceremony at commencement of his speech he said Honorable Ex-President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad….  Do anyone of you know who this man is whom Kalmadi thanked. I think he blended names of two legends of India, first Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and second Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. This is problem with incompetent Babus and politicians of India. The general knowledge of these people is much lesser than a class 8th student. I can guarantee if we take a G.K test of politicians, we will get many more funny surprises.
                               How can one make such a colossal mistake during such a grand show which was being telecasted in more than 120 countries? I am sure very few people in India who were watching the show and who do understand English, might have taken cognizance of this mistake of Kalmadi. I wonder what might have been reaction of our Missile Man and Ex-President Dr.  Kalam.  He is such a nice personality but if someone refer to him with a wrong name at such big moment, he too might feel sad. Wish that fucking guy called Kalmadi issue a public apology to our Ex-President Dr. Kalam for mistake he committed in opening ceremony.

Other than this I really liked everything in CWG ceremony. Great blend of ancient India and modern India, great creativity. That Mehndi show, Yoga show, Gandhi G’s depiction, A. R Rahman show and that little Keshav show were great. Thanks to Prasun Joshi, Shyam Benegal, and all those volunteers who made possible the last night show and who didn’t charge a penny for their efforts.   

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  1. Kalmadi is a fucking shithead needs to be punished after CWG games