Tuesday, 21 September 2010

What to do if time is very less for software testing

Hello folks ! I am sharing with you one of the pleasant and learning experience, I recently had with software testing. I was asked to perform testing of a web project; the problem was not the project but the time limit for testing process. Time duration was just 3 days and definitely project was not a 3 day testing project. But I took the challenge and started the testing process. My aim was first to test the most important functionality of my project and then move on to next important functionality and so on.

To decide which functionality is most important I decided to group functionality based on some criterion.

The first criterion was based on risk analysis and
  •  Which functionality will be most used by user of application?
  •  Which functionality required largest safety requirements?
  •  Malfunction of which functionality might have highest financial impact on the user?

The second criterion to group functionalities was based on discussion with developers. This criterion includes :
  • Which parts of the code are most complicated, and thus most subject to errors?
  • What according to developers are the highest risk features?
  • Which parts of the application were developed in rush or rashly

The third criterion to group functionalities was based on some prior experience of a similar sort of project. This criterion includes :
  • Which aspects of similar sort of previous projects caused problems
  • What kinds of problems would cause the most customer service complaints?

Based on all above groupings of functionalities I tested my application and the result of this testing process was really awesome. Firstly one should try not to get into situation of time deficiency, but if somehow there is time shortage the above process will give you the best outcome.In fact this process can be opted at any time whether time is less or not but if the time is short this is the best process of testing.


  1. Suneet ,Nice way to utilize time but it's look like a concept that's been followed already

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